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The Color Project by Sierra Abrams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely adored The Color Project and if I could sum it up in one GIF:

First off, I've been friends with Sierra for awhile now but please trust me when I say that this fact does NOT represent my thoughts about her book.. Because I was pretty impressed, guys. Sierra's writing style felt similar to Morgan Matson's and if you're a huge fan of hers (like I am) then this book is PERFECT for you. There's a great theme centered around love, friends, and family!

"I twist in his arms, letting him pull me a little bit closer, swinging to a song I don't recognize but want to remember forever."

Our girl, Bernice AKA Bee, just graduated high school and is a little unsure of what she wants to do next in her life. Which is something I'm sure a lot of us can relate to so she was such an easy character to root for. Bee is enjoying the beginning of her summer and it gets better after she meets the new boy at her friend's auto repair shop. He's a bit mysterious, making her want to know more about him and his colorful sweaters. . . Enter Levi into the story - AKA MY PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL WHO IS JUST TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD.

All you need to know about Levi is that he's perfect.
Kidding!! (Or. . . AM I?!) Besides him being absolutely swoony from the first page we are introduced to his character, with his bright sweaters and devilish grin. . . He is this intelligent, kind-hearted soul who runs a charity (at such a young age) and it's all just amazing.
The Color Project made such a fun addition to this story and completely sets this book apart from other contemporaries. You'll enjoy the colorful descriptions, all the characters we meet while Bee gets to know them, and all the good feelings this charity brings out of you will make your heart burst (in a fantastic way).

"This moment, right now, with our smiles overtaking our faces - this is for us."

As Bee finds herself more involved in TCP and spending more time with Levi.. Well, of course, she falls hard for him because who wouldn't? ;) Their romance is just the sweetest thing ever. And the way it developed was so natural, reminding me of falling in love for the very first time. It made my heart completely FULL.

"The world spins, and I feel pain everywhere, and I die a little bit inside with every tear I shed, so that I'm left feeling like a husk: empty, ruined, devoured."

The first half of the book is heavily about Bee and Levi's relationship, but then the story becomes more serious and the tears come. One of Bee's family members gets sick, and everything her family endures is so damn relatable.
All the pain she feels, I felt when I lost my own father last year. And it felt so refreshing to read (for me) because it makes me feel less alone in this world. Reading Bee's experience.. It made me feel like my feelings during my "dark days" were valid. That sometimes life sucks and that's okay, everyone goes through tough shit, and that's okay. It truly meant a lot to me to read how Bee dealt with this part of her life.

"I don't know how to bear my own pain and everyone else's, too."

Bee's family is just amazing, too. I really enjoyed her relationships with her siblings. My own are somewhat similar, especially my relationship with my brother, and I loved reading their interactions! I feel like we don't see enough healthy sibling relationships in YA so I'm happy we got that in this book. :)

"But I still don't want to talk, because that requires walking straight into the pain, willingly, with no guarantee that it will make anything better."

The book wraps up nicely! I would've loved to see an epilogue just because I love Bee and Levi that much, but I'm happy with the way everything played out! Sierra is just a brilliant writer and I'm so happy for her! This book is seriously something special and I can't wait for the rest of the world to read it.
It'll make you stupid smile while remembering your first crush or that first kiss.
You'll laugh and smile at the friendships and family represented throughout the story.
And there will be tears shed, but there will be so much hope in Bee's story that you'll be grateful for the heartbreak.
Pick this one up.
Please and thank you.

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