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The Big F by Maggie Ann Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book so much more than I was anticipating I would! Seriously. I'm positive it's now up in my top ten favorite YA contemporaries now!

"It's not supposed to be easy to decide what makes life worth living, especially when you have so many things to live for now."

Dani is a character everyone will be able to relate to on a certain level, whether you're still in your teens and unsure of your future or even if you're an adult that's at a crossroad in your life. She messed up big time - failing a class that eventually led to the college of her dreams to revoke her acceptance? That screams failure because what is she supposed to do now?

"Stop trying to fix this for me," I said. "I messed up, and I'm going to fix it."

The thing I admired most about Dani was the way she owned up to her mistakes. Sure, she gave herself time to feel sorry for herself, she is human after all. But in the end she came up with her own plan and got sh*t done. She didn't rely on her mom, the one person who could easily fix everything for her, but grew up fast because she had to. This made it easy to relate to her and root for her happy ending.
As her plans change, Dani begins dealing with life at college and I enjoyed this part of the story! We get sort of the in-between that we don't see too often. We're usually about to graduate with characters or we meet them when they've been in college for some time.. But it was fun reading through Dani's college experience as she went through them all.

"Sometimes your heart makes a shit show out of what you think you want."

Taking a pause on speaking about Dani's personal plot.. Let's talk about the romance because I LOVED IT!! When I think of love triangles my usual response is WHYYYYYY?! But this one worked out perfectly for Dani's story and both of the guys were great. They play certain roles in the story and IT WAS JUST PERFECT OKAY. Of course.. Porter was always my favorite since day one. He is so caring and the way he opens Dani's eyes to the side of herself that she's always had was super sweet. He helped her embrace her OWN hopes and dreams for her life. SWOOON.

Gahh, there is so much to love about this story. The family dynamics were great, I really enjoyed her relationship with her younger brother! HER BEST FRIEND IS THE ACTUAL BEST! (Can we get a book about her please?!) Everything readers love about YA contemporaries is in this book. And fans of Kasie West or Morgan Matson are sure to love this one. Maggie Ann Martin's writing felt much like theirs but definitely stood out on its own in a beautiful way. She was able to weave everything important in life into Dani's story and I loved the outcome of it all.

Overall, I highly recommend this book! If you're looking for something light to read but still want a heartwarming story then pick this up!! So swoony, great self-discovery, and lots of family and friendship moments!

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