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Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale by Ashley Poston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was adorable and perfect - I LOVED IT!

"If you believe in yourself and have a few good friends, then you can do anything. You can be anything."

Two things that I will never get tired of: Cinderella retellings and books about fandoms. And Geekerella was BOTH - lucky me! This book was everything that I hoped it would be - beautiful friendships, adorable romance, family drama, great self-discovery, and the heart of the story showcased all the positivity that comes out of being a part of a fandom!

There is a great range of diverse characters and they are all amazing. Our main characters are Elle and Darien, and the story is told through their alternating POVs - I really enjoyed this! Elle is such a relatable character, I think we've all felt a little lonely and different at some point in our lives. And for me, I saw myself in her every time she felt weird and different but being a part of a fandom helped her feel less alone. I'm still that girl, so I just loved reading about a character I could relate so easily to.

Then there's Darien - such a sweetheart! I enjoyed seeing his side of the story because his life is the complete opposite of Elle's but similar in a lot of ways, too. He's the current heartthrob and I liked seeing how he dealt with fame. Also, the pressure he experiences to live up to such an important role in a reboot (of an already beloved series) was interesting to read.

I have to point out that the fandom surrounding this series, Starfield, is AWESOME. In this world, it was the first sci-fi series to have a POC playing the lead.. So, I was already sold on this book being awesome from that alone.

The romance is adorable! All the family drama is very much like Cinderella, which I enjoyed since I'm such a fan of the original tale. The friendships are the BEST, and her friend Sage is SO awesome (I miss her already)! Okay. Obviously, I loved this book and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys Cinderella or contemporary stories! :)

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