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Did I Mention I Miss You? is the final book in the DIMILY trilogy. It's by far my favorite book out of the entire series! I thought Estelle Maskame brought Tyler and Eden's story to a beautiful close and I absolutely loved it.

"I guess in a way we're all just broken pieces, hoping somehow to fit together to become a perfect picture, a real family."

The story begins almost a year after Tyler decided to leave behind both Santa Monica and Eden to find his purpose in life. Which brings us back to Eden and her life right now. She's spent a year away from home, attending college in Chicago, but that doesn't mean that everyone has forgotten about her forbidden relationship with her step-brother. She's still dealing with all of the looks and snickers surrounding her as she's back in Santa Monica for the summer.

Tyler is no longer in Eden's life, her relationship with her family is strained, and the only good outcome from all of this is the fact that it's brought her closer to her best friend, Rachael. Let me start off by reminding you that I couldn't stand Eden in the last book. She was selfish, childish, and moody. I hoped that she would redeem herself though and I'm happy to announce that she certainly did! She's a bit lost and insecure at the beginning of the book, but she quickly finds her confidence and strength by sticking up for herself and the things she loves. I could instantly connect to this more mature side of her and was pleased to see how well she grew by the end of the series.

As the story progresses, Tyler finds his way back home to Santa Monica and he brings all of the drama. I loved seeing him again though because he's a lot calmer than he was in the last book. . . And definitely more swoon-worthy! We learn the story behind what he's been doing for the past year without Eden and where he's at in his life now. Tyler is probably my favorite character out of this series because he ended up being more than just a moody/typical bad boy. Like Eden, he has truly grown up and developed into a more mature person which made me happy to see.

My favorite aspect of this book was the fact that it deals more with their family issues than anything else. Now that their relationship is more established, these two have to work together to build something in a way where it will no longer hurt the people around them. First, I loved Ella and her relationship with both Tyler and Eden. Second, the conversations between Eden and her father completely broke me. It was so important to see all of these relationships unfold and become complicated though. I was so proud of the way they dealt with everything concerning their family.

Tyler and Eden's story ends beautifully, and it's full of hope for both of their futures. We see old faces and all of the storylines get wrapped up nicely. There were a few characters that I wish got a reappearance, but I was happy they were at least mentioned in this book. It wraps up nicely where not everything is perfect either, which makes this story both realistic and relatable. I'm happy that Maskame didn't just write a "happily ever after" ending for her characters because it would've felt too rushed. Also, her writing was just as fantastic and continues to grow through each book she writes!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Unlike the previous books, there was less (pointless) drama and more meaningful moments to drive this story to a close. There were plenty of adorable moments between Tyler and Eden, and great reunions also! DIMIMY was everything I hoped it would be and more! Like always, I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporaries or romance, or if you've read any of the previous books because you are sure to enjoy this one!


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