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Another fantastic season has come to an end. . .
The 100 always finds a way to solve the current season's problems while setting up the next season also. So like always, it did just that through this season finale and it was amazing! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Perverse Instantiation - Part One" here.
Now, let's discuss!

Perverse Instantiation - Part Two Synopsis:

"In the season's epic and mind-bending conclusion, our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation. Everyone prepares for a final showdown."

Maddi - This is not going to be easy. Are you ready to recap it with us one more time?. . . Let's do it.


M - The 100 opens at Polis, continuing on from the awful events of last week, a wounded and hurt Abby lays with her head in Clarke's lap. Clarke is holding a device to the back of her neck. With the sound of the device activating, followed by a cry of pain from Abby we watch what's left of the chip being extracted. As Clarke struggles to hold it together, having hurt her mother, to put her through all that.

Crying she calls for her mum. "Mum, can you hear me. I know you're in there. Come back to me. I need you." Slowly but surely Abby's eyes open and she awakens, as herself. Clarke whispers a hello to her, Abby's first and only thought is her daughter, barely able to say her name, shocked and in disbelief that her daughter's here, with her, after being separated so much, that she's safe. Clarke helps her mother up. She looks around the throne room at the mess, and the blood with the haunting shadows and memories of what happened not too long ago.

Abby finally turns to face her daughter properly for the first time and breaks, trying to apologize. The pain and suffering returning, along with the horrors of what she's done, and of what she did to her daughter. Clarke tells her no, expressing for her to stop, "It wasn't you," but all Abby can do is continuously repeat no to herself as she remembers it all. Clarke tells her, "I need your help," which seems to calm Abby down a bit, hearing from her daughter that she needs her. That she can help like she's always done.

Kristy - I was not expecting to cry so early on in this episode! Within less than a minute I already had tears.. This moment between a mother and daughter completely broke me. There was so much pain, so many words left unsaid, but in the end they didn't really need to say anything because the love they have for one another overpowers anything that has happened between them in the last 24 hours. It was a beautiful moment even if it was heartbreaking at the same time. Clarke and Abby are stronger together, and I was happy to see them reunite.

[ image has been removed ]

M - The doors to the throne room fling open as Bellamy leads the others in, lifting his gun and aiming it at Abby when he sees her awake. "NO," Clarke yells, flinging out her arm in front of her mother to protect her. "It's okay, I used the EMP. She's back," as Bellamy lowers his gun, just trying to protect Clarke, and taking no chances. "What about Ontari? I thought you said we had one shot with that thing," Murphy questions, their original plan being to use it on her.

"I told you Ontari is no longer an option for the Flame. She's brain dead," Clarke replies, sounding like a true Flamekeeper. "Is the floor secure," she queries. Bellamy tells her, "For now. Jaha and the guards are tied up in a bedroom." Pike adds, "We took out their elevator and the ladder before we climbed. The stairs are collapsed. No one is following us." "Good. Then we have time," Clarke points out. Murphy adding, "What we don't have is a way down." Completely ignoring Murphy's comment, Bellamy questions, "Time for what," recognizing that Clarke is up to something, with yet another plan.

Clarke announces, "An ascension ceremony." Murphy now confused, "Ascension? You just said Ontari wasn't an option. Besides she's still chipped, we no longer have an EMP." "We're not putting the Flame in Ontari's head. We're putting it in mine," Clarke reveals. Immediately Bellamy objects, "Clarke. That thing killed Emerson in seconds. Liquefied his brain." "Emerson wasn't connected to a Nightblood," Clarke adds.

K - Clarke has had some crazy plans over the course of this show.. But I think this plan was the craziest yet. When I was watching I immediately knew something was going to go wrong with this plan.

M - When she said connected to a Nightblood I first thought of Lexa, as we all know Clarke has a connection with her. I didn't think she meant it literally, until Pike chimes in with, "Transfusion?" "Not exactly," Clarke states. "Connected like Mount Weather," Abby reveals, catching on to Clarke's plan. Turning to her mother Clarke says, "Yes. Everything we need is in your med kit."

M - "No. It's too dangerous and there are too many variables," Abby instantly objects. "But no options," Clarke tells her as Octavia comes running in, along with Miller who's helping Bryan. "Whatever you're doing, you better do it fast," Octavia tells them, breathless. Bellamy questions, "Why? What happened?" "They're climbing," she states.

Then everyone runs to the balcony and peers over the edge to see a swarm of people on the ground, at the bottom of the tower. Running with ladders as they hoist them up, beginning to climb up the sides of the tower. Kane is among them, having survived the explosion as he too begins to climb. Clarke desperately looks to her mum, "I have to do this." Abby understands this is their only hope, maybe their only chance to survive this as she agrees, "Okay. I'll help you."

K - Once I saw Kane, all I could think of was where in the world was Indra?! If he survived does that mean she did as well?!

M - Back at Arkadia, a chipped Jasper still has Harper as he drags her across the floor by her hair, taking her to the door of the room that contains Monty and Raven. "Guys, you're running out of time. What's it going to be, Raven's machine or Harper?" Jasper asks. "Don't give it to him," Harper yells to them and Jasper hits her over the head and she drops to the floor.

Monty tells Raven to keep Jasper talking as Raven runs to the intercom to talk to him, "Stop, there's no reason to hurt her." "You can stop it. Just open the door," Jasper responds. "If we do that, then what?" Raven questions, "We get chipped anyway." At this A.L.I.E replies through Jasper, "Raven your chances of reaching the kill switch again are less than 2%. I've added additional security. I know the digital signature of the chip that Hannah gave to Monty. The moment you use the portal to interact with anything within my code, I will know. I will find you."

Raven doesn't reply so Jasper asks, "Are you really willing to let your friend die for a 2% chance?" "What do you think," sounds behind Jasper, it's Monty with a gun in hand. Monty shoots Jasper in the leg and Harper kicks out the other one from under him and then hits him over the head, knocking him out. Monty and Harper quickly tie Jasper up, Monty checking if Harper is okay, as Raven comes out of the room, "Good thing there's no pain in the City of Light."

K - I'm surprised Monty was able to pick up a gun and shoot Jasper, even if it was just in the leg. We saw how hesitant Monty was in the last episode when he was struggling to just pick it up.. But that's the world they live in right now. They have to keep doing things, whether they want to or not, to protect the ones they love. Monty had to take down Jasper in order to prevent anything from happening to Harper, and I'm glad they were able to.

M - At Polis, Abby is setting up the instruments needed for the blood transfusion and connecting Clarke to Ontari.

K - This is so crazy!! I can't believe they are going through with this plan. This has to be one of Clarke's craziest plans yet. I was so nervous while watching this. . . But I guess it really is their only chance at beating A.L.I.E though.

M - Clarke sits on the throne, tubes surrounding her, draping from her as the others prepare for a fight. They've greased the balconies and all the windows to slow down and stop the climbers coming for them. There's only one room not greased and that's the Commander's chamber, and that's where the fighting will begin. Pike leads the way, followed by Bryan, Miller, and then Octavia. As his little sister leaves Bellamy tells her, "O. Be careful," but she doesn't respond as she walks away.


M - With only Bellamy and Murphy, remaining with Clarke, Abby announces, "We're all set," then looking to her daughter she asks her, "Okay. Ready?" Clarke replies with a faint "yeah" as Abby turns open the valve, beginning the blood flow. Red blood leaves Clarke and travels to Ontari as her black blood travels to Clarke.

They all watch the blood slowly move towards Clarke and then disappearing into her, wary and anxiously. "Hey, try doing that hanging upside down," Bellamy jokes to Clarke with a smile, trying to comfort her in what way he can, when he's probably more scared than her.

Watching the blood, I couldn't help but think will Ontari's black blood stay in Clarke's body or will it leave? Will it turn Clarke's blood black or will it stay red? Just like Abby said, there are so many variables. Anything could happen.

K - I couldn't help but think the same thing. I kept thinking how unsafe this could be for Clarke in the future. So, I'm very interested to see if this will hurt her next season.

M - Clarke gives Bellamy a weak smile, and then turns to her mother, "This will work," she tells her. Trying to convince her, reassure her, but also a part of her trying to convince herself. "And if it doesn't," Abby questions. "If it doesn't work, then she dies. If she doesn't try, she dies with the rest of us when the climbers get here. If we're going to do this I need the Flame," Murphy adds bluntly, but truthfully. "Mum. Please," Clarke pleads for her to let her go, to let her do this, "He knows what he's doing. You have to let me go."

M - Murphy takes the Flame and goes to stand behind Clarke, "Lean forward." Clarke lowers her head. The fear of not knowing, being unable to see what's happening, Clarke reaches her hand out for Bellamy, and he takes hold of her hand. "Ready," Murphy asks. "Do it," Clarke sounds. Murphy then whispers, "Ascende superius," to the Flame and it flares to life. Murphy slowly lowers it until it attaches itself to Clarke's neck and burrows itself inside as Clarke lets out a scream before losing consciousness.

Everyone's looking on extremely worried as Bellamy asks, "Is she okay," to Abby who's checking her daughter's pulse, "Her heart's racing. Get that thing out of her head," she aggressively directs to Murphy. But Murphy stands tall, not moving. "I said get that thing out of her head," Abby yells at him. This time Murphy moves to do it but a faint "no" stops him. Clarke has woken up, "No. Not yet."

"Are you in any pain?" Abby desperately asks her, her hands traveling, worriedly, over her daughter's face. "No. I'm okay," she reassures her mother, adding, "I know how to stop A.L.I.E. I have to take the chip." Bellamy answering for all of them when he lets out a loud, "What?!" "I have to go into the City of Light and find the kill switch," Clarke states. "Clarke. Listen to me. A.L.I.E wants the Flame. The moment you take the chip you're giving it to her. The second someone sees you A.L.I.E is going to know that you're there. She'll kill you. If your mind dies, you die," Abby tells her daughter, her voice breaking.

K - Murphy still saying what everyone is thinking, "Yeah, that sounds like a great idea." This plan of Clarke's just keeps on getting crazier! I kind of saw that coming though, that she would have to take the chip in order to look for the kill switch that way.. And now it only helps that she has the second A.I inside of her head, too.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Clarke says, "The Flame will protect me. I don't know how I know, I just know," as Bellamy looks on thoughtfully, thinking, before walking over to pick up the chip, "I believe you," he directs at Clarke. "Do you even know what you're looking for," queries Abby. Clarke replying with, "I'll know when I find it." Abby kisses her daughter's forehead before telling her, "May we meet again." "We will," her daughter reassures her. "We'll keep you safe," Bellamy says before giving Clarke the chip.

Clarke closes her eyes and enters the City of Light, as we watch the change from who Clarke has become and grown into, to who she was in the beginning. The surviving, the fighting, the pain, through time leaving shadows on her face, now vanishing, her face pure and young before it all began, before all the effects left it's mark. Her hair, her clothes returns to what she wore in season one, to the beginning. As if the City of Light stripped her of her past, of her pain and suffering, back to when she was innocent, happy, at peace.

M - The city is empty, quiet, until Clarke spots a man. The man walks towards her. Clarke begins to speed up, jogging then running as the man continues to follow her. Clarke glancing back at the man, still running, reaching a corner and flying to a stop almost smashing into someone. There are people everywhere, passing her, walking in every direction, as Clarke turns around and watches as the man following her walks past her, without seeing her, as if she's not there.

That's when she spots someone. It's Jasper, walking across the street with an ice cream, looking happy. "Jasper," Clarke calls out, confused. He walks past her but doesn't see her, "They can't see me," Clarke whispers to herself. Clarke follows Jasper through the crowd, watching as he sits down on a bench, enjoying his ice cream while suddenly a voice whispers Clarke's name, echoing across the wind. Clarke looks around to see where it came from and sees a pedestrian walkway sign that tells people when to cross, but instead it's flashing a green symbol, the sacred symbol.

Clarke doesn't want to leave Jasper, but there's nothing she can do for him and heads towards the sign. But not long after a few steps in that direction the sign turns into a stop sign, a red hand. Clarke comes to a halt, confused. Until a woman walks by her with hair twisted into the sacred symbol and Clarke begins to follow her, letting the Flame lead her.

M - Back at Polis, high within the tower Pike is glancing down over it. The climbers are not far away. "You're burning up," catches his attention. It was Miller concerned for Bryan. "I'm fine," Bryan barely manages to reply. Pike walks over to them and puts his hand to Bryan's forehead, "The wound is infected," he says gravely. "I'm sorry about the way things happened," Bryan directs at Pike. "It was another war. Better take him to Abby," Pike instructs. "Copy that. I'll come right back," Miller responds. "I'm not letting you fight alone," Bryan says strongly to Pike, wanting to fight with them.

From the side of the room Octavia adds, "He won't be alone," as she sharpens her sword, in a menacing way. Miller helps Bryan out of the room leaving just Pike and Octavia alone. My first thought was literally here's your chance Octavia.

Pike knowing the way she feels turns to Octavia, "If we're going to survive this, we need to stand together." "Now you say that," is all she replies, not even looking at him. Pike doesn't respond, instead walks over to the window to see the first of the climbers are almost there, "Damn. That was fast." "Here they come," Pike adds, getting into position as Octavia stands besides him, "The first wave is small. We do this your brother's way. We let them in. We take them down. We tie them up. Clear." Octavia doesn't reply, just nods her head in acknowledgment.

K - I kept seeing Octavia glance towards Pike, her anger building every time he spoke to her, and I knew something bad was going to happen. Octavia is having a hard time working with Pike still, and it's hard for her to understand why they even need him alive.

M - The climbers are about to enter the room, but Octavia can't focus on anything but the man standing next to her. The man who killed the one she loved. As the first few climbers land in the room Octavia cuts Pike's leg out from under him and then steps back as he falls with a yelp of pain, watching as the climber then begins bashing him.

K - I knew she was going to do something! Why would they leave her alone with Pike?

M - Bellamy's on his way to the Commander's chamber when he runs into Bryan and Miller, immediately stopping and questioning them, "You left her with Pike," before taking off into a run to the room.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Bellamy arrives to see Pike getting beaten as his sister just stands there, watching, not sure of herself or her actions. "O. What are you doing," Bellamy yells, running to help Pike. "Bellamy, no!" She calls to him, reaching for him. But Bellamy has no choice but to shoot the people attacking Pike. Helping Pike to his feet, he tells him, "She cut me." More climbers come charging through the window, one is Emori. "Come on, we've got to go," Bellamy yells as he helps drag Pike out of the room, Octavia following behind.

K - You can tell that Octavia is questioning her own actions by the look on her face. She doesn't really know how to get revenge for Lincoln's death.. Her emotions are clouding her judgement and she's willing to do whatever it takes to make herself feel good again. She thinks killing Pike is going to make her feel better about Lincoln's death, and maybe it will in the moment, but afterwards I think it will only leave her with the feeling of more pain.

M - Kane is also among the climbers as they file into the room, as the others reach the door closing it behind them and barricading it. "I told you. You need to get yourself under control if we're going to survive this," Pike directs at Octavia as they pile things up against the door. Octavia leans against the door, banging her head against it in frustration and disappointment with herself.

"O. Listen to me. I know how you feel. I let my need for revenge put me on the wrong side. I don't want that for you," Bellamy tells his sister, trying to get through to her, trying to prevent her from making the same mistakes.

K - I can't handle these talks between the Blake siblings! You can see how Octavia wants to do the right thing, wants to put her feelings aside as they try to win this war, but she's so frustrated because she can't seem to do it. Bellamy hates seeing his sister hurt, especially when he knows where that pain can lead you. I teared up watching that scene between them.

M - They lurch forward as the climbers begin banging themselves against the door with Kane leading the charge. Octavia tells Bellamy, "You keep it closed. I'll get more for the barricade," before running off. Leaving just Pike and Bellamy to use their weight against the door to stop them from breaking through.

"It wasn't the wrong side. If the Grounder army was still there when Lexa died, they would have attacked and you know it," Pike tells him, still trying to excuse his actions. "I wanted to see things like you. I needed that. To believe they were bad and we were good. I don't know what I believe anymore. I just know I have to live with what I've done," Bellamy admits, pain in his eyes.

K - I can't believe Pike is still trying to defend his actions, even after everything that has happened. I'm glad Bellamy sees the truth behind his actions.. And just like Clarke said, maybe there aren't any good guys in this world they live in.. But even when there aren't any good or bad guys, there are still choices that they can make that are either right or wrong in the moment. Choices that help them keep their humanity or completely lose it.

M - In the throne room Ontari has begun seizing, blood beginning to fall from Clarke's nose while she follows the sign in the City of Light. Suddenly dropping to her knees, blood dripping onto the ground.

At Arkadia, Jasper is tied up in the room Raven, Monty, and Harper are working in. "I don't believe it," Raven blurts out. "What? Did you find the kill switch," Monty queries. Harper then quickly adding, "Don't answer that, A.L.I.E can hear us." "I'm reading her code Harper, A.L.I.E already knows," Raven states. "Knows what. What are you talking about," Monty asks worryingly. "Clarke is in the City of Light," Raven reveals to the others.

In the City of Light all the people moving around Clarke stop and begin searching. Clarke immediately begins to run as Murphy, in the throne room, runs to Ontari yelling for Abby as she seizes. Abby reaching her, checking her pulse, "She's crashing." Abby begins CPR, "Clarke's not getting enough Nightblood. Her body is already rejecting the Flame."

Hundreds of people begin chasing Clarke. With nowhere else to go, she runs across the road to the only place free of people, a set of empty stairs. Abby orders Murphy to take over CPR as Clarke reaches the stairs now struggling to stand up. "If the blood stops flowing through this tube, Clarke's brain will liquefy," Abby says.

"Wait. Clarke took the chip," Harper says. "She would have had to but. . ." Raven replies but doesn't finish her thought. Monty asks, "What?" "A.L.I.E's running a flush subroutine to find her, sending Clarke's code out to everyone," Raven states. Monty now understanding, "She's a virus." "Exactly," Raven replies as Clarke drops to her knees.

"A.L.I.E wouldn't have to do that if she can control her. It's like Clarke is running a different program," Raven tells them as the first of the people reach Clarke. They begin bashing her, Clarke too weak to fight back, to defend herself.

"Did she put the Flame in her head," Monty questions, wide alert with worry. Jasper's voice suddenly fills the room, "You don't need to whisper. I'm aware Clarke has merged with the other A.I, thanks to her my code is now updating to version two of my program," as A.L.I.E stands beside him. This making them even more concerned and worried. Monty then asking, "What happens when A.L.I.E is updated?" Raven reveals, "She'll delete the kill switch. We won't be able to stop her." "So find the damn kill switch," Harper chimes in strongly, and Raven immediately and urgently goes to work, continuing to search the code for the kill switch.


M - The people continue to hit Clarke as she withers on the ground. Suddenly a mighty roar sounds as someone leaps, flying over Clarke with two swords in hand, killing as they go. It's Lexa. She lands in a fighting stance, ready to protect Clarke as she turns to give her a smirk as Clarke's left whispering Lexa's name in shock. In mere seconds Lexa artfully and skillfully takes down all the remaining people coming for them. Which was totally badass!

K - LEXA!! We knew she was going to be in this episode.. And it's such a shame that couldn't have been kept a secret. It would have been even cooler to see her amazing return in that nature. Lexa has always been a badass, and it shined in this moment!

M - Bodies cover the ground, blood soaking the dirt as Lexa sheaths her swords and runs to Clarke, who's reaching out for her, like she will fall without her. Lexa helps Clarke up. Clarke's unable to take her eyes away from her. Her hands gazing over Lexa's face, eager to feel her touch, as she struggles to believe she's really here. That she's seeing the person she lost, feeling her as if she's really alive. They share an embrace. Clarke happy to hold her in her arms once more.

M - It's not long before hundreds of others are coming for them, running their way, "Our fight is not over," Lexa tells her, full of strength. Clarke can barely move now, Lexa carrying her as they stumble along. "Something's wrong. I can't," Clarke says out of breath as she drops to the ground. "I never thought I'd see you again," Clarke manages to say. Lexa tells her, "I told you my spirit would choose wisely."

There's a noise as the light around them begins to dim, as day turns to night overhead. "What is it," Clarke asks, looking to the sky. "A.L.I.E knows you're here. She's uploading the Flame from your mind, your mind's changing things. Day turns to night. It rains. We have to hurry," Lexa replies.


M - Clarke begins to seize in the City of Light and in real life, in the throne room. Murphy's still doing CPR on Ontari as Abby stands by, "It's not working." Abby orders Murphy to open her shirt as Abby grabs her tools, "She's still not getting enough blood. We have to increase Ontari's heart rate." Abby grabs her scalpel and cuts an incision straight down the middle of Ontari's chest. Then installs a device to hold her chest open as she reaches in and gently grabs Ontari's heart and begins to pump it with her hand, as Murphy stands by completely horrified.

K - Okay, so I was NOT expecting Abby to do that! The look on Murphy's face during this entire scene was me. . .

M - "Get over here. I need you to pump her heart," Abby says. Murphy declines the offer, "What. Are you crazy, I'm not going to pump her heart." "Now," Abby yells. With no one else to help, Murphy has no choice but to take over from Abby and pump Ontari's heart as Abby runs to her daughter, telling her to keep fighting.


M - Clarke stabilizes and wakes in the City of Light to Lexa. They share a moment with a sweet kiss before Lexa tells her, "Listen to me. Now the upload has begun. A.L.I.E's people will be able to see us. We need to be more careful." "Why aren't they here already," Clarke questions. "The Flame offers some protection, but less and less. Can you stand," Lexa asks. Clarke stands with a yes but glancing down notices something on her wrist, "It's my father's watch. It's working. It's counting down. We have ten minutes to find the kill switch."

Suddenly a ringing draws their attention. It's a little girl on her bike, ringing the bell as she rides by and on the back of her jacket is the sacred symbol. "Thank you Becca," Lexa says as she and Clarke take off to follow the girl.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Back at Polis, the others continue to barricade the door the climbers are trying to break through. "This isn't going to hold for long," Bryan urgently points out as they continue to smash against the door. "How the hell did they get in here?" Miller asks desperately. With a look to Octavia, Bellamy replies, "It doesn't matter. This is where we make our stand."

K - I love how protective Bellamy is being of Octavia right now. He just loves her so much, and he meant what he said, he doesn't want her to have to go through what he's going through right now.

M - Miller adding gravely, "Sounds like there's a lot of them. Maybe time to go to guns." "We've got something better than guns. Surprise," Pike chimes in as everyone turns to look at him.

The climbers break through the barricade, smashing open the door. They round the corner and there stands Octavia, her hand in the air she says, "Wait, Kane. Wait." The climbers move forward and Kane is the first to step into water, soaking the ground. "Wait. I give up. I'll take the chip," Octavia says as they continue to move closer to her. "Good. No one else has to die, ever. Maybe you can convince your mentor of that," Kane tells her, with now all the climbers submerged in the water.

"Indra's alive," a shocked Octavia queries. "Yes, on the cross, suffering, needlessly," Kane replies. But Octavia doesn't respond instead she screams, "NOW," and jumps onto a wooden box, nearby as the others appear from around the corner with shock sticks in hand, throwing them into the water. There's not enough time for the climbers to react and all of them are electrocuted, collapsing into the water, and the group collects their weapons.

K - That scene! Pike was right, they definitely took them by surprise, and it worked out in their favor. We also got a clue to where Indra is, and hopefully now that we know she was alive while this was happening she might still be alive by the time this is all over.

M - In the City of Light, Clarke and Lexa are chasing the little girl, but they lose her when they reach a fence. "Firewall," Lexa blurts out, shaking the fence with the hands she has resting on it. Clarke adds, frustrated and confused, "I don't understand." "You'll never get to the kill switch," Jasper appears behind them as they spin around, Lexa drawing her swords. "No, it's okay," Clarke reassures her.

Clarke asks, "Jasper, what are you doing here?" "Trying to stop you. I've seen the City of Light now. It's perfect. There's peace, happiness, safety. Why would you want to deny that to anyone?" "She's torturing people to get them here Jasper. Taking their memories. Controlling them. This isn't even you. This is A.L.I.E," Clarke tries to reason with him. "She's doing what has to be done," Jasper defends.

Clarke fighting back, "She took away our choice. Human beings have free will. We get to decide how we should live." "Human beings are the only species that act against our own self interest. Torture each other. We fight. Hurt each other. Break each other's hearts. None of that exists here. A.L.I.E is protecting us from ourselves," Jasper goes on.


M - "Clarke, there's still time. We'll find another sign, let's go," Lexa chimes in, "We can't let you do that," Jasper says stepping in Lexa's way as Jaha appears leading an army of people, "Clarke. There's nowhere to run. It's over. The second A.I can no longer protect you." "If I remove the Flame, will it stop the update," Clarke turns to ask Lexa. "Yes, but no ones ever done that by choice before. Regardless, you will be one of them. A.L.I.E will get the Flame either way," Lexa tells her as Jasper adds, "Then stop fighting it."

Clarke is struggling to figure out what to do next when suddenly a hatch, a doorway, appears next to them. It's Raven as she whispers, "Come on Clarke, trust me," as she sends a sign, a picture of a raven into the City of Light and onto the hatch. "Raven," Clarke realizes as Jasper runs for the door, trying to block their way.

K - Did anyone feel a Hunger Games vibe in this moment? I mean I loved it, but I couldn't help but think of a mockingjay when I saw the raven!

[ image has been removed ]

M - "Jasper get out of the way," Clarke yells to him. Lexa punches Jasper out of the way as Jaha's army of people charge for them. "We can't let them follow. Go. I'll hold them off," Lexa says urgently. "No Lexa. I love you," Clarke cries, reaching for her. "I'll always be with you," Lexa tells her before running off to fight those coming for them, and Clarke goes through the doorway.

K - That final scene between Clarke and Lexa was heartbreaking. Clarke was so desperate to not let go of Lexa, she knew that was the last time that she'd ever see her, and it broke my heart to see the pain in Clarke's eyes as she finally admits that she loves Lexa. I thought it was a beautiful way to end their relationship, even though some may disagree, but I think the fact that Lexa told Clarke that she'll always be with her was a sweet good-bye. Then, we finally bid farewell to Lexa as she rushes off being the badass warrior that she is, and sacrificing herself for the woman she loves.

M - Clarke is now standing in a space station. "Commander, I'm glad you made it," Becca says as Clarke wheels around to face her. "You're Becca prom Heda," Clarke says. "Becca's fine. There isn't much time. The code is nearly updated," Becca replies. "Did you give me this," Clarke asks, implying her father's watch that now rests on her arm. "No, you did. A.L.I.E 2.0 has merged with you but your mind is in control, and only the mind in control can operate the kill switch," Becca tells her as she guides Clarke to the switch. 

"This is it," Becca points to the switch, and all that stands before Clarke is a simple lever. A lever that could end it all, that could save them all. Clarke reaches for the lever, stopping when A.L.I.E appears, "If you pull that, you will be killing everyone. See for yourself," A.L.I.E says walking to the window that overlooks the Earth. "The nuclear power plants that were destroyed by the bombs have begun to melt down. My drones detected the first of them four months ago. There are more than a dozen at risk plants across the world, seven currently burning. Global radiation levels are already rising. By my calculations in less than six months, 96% of the Earth's surface will be uninhabitable, even for those born in space. So you see, the City of Light is the only thing that can save you," A.L.I.E reveals, changing everything.

K - As we are watching this scene we can automatically see the differences between Becca (which is stemming from A.L.I.E 2.0) and A.L.I.E. Becca has humanity within her whereas A.L.I.E has none. I can't believe this is all coming back to the reasons of why they left Earth in the first place, too. I did not see that coming! Now I understand why A.L.I.E was so desperate to get everyone to the City of Light, and what she was going to use the missile on.. She was going to do the same thing she did the first time. What will Clarke do?!

M - In the throne room they've barricaded the door but are running out of time. "This is it. We need to keep Clarke safe. Give her time. They're unarmed and they won't feel pain. They won't stop until they're out cold," Bellamy riles them. "Copy that. Go for the knockout," Miller answers as Bellamy looks to Abby when she loads a gun, "Only if they get past you," she tells him. They stand in position, ready to fight, with Abby crouching in front of her daughter as the last line of defense.

A.L.I.E tells Clarke, "Black rain will come first. There will be no drinkable water. Pre-cancerous legions will form. . ." but Becca cuts her off, "She's stalling. As soon as the update is complete she will delete the kill switch."

The climbers break through the door as the others begin fighting.

M - Clarke stands over the lever with A.L.I.E on one side and Becca on the other. "I am not stalling. I am telling the truth," A.L.I.E responds. Clarke asks a good question, "Why tell us now? If it's true, why not use this to get people to take the chip instead of torturing them."

Kane now enters among the climbers and begins attacking Bellamy.

K - As Clarke is taking (forever) to pull the lever and destroy A.L.I.E, there is so much going on back in the throne room! Everyone has come to fight, and my adrenaline was high while watching all of it!

M - "The last time I warned my creator of a threat to human survival, she chose to lock me away and come here to work on my replacement," A.L.I.E admits. "Define perverse instantiation," Becca says. "Perverse Instantiation: the implantation of a benign final goal, through deleterious methods unforeseen by human programmer," A.L.I.E replies. "Like killing six and a half billion people to solve over population. The goal isn't everything A.L.I.E. How you reach the goal matters, too. I'm sorry I didn't teach you that," Becca tries to get through to A.L.I.E while in the throne room they are beginning to be overrun, "Clarke, come on. We can't hold them off," Murphy desperately yells to her, hoping she can hear him.

"Clarke, once A.L.I.E's upgraded I won't be able to help you anymore," Becca tells her. "But I will. In the City of Light, you don't have to bear the burden of decisions like this one Clarke," A.L.I.E counters.


M - In the throne room Abby shoots down a climber charging for Clarke.

"You don't have to live with the pain of the things you've done anymore. The lives you have taken and those you have lost," A.L.I.E continues. Bellamy is losing the fight. Kane is choking him as he struggles to fight him as Clarke stands there trying to make a decision.

K - I was literally yelling at my TV for Clarke to pull the lever already!! Although I did enjoy all of the revelations she had during this conversation with A.L.I.E and Becca.. I just didn't want anyone else to die!

M - "You will be at peace. You will live forever," A.L.I.E goes on as another person takes down Octavia and begins choking her. "I've tried running away from my pain. It doesn't work," Clarke tells A.L.I.E. "Your people don't agree Clarke. You heard Jasper. Even those who were coerced would still choose to stay here," A.L.I.E tells her.

Pike is fighting someone when he sees Octavia struggling, with a scream he knocks the person down, possibly just saving Octavia's life. "Give them a real choice and I won't pull this lever," Clarke offers while Bellamy is still being choked, he's quickly running out of time. "Give them back their pain, their memories. Let them decide for themselves," Clarke adds. "She can't. Her core command date is to make life better for mankind. She still thinks she's doing that," Becca says.

Jaha enters the throne room and Pike hits him with a metal pipe, but there's no effect as if he's invincible, nothing can hurt him as Becca tells Clarke, "20 seconds and the kill switch will be gone." "Would you really condemn the human race to die in six months," A.L.I.E asks. "We'll figure something out. We always do," Clarke tells her as Becca encourages her, "Yes Clarke, there's still hope." "According to my calculations there is not," A.L.I.E states.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Pike continues to fight Jaha but is beginning to be overpowered as Abby stands guard over her daughter. "10 seconds," Becca says urgently, Bellamy now almost out of breath. "Let me ease their pain. We can save the human race together," A.L.I.E tries one last time to change Clarke's mind as Pike uses all of his strength to hold off Jaha, as Emori runs in headed for Murphy, and as Jackson goes for Abby.

"You don't ease pain. You overcome it. . . and we will," Clarke tells A.L.I.E as she reaches for the lever and slams it down. The effect in instant as everyone returns to themselves. Jaha falls to the ground from his injuries, Emori stops in her tracks, Jackson drops to his knees, and Kane releases Bellamy.

M - Clarke awakens in the throne room, "You did it," her mother says to her. "We need to take out the Flame," Clarke says as Abby goes behind her to remove it as Clarke says a phrase told to her by the Flame. Abby hands the Flame to her daughter as Clarke turns and thanks Murphy.

Suddenly you hear "John" and Murphy turns around and runs to Emori, pulling her into an embrace as she breaks, continuously apologizing. Both Bryan and Miller are safe, as Bellamy looks to his sister, relieved she's safe as Kane breaks, crying. Clarke tells Abby to go to him. Abby reaches him and gently puts her hand on Kane's shoulder, dropping to her knees to hold him.

K - I got so teary eyed while watching everyone come back to their true selves. The pain written on their faces was heartbreaking. How are they going to cope with the pain of the things they have done to other people? Will they overcome it?

[ image has been removed ]

M - At Arkadia Monty questions, "How will we know if she did it?" A broken "she did it" sounds from Jasper, and Monty runs to his best friend. "Is it really you," Monty asks. "I was finally happy," Jasper says, broken. "Jasper. I know this world can suck, but at least it's real. We can get through this together," Monty tells him. "You really believe that," Jasper asks.

"We will be happy again. Promise," Monty tells him. "I'm sorry I stabbed you," Jasper adds. "I'm sorry I shot you," Monty says in return. "I didn't feel it," Jasper admits, earning a laugh from everyone. Monty helps Jasper stand at the same time giving him a hug. "I could use a drink," Jasper says, "We all could," Harper adds. "This rounds on me," Jasper tells them as he leaves the room.

K - This made me happy because I know that all the pain everyone feels right now. . . They'll all have each other to help ease that pain, to conquer it, to get through all of it, together. They'll be able to find happiness again, together.

M - Watching everyone come back to themselves along with all their pain and suffering was one of the most painful and heartbreaking scenes of this season, up there with the death of Lincoln, which I still haven't fully accepted.

M - Bellamy helps Clarke up as they look over all the people. "A.L.I.E's gone," Clarke states. Bellamy replying with, "I figured," pausing as he notices something, "Clarke you're not acting like someone who just saved the world." "Because we didn't. Not yet," Clarke tells him. The look on Bellamy's face is truly heart breaking. Knowing that they're not done surviving, that they have to continue fighting. While nearby Octavia turns around to Pike, they stand there not saying anything.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Octavia then makes a defining decision and stabs him with her sword. He drops to the ground, closing his eyes, and dying as everyone looks on as she walks away.

I was disappointed with the ending. I understand Octavia's chosen path is significant in this moment, but it didn't feel like a conclusion to the season. . . Maybe it isn't.. Maybe it wasn't suppose to..

K - I completely agree. In that moment when Pike thought she was going to move past everything was the same moment I thought she was, too. Then she turns around and kills him leaving all of us as shocked as Bellamy was as he watched her leave. Cue my heart breaking now. . . He tried so hard to keep her from going down that path.

M - We are left with so many questions and no answers. I think season four has a great future ahead, with lots of potential. Six months until the world's uninhabitable.. How will the delinquents survive this one. . .

K - SO MANY QUESTIONS! I honestly don't know what will happen next season. I thought this was a great season finale.

M - To all the great characters we've lost this season, "Yu gonplei ste odon."

Most importantly, I want to thank Kristy for allowing me to write with her and to be a part of her wonderful website. Thank you to the readers and all who have been a part of recapping with us. I've loved every second of it! Until next time. . . May we meet again!

K - Thank you, Maddi! This was so fun, and even though many people didn't really enjoy season three.. I actually really liked it. Was it my favorite season? No. But it was still great, and I can not wait until season four! What will happen next? Who will survive?!

- May we meet again in 2017 -

You can watch season 1 and 2 of The 100 on Netflix now! Let's hope we don't have to wait long for season 3 to be on there also, so we can binge it all during this hiatus.
Thank you so much for joining us every week for our recaps!
Now, let's hope we all survive another year of hiatus!

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