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What a thrilling episode this week!
My adrenaline was going crazy while watching this episode. The 100 is not afraid to show the evil that is present in this world, and through every episode they remind us of that. Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Join or Die" here.
Now - let's discuss!

Red Sky at Morning Synopsis:

"Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper hit a tragic roadblock. Meanwhile, Raven and Monty make an important discovery."

Maddi - The 100 opens at the prison of Polis, as we once again see those hanging, pinned to a cross. We hear their screams echoing across the wind and see blood flowing along the ground, as we go back into the cell that imprisons Murphy, Pike, and Indra along with many others. A Grounder woman next to Indra tells her, "Indra, you don't have to free me. The Skaikru plan is good." They are trying to convince Indra that their plan is the only one, the right one.

"Running is not a plan," Indra states, bitterly. It's not running, it's surviving and there's nothing wrong with it at all. "Not running. Surviving," proclaims Murphy. Their plan makes sense you can't take them all on especially when you're weak from imprisonment, you need to survive like Murphy said, so you can come back smarter and stronger. You need a plan, a way to deal with their army because the army is your people.

"For how long," Indra questions, "This threat will find us all eventually." Pike adds, "The boy's right. We regroup and come back stronger. That's a legitimate battle strategy." "I have a better one. Kill their leader, Jaha." Indra indicates as Murphy shows his support for her plan, "That's a strategy I can support," before pointing out, "Unfortunately he's not their leader though. He's being controlled just like everybody else by that. . ." he stops, his sentence cut off, drawing everyone's attention. "What," Pike questions, encouraging him to go on. Murphy say it's nothing and to forget it.

Kristy - Alright, first question of the episode. . . Why didn't Murphy want to tell Indra, Pike, and the others what Jaha was being controlled by? They have to know it's an A.I by now, right? Do they even understand what that is though? I don't think they know that their Commanders have always been enhanced by an A.I though.. Very interesting. . .

M - "John this isn't a time for. . ." but before Pike can finish what he was going to say, there's a loud clang as the gates to the cell flies open and two Grounders enter. It's the same man who previously asked them "who's ready to take the key" and he's back to try again, but once again no one answers for no one is willing to join them. "None of us is ever going to take a key," Pike announces as the Grounders' eyes fall on him. The chipped Grounders approach him with A.L.I.E by their side.

A.L.I.E immediately notices his wounds, "We didn't do this to him. Someone is unchained. Find them," as the alarm sounds. I knew it would only be a matter of time. The moment Indra cut Pike in the last episode, my first thought was they're going to notice that. He entered the prison unharmed, if they didn't do it someone in the cell did. I'm surprised they didn't think of this and use it to their advantage, but luckily it manages to go well.

The Grounder guards begin to check everyone's chains as the nervousness and tension in the cell rises. Everyone knows it's only a matter of time before they find out who it is. After checking everyone else, one of the guards moves on to Indra. The Grounder reaches for Indra, she instantly removes her giant nail and stabs the man through his eye, into his head, then grabs his knife from it's holster and throws it into the other guard's heart, killing them both all in mere seconds. However, it's too late A.L.I.E already knows and more guards will be coming their way.

K - Finally, Indra does something! She's never been one to just sit around and wait for others to do something for her. It's obvious that she's been expecting this, otherwise she wouldn't have already been making that nail sharp when Pike entered the cell with them all. Now, what plan will she take? Her own or stick with Pike and Murphy's plan?

M - Murphy urgently instructs Indra, "Come on. Grab the keys, she's going to send for reinforcements!" "You said Jaha wasn't in control. Tell me what you know," Indra threatens, grasping his shirt in her clenched hand. "The smart play here is going for the tunnels while we still can before we're overrun by A.L.I.E's groupies," desperately trying to get her to understand. "If you have information that can help us. . ." Pike adds before Indra cuts him off, "We don't have time for this," so she puts her weapon up to his throat, telling him to talk, and forcing him to reveal what he knows.

Murphy blurts out, "Jaha's backpack." "What about it?" Pike asks, now free, as he uses the keys to free the others who are chained. "It runs the A.I. If we can destroy it, I'm pretty sure we can destroy her." However won't destroying the backpack only destroy a part of A.L.I.E, the portable version? She's still in the Ark's computer system. It won't destroy her completely.

A look appears over Indra's face, realization, before she tells them she knows where it is, "I saw them move it into the temple before I was captured." "They'll expect us to run. We can use that. The A.I will follow those who do, while we go for the pack." A distraction made by those fleeing. "We?" Indra questions, hatefully. Now's really not the time. I understand you want nothing to do with Pike, he killed your people, but there's a bigger problem at hand. An A.I is trying to take over the world, maybe even destroy it. Lives are at risk, your people are in danger. You don't have time for vendettas. The only way you will succeed is to work together.

"I can't do this alone," Pike tells Indra, "Do you want to save your people or not?" We've never seen Pike act this way towards the Grounders. It just shows that everything he has done was for his people, but it also shows that at the moment he doesn't see the Grounders as a threat to their survival, that it can change depending on who threatens them more. Now that it's A.L.I.E, that's who his next target becomes. Indra orders her people to leave, deciding to work with Skaikru and not against them.

K - I'm happy that both of these people, full of so much hate for one another, decided to work together for the greater good of their people. A.L.I.E didn't expect to bring these people together against her, to fight back.. but look at them!


M - "What are you waiting for?" Pike asks, gesturing and presuming Murphy to follow the others that are leaving. Murphy sighs before making his choice, "The bad guys are following them right. I may as well take my chances with you two."

Murphy tries to cover the fact that he knows the chances of the bad guys going after them, he knows it won't be any safer with or without them but deep down he wants to help, and wants to stop A.L.I.E. Maybe one day Murphy might accept that it's okay to be the good guy and that he can be one no matter what others think of him. "Your father would be proud," Pike confesses to Murphy. Hitting us all right in the heart. I don't think anyone has ever said something like this to Murphy before. No one ever having shown him they are proud of him. Pike showing that he does care for him, countering the words he spoke to him all those months ago, that we saw in the flashbacks of the Ark. "So, how do we do it," Indra questions, Murphy replying in all seriousness, "Carefully."

M - In the City of Light, the city's a buzz of movement. A man approaches A.L.I.E and Jaha apologizing, it's one of the Grounders who Indra killed but he's dressed in what would be considered normal to us. The city resembles the old human ways and culture before the bombs destroyed it. With caf├ęs and balloons, their modern clothes, even the way the buildings are designed. The Grounder apologizes for not anticipating what the prisoners were planning. A.L.I.E tells him, "It's alright, you served well. You're home now." "And besides, we already rounded them up," Jaha adds, "The first of the prisoners are on the crosses as we speak," as a woman appears not far from them.

They walk over to her, "That didn't take long, did it," Jaha states. "I understand now," she tells him before walking off and almost instantly A.L.I.E informs Jaha, "They're going for the backpack," as we realize that the Grounder woman was one of the prisoners and by taking the chip A.L.I.E now knows everything, including their plan. There's no advantage with something that knows every logical possibility, it's only just a matter of elimination.

"Then we delay the migration," Jaha says. "It's unnecessary. It's almost complete. We'll use Emori again." What is this migration? Does it have something to do with migrating all the people to the City of Light?


M - Emori appears with a gasp of breath, her eyes flying open, as her mind transports there and A.L.I.E takes control. "Emori you know you can correct your defects here," Jaha points out as he gestures to her deformed hand. With a look to her hand with admiration she confidently replies, "I would. If I had any."

This is very important. Not only was it amazing to see the show encouraging this, but also the fans and people all over the internet were also in support of the powerful message, trying to spread it. Disabilities are not defects. They don't bring you down, they strengthen you. And if you struggle to believe in that just look to Emori and Raven, and many other characters out there who are great inspirations. Even as she's being mind controlled Emori accepts herself, she has always accepted who she is and what makes her different. Even after losing herself, it still cannot be taken away from her.

K - I couldn't have said it better myself. I completely agree with all of that. I love Emori and I love her even more after what she told Jaha. Way to go girl!

M - Emori offers her assistance as she asks them what she can do for them. "Your friend, John Murphy, is headed back to the temple to do harm. I need your help to stop him," A.L.I.E informs her with Emori giving a nod in understanding, as once again they go to use Emori against Murphy.

M - Out to sea on the oil rig of the Boat People; Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper sit around a fire, listening to a girl who's telling the people a story as they wonder what to do next after Luna's rejection of the flame. Luna comes to see them and their hope rises that maybe she has changed her mind. It hasn't, she's come to tell them the boat will return at nightfall and will take them back to land. Leaving this place forever. "Luna, let us explain," Clarke still trying desperately to change her mind, desperately trying not to give up.

Luna once again dismisses them and begins to walk away, but Bellamy stands in her way telling her she needs to hear this. Bellamy painfully tells her, "There is something out there that is going to destroy us all." "Whatever it is, it can't reach us here," she assuredly replies, leaving Bellamy and Clarke with disbelief on their faces as she walks away.

K - It can't reach you there? I wouldn't doubt A.L.I.E because she knows how big this world truly is..

M - Luna goes over to Octavia asking to speak with her. Jasper leaves to give them a moment as he goes over to watch and listen to the young woman telling the story. Luna gives back Lincoln's book to Octavia saying, "I thought you'd want this back." Octavia takes it appreciatively, thanking her. Octavia questions regarding her sword, Luna reassures, "Your weapons will be on the boat." After a moment of silence an upset Octavia, her dreams having been crushed, decides to take a dig at Luna, "So much for the great Luna, the savior of those in need."

Luna calm and composed tells her, "You don't want saving. You want someone to fight with you." "Damn right, we're at war," Octavia aggressively retaliates, "Luna you can't just ignore that. Lincoln would have wanted you to help us." "By becoming Commander," Luna questions, "I don't think so. Lincoln knew our rules. We take people in who are done fighting. Done killing. Look at you, fighting is all you know. Death is all you know. Lincoln would have never brought that here." Octavia looks away when she says this, not being able to bear to look at her, as pain ripples through her. The sound of applause fills the room, silencing their conversation, as the young girl finishes telling her story.


M - Firstly - Both women have powerful truths to their words. It shows how they stand on different sides of choices. I understand where Octavia is coming from and I understand Luna's trying to do what she believes is best for her people. That's all everyone is trying to do.. But Luna thinks that they will forever be safe out there, hiding away on their oil rig. It's foolish to think that war won't find you.

I get that everyone wants to be safe and at peace, so you hope and believe you are, but a threat like this won't stop until it conquers all. You can't have peace until they're stopped, you may be at peace and okay with it but what about all those others out there, those suffering, those dying and you could be the one to make a change. I understand you don't want to put your people at risk or watch anyone die, or worst of all take a life, but either way lives will be lost if you do or don't fight. The only option is to stop what's killing them to protect and save as many of those lives as you can. In a world like this the moment you stop fighting is the moment you die, whether it's in war or in never giving up.

Secondly - I also understand what Luna means, that all Octavia knows is fighting, the same as most Grounders. That death is all they know. It's no secret Grounders love to fight but a part of that fight is what got them here today. I get they are too eager for war, they see glory in dying in battle and they see a lot of death because they can't see a way of living without fighting. They've been doing it for so long, to survive, that they can't see living peacefully is also surviving.

K - I'm curious to the extent of how well Luna really knew Lincoln? To be honest, she reminds me a lot of Lincoln in the same way that he had a peaceful aura surrounding him while still being strong..

I loved the conversation between Luna and Octavia, and like Maddi, I think both of them had valid points. Octavia believes Lincoln would want Luna to help them, and I think he would have but not in the way she wants her to. Luna believes Lincoln wouldn't want her to become Commander, but maybe he would.. Lexa was working towards a better future for the Grounders, and Lincoln could have believed that Luna would be the only person, now left, that could carry out what Lexa was working so hard to build. We won't ever know, but hopefully both of them walk away from this conversation with a lesson learned from one another.


M - At Arkadia, Raven and Monty are going through A.L.I.E's code on the Ark's mainframe. There are thousands of lines of code and they can't believe how many people A.L.I.E now has under her control as they find out she's taken Polis, too. "A.L.I.E's army is growing, the longer we wait to go in, the stronger she gets," Raven states as Monty is thrown off a little by this, "No, our mission is. . ." but Raven cuts him off, "To wait for Clarke, like always. But what if we can do this ourselves. We have Becca's backdoor password. We have me," she says eagerly.

K - I've never seen Raven so annoyed with the fact that they have to wait for Clarke to do something. I think she feels as if she can get the job done now, and maybe she doesn't trust that they'll make it home safely.. She's being consumed with thoughts of how to stop A.L.I.E because she's angry and hurt right now.

M - Monty reminds her, "You said the moment we use the password A.L.I.E will know." "She will.. I think," Raven confirms. "That means we've got one shot at this. Is there a kill code in that book you didn't tell me about," he asks. Raven shakes her head, indicating no as she shows her discontent towards this plan and the fact that he's right. "Then we stick with the plan. Clarke gives the flame to Luna. The A.I in the flame gives Luna the kill code. We enter it here, taking our own shot, and bob's your uncle," he says as he goes through the details of their plan. Raven's not happy but she obliges, adding, "I hate that expression," before Harper walks in.

She lets them know the perimeter is clear and that Bryan and Miller are on watch. Harper asks them how's it going in here, but no one answers and Monty gives her a look, "That good huh? Take a break. I could use some help securing the south airlock," she suggests to Monty. Raven tells him to go, "Take the book if you don't trust me." "You memorized Becca's password," Monty points out, hesitant to leave. "Then I guess you'll have to trust me," Raven challenges.

I don't know about you but I didn't want Monty to leave Raven alone with that password. Raven's just been odd lately, she's been showing an unnerving fascination with A.L.I.E ever since they got her out of her head, it's like something was left behind, it's like she's drawn to her, and it worries me deeply.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Monty decides to trust Raven and leaves with Harper. "I'm worried about her, she hasn't stopped for two days," Monty tells Harper. "Neither have you," she points out with concern. "Yeah, but I'm just trying to keep up. I'm serious. I look at A.L.I.E's code and I see physic subroutines and collision meshes but Raven sees the City of Light. It's not just code to her. It's real," worries Monty as Harper stops in her tracks.

K - I like that Monty said this because it's true. Raven has seen and lived to tell the truth behind the City of Light, the only person who has so far, and that's powerful. She knows the most about A.L.I.E than everyone and I understand where she is coming from by consuming herself into stopping A.L.I.E. She believes this should be enough for the others to trust her to do the right thing, but they don't because they are still worried about her which I don't blame them for that either.

M - Monty questions why they stopped, clarifying that they were going to the airlock. Harper confesses that it's already sealed. Monty knows something's wrong, "You okay," he asks her. Harper tells him she's fine, very unconvincingly. "I was just thinking. It's been two days with no one trying to kill us," Harper says as if this is some sort of strange concept to them. "It won't last," Monty gravely and honestly admits. "I know," she says sadly, already accepting it as if she believes nothing else is possible.

In that moment you realize that that's all they know, surviving, fighting for their lives, that's all these kids know. They don't know what it's like to be safe, to be able to just live and be worry free, they don't know what it's like to not live in fear of someone or something trying to kill them everyday.. and that's just heartbreaking. They are still just kids.

"But what are we supposed to spend the time in between attacks dreading the next one," she queries. "It's not like we have much of a choice," he notes. "Maybe we do," she tells him, hinting instead of dreading that time that goes by they could spend it together, so she leans over and kisses him. And suddenly everyone's shipping Monty and Harper. They're like one of those couples you wouldn't expect to happen until it does, but then everything falls into place and it just makes sense. Though we can't ignore or overlook Harper's weird behavior, I admit my first thought was that she's chipped. So, has she taken the chip or has she not?

K - I admit that I was actually shocked to see Harper kiss Monty. It kind of came out of nowhere for me.. I mean I'm not hating that it's happening but I just didn't see it coming. Monty asks her, "You're still you, right? Artificial intelligence hasn't taken over your brain?" "I'm still me," Harper tells him as she drags him someplace else and it cuts to Raven still working hard on finding more of A.L.I.E's vulnerabilities.

M - Back on the oil rig, the girl who was telling the story kindly offers Jasper some water. He thanks her before asking her if her story really happened to her. She sits down next to him and tells him that some of it did, but it gets better every time she tells it. "Are you really from the sky," the girl can't resist asking, her curiosity getting the best of her. "Yep," he openly tells her. "I've never even been off this rig," she admits. "Trust me, that's a good thing," Jasper assures her as they share a smile.

K - I can not take all of this smiling from Jasper! I love it too much!

M - He offers her his hand, "I'm Jasper," and she takes it, "Shay," as he tells her it's nice to meet her. Nearby Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia sit around the fire. Bellamy watching Jasper as he points out to Clarke that Jasper's actually smiling but Clarke isn't paying attention, her focus only on Luna and the flame. Bellamy tells her to let it go when he sees her watching Luna.

M - Clarke not ready to give up declares, "We can't just leave." "It's not like we have much of a choice," Octavia adds. "Maybe we do," Clarke tells them. I did not realize until now that Octavia and Clarke paralleled Monty and Harper, saying the exact same thing. Both struggling with a lack of possibilities as they try to find a way without completely losing all hope.

Bellamy confused asks her what she's talking about. "I'm talking about putting this into her head without asking," Clarke says to shocked faces, as she gestures to the second A.I she carries. "No way Clarke. This isn't like Emerson, he was trying to kill us," Octavia whispers seriously. "You think I don't know that," Clarke answers. "Clarke we don't have to do this. We can fight. Go back to Arkadia. Arm up," Bellamy suggests. Bellamy is clearly willing to support the choice she makes, but he's trying to make sure Clarke doesn't make another choice she'll regret as a mistake, and causing herself more pain. Clarke stands her ground, "Fight who? It's an army of our own people. I don't like this any more than you do, but if Raven's right then the code on this thing can stop A.L.I.E."

K - Clarke's plan is beyond crazy, and wouldn't help in gaining trust from Luna.. She kind of has a point though.. How can they fight against A.L.I.E when she is using their own people? There would be no coming back if they were to kill many people they know and love.

M - "Give me a better idea," Clarke offers. There's a tense moment before they make their decision, Bellamy speaking up, "We'll stay here. It's the only way they'll leave you alone with her." In dismay Octavia utters, "Even A.L.I.E gives people a choice." "We gave Luna a choice," Bellamy reminds her, "She said no." Has it really come to this?

K - I love that Bellamy is supporting Clarke in her decision. I love that they're back to leading together, but I don't like this idea at all. I can already tell it's not going to end well. . .


K - Back at Arkadia, we find Monty and Harper together in bed. I just really need to talk about this Harper and Monty situation. . . I don't hate them together, I like it actually but it just seems so random for me. I knew they kind of had a flirty thing going on in past seasons but Harper just seems like something is going on with her, that we can't see yet..

Monty tells her, "I should get back," and Harper quickly replies with, "No. No way. Reality can wait," and snuggles closely to him. As they lay there in peace, finally, she tells him, "I haven't felt this way in so long." "Happy," he asks her. "Yeah. And safe," Harper replies as Raven barges in, clearly looking for them, and says, "Finally. Come on, I found something."

M - Raven has found something in A.L.I.E's code. She's found layers of security, more than anything else in all of her code. Raven says it's a fortress but A.L.I.E calls it the citadel. It overlooks the entire city and it's conveniently separated by water like a mote. In other words, A.L.I.E's hiding something and it has to be important for her to protect it this much. It's not long before Monty figures out what Raven wants, he simply and strongly tells her no.

"With Becca's password I can edit the code, I'm sure of it," Raven tells him, trying hard to persuade him. Once again Monty explains they can't go in. "If we don't go in, we won't know what she's protecting," Raven says getting frustrated. Monty tells her they'll tell the others when they get home and decide what to do together. Raven turns it around and says what if they don't come home, but Monty refuses to think that way.

"They're coming home! And they're bringing a super computer built for this. You may be freakishly good Raven but you're not an A.I." "I hate this," Raven says, continuing to worry us as things begin to take it's toll. Raven continues to work, refusing to rest, hoping she can find more of A.L.I.E's vulnerabilities. Monty decides not to leave her side, not to leave her alone as his concern for her intensifies.

M - Out to sea on the oil rig, Luna is teaching the children to fish when Clarke asks to have a word with her. Clarke asks if the children were born here. Luna tells her some were, but more were orphans of war or ran from one they didn't believe in. "Like you from the Conclave," states Clarke. "What did Titus tell you about me," Luna asks. Clarke tells her honestly, "That you were a coward, a traitor to the blood." "That sounds like Titus. Lexa's death must have been hard for him. She was always his favorite," says Luna as she observes Clarke's pain, "You cared for her." "Yes. Lexa was special. She was working towards peace. Blood must not have blood. You can finish what she started," Clarke says as she holds the flame up to Luna.

K - Again, we see more of how much Lexa's death is truly hurting Clarke deep down. She has yet to truly grieve and just letting her emotions slip once in awhile.. Which is only going to hurt her more in the end..

M - Luna is persistent against it, "I have peace right here." "Luna, the flame is your birthright. Take it. Please. You're the only one who can save us," Clarke tries desperately to get through to her, knowing what she must do if she denies it.

"How many lives would be lost to pay for those I would save," Luna says as once again she can't see the danger that's coming their way. "Some causes are worth killing for," declares Clarke. Luna replying strongly, "Not to me," as Clarke realizes that she has no other choice as she activates the second A.I, "Ascende superius." It flares to life, Luna already understanding what's happening but is momentarily drawn to it, giving Clarke her chance to strike.


M - Clarke reaches behind for her neck, but Luna overpowers her in seconds, throwing her to the ground. "I didn't flee the Conclave because I was afraid I'd lose. I fled because I knew I'd win," Luna reveals, "You should be grateful Clarke. After I was forced to kill my own brother in the first round, I was matched against Lexa in the second. Fate is funny that way don't you think. You'll get this back when you leave," Luna says as she walks away taking the A.I with her and not bothering with Clarke. Luna has no repercussions or anything after what Clarke did, as if it's pointless, seeing them as nothing, not even as a possibility of a threat.

Luna just became the most dangerous person they know. The way she knew she would win the Conclave (and I believe her), the way she won't fight, the way she shows no emotions or feelings, even in her eyes, there's nothing. I fear this, I don't think she can be trusted, there's just something about her that I can't put my finger on. She is their only hope. It's all resting in her hands. She could either be their savior or their destruction.

I still can't believe that they actually thought they would succeed. I mean she's a fully trained warrior, they didn't really stand a chance.

K - I agree, I have no idea what Clarke was thinking. I mean Clarke is pretty amazing, but would she win in a fight against a trained Nightblood, I'm not so sure.. and clearly she wasn't able to. I actually really like Luna, I'm right there with you on not fully trusting her though, but I thought she was badass when she took Clarke down. I'm glad we know a little more about why she left the Conclave, and now I understand more as to why she is on that oil rig now, not wanting to kill, since she was forced to kill her own brother right off the bat. There had to be a reason why Titus wanted to hunt her down though, but then again Lexa didn't let him? Maybe she is as "good" as she says she is now. . .

M - In Polis, in the temple, A.L.I.E is waiting with Emori and some guards, ready to intercept and foil their plan. A.L.I.E reminds them not to shoot to kill because she needs them.

"Why did your creator leave you," Emori questions, staring at the drawings on the wall. "I don't know, but when I see her again I will ask her," A.L.I.E revealing she plans to use the second A.I and not just destroy it. Emori queries, "You really think she's in the flame?" "Yes. And if I'm right it contains the minds of all of those to whom it was connected, beginning with my creator," A.L.I.E says before gunshots echo throughout the room as Pike guns down the guards leaving just Emori, as Murphy stops Pike from shooting her. "They know we're here, bar the door," Murphy instructs. They secure the room as Murphy goes to the backpack, immediately noticing it's powering the pod.

"What about the secret passage," Pike asks, "She'll know about that now. I'll lock it up," not realizing that that's their only way out, their only escape as Murphy tells him this and not to bother because Emori didn't see where they came in, therefore A.L.I.E didn't see. Murphy grabs the rod holding up the pod door and heads to the backpack, going to destroy it as Emori yells, "John! It's a nuclear fuel cell, John," stopping him and he freezes meters from the backpack, "You'll radiate the entire city," warns Emori. "So how do we destroy it?" Indra asks. "Carefully," instructs Pike as they're left facing a difficult task.

M - Once again back at the oil rig; Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia are being escorted back to the shipping container as Jasper is elsewhere saying goodbye to Shay.

K - This boat must be pretty big if they're able to transport these shipping containers back and forth so easily.. Where did they get this boat from? How do they keep it running?

M - The Grounders that brought them to the oil rig exit the container and Luna informs them they have to take them back to land. Bellamy and Octavia enter the container as Clarke waits and asks Luna for the flame.

Luna holds up the flame and A.L.I.E is there, "Remember Clarke, the path of violence is a choice," as A.L.I.E tells whoever has been chipped, "There it is." "When the choice is fight or die, there is no choice," Clarke acknowledges, when suddenly the Grounders who brought them aboard attack them and their own people. Clarke is thrown into the container and sealed in with Bellamy and Octavia, "They took the flame," Clarke quickly tells them.

Octavia points out, "They're locking us in," as she tries to open the container doors. Clarke tries to scream at them, "Hey! What is this?" but Bellamy just stands there, his mind spinning, thinking, putting it together as he tells them, "Luna's people are attacking her. . . A.L.I.E's here."

I can't help but think why they didn't tell the Grounders that A.L.I.E tries to chip people. That if they're ever found not to take it. If offered, don't take it. Why not warn them. Without warning the Grounders about it they will be fooled into taking it, and A.L.I.E's army will grow. They should have at least warned them against taking the chips!!

K - So. . . Luna, you didn't think they could reach you there? I wish you were right.

M - Somewhere on the oil rig Jasper is taking a walk with Shay. "You could come back you know," Shay offers. "Something tells me it's not that simple. Besides, it's nice here, trust me I'd just mess it up," Jasper says sadly. There's a noise nearby, the chipped Grounders round the corner, a prisoner in hand. He yells, "Shay! Run before. . ." but doesn't finish his sentence before he's hit and knocked down.

"She's here," Jasper whispers fearfully. "He knows," A.L.I.E tells the chipped Grounders. Jasper urgently tells Shay, "Go. Tell your people not to take the chip!" A.L.I.E informs them, "We can't let her warn the others." "Run. Now. Go!" Jasper yells but as she runs one of the chipped shoots an arrow straight into her. She falls and stops moving as Jasper goes into shock whispering to himself "no" before the anger comes rushing through him, he charges and punches one of them. It has no effect and the man in return punches Jasper out, taking him with the other prisoners as on the ground Shay's eyes open, life still beating in her.

M - The chipped Grounders begin to torture Luna, covering her face and pouring water over her as she tries to fight it with Derrick screaming nearby for them to stop, trying to break free.

K - Luna, struggling, begs them, "Why are you doing this?" While Derrick continues to scream, Jasper simply looks away not able to bear anything that is happening once again because of A.L.I.E.

M - Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia are continuing trying to break out the container. "How did A.L.I.E even find this place?" Octavia angrily states, pointing out an important question. Bellamy tells them, "There was a drone at Niylah's. She must have followed us looking for the flame and now she has it." Bellamy shot down that drone and I don't think it could have followed them unnoticed this whole time. . .

They continue torturing Luna, telling her to take the key and it will end. "What's happened to you," Luna asks, puzzled and shocked. Jasper informs them, "He's not himself," trying to help them understand, "It's the chip in his head." A.L.I.E advices them, "Jasper is decreasing the efficiency of the process, he needs to take the key," as another Grounder hurts him, then holds the chip up to him.. But neither Luna nor Jasper gives in and they begin another round of torture.

K - Jasper is so calm during all of this and I think it's because death is all the 100 know after landing on the ground. He's so used to death and it's hard for him to dwell on these situations for too long because he knows death is inevitable. That breaks my heart.

This is so hard to watch since I like Luna so much.. I don't really understand why A.L.I.E wants her to take the chip beforehand, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Also, I love how strong the both of them are in this moment, unwilling to take the chip, especially Jasper considering he was one of the first ones that wanted the chip to take away his pain. . .

M - Bellamy figures out, "She's going to put the A.I in Luna," Clarke adding, "She'd have to chip her first. If Luna's chipped before she gets the A.I, A.L.I.E's going to know everything. We'll never be able to stop her," Clarke jumping to her feet, "We can't let that happen."

They torture Luna as Clarke bangs on the door, screaming, hoping someone will hear.

K - They cut back to Octavia looking up saying, "I'm sorry Luna," believing there is no way they are getting out of that container in time.

M - "I'll take it if you stop. I'll do it," Derrick offers, not being able to bear to see them hurt Luna anymore. "It's okay," he says, meant for Luna, as he takes the chip. So, naturally A.L.I.E uses Derrick to torture her even more.

K - Luna is completely vulnerable as Derrick lifts her off the table, and tells her to take the key before plunging her into a tub of water.

A.L.I.E continues to pin loved ones against loved ones, doesn't she?

K - As A.L.I.E looks on, we are back in Polis with Murphy, Pike, and Indra. The guards outside are close to tearing down the door as Indra tells them to hurry, and Pike adds, "You're going to have to pick up a gun then," as concern crosses Indra's face. Emori tells them, "You're all going to die here, John."

It cuts to A.L.I.E and Jaha looking over the City of Light, which actually looks incredibly interesting if I'm being honest, and she tells him, "Hurry Thelonious. The migration is not yet complete." "We're still searching for the tunnel entrance. When the guards bring down the door, I'll be there." "Good," A.L.I.E replies, "John Murphy was with Clarke Griffin when they removed the second A.I from the last Commander. If she won't help us insert it into Luna, we will need him alive." Well, now we know that she does plan to put the second A.I into Luna and why she wants to keep Murphy alive. . .

K - Back at Arkadia, Raven is still searching for A.L.I.E's vulnerabilities while Monty sits nearby asleep. This is her chance, Raven decides to go after A.L.I.E by reseting the password using the knowledge she gained from Becca as she furiously types we see again A.L.I.E and Jaha talking. "What will you do with Clarke?" Jaha asks. "I will give her the same choice as the rest. Join us or. . ." A.L.I.E begins to reply before realizing something is wrong, "Someone is accessing my code with an administrator log-in."

"Accessing it from where?" Jaha asks her, "The intrusion is coming from Arkadia." Jaha begins to reply with who could be behind this, and that's when A.L.I.E tells him that Sinclair is dead. "How do you know that," Jaha asks. A.L.I.E dismisses him by saying, "Not important," then continues with, "The log-in was coded by my creator," as we go back to Raven in Arkadia.

M - A.L.I.E knows Sinclair's dead. Someone close to them has been chipped, but how and who? Bellamy? Clarke? Raven? Jasper? Monty? Harper? Bryan? Miller? After what happened my thoughts go to Harper but we can't overlook Bryan and Miller. We haven't seen much of them and anything could have happened, especially that we don't know about.

K - A.L.I.E realizes that she can't log them out and Jaha tells her to disconnect from Arkadia, as she tells him that it would be unwise since the migration is not yet completed and the backpack is now compromised. What in the world is this migration!? A.L.I.E states, "Without Arkadia's mainframe, the mobile unit would be my sole power source. If they destroy it, I will be terminated," as Jaha looks to her truly afraid that everything they have sought out to do would become completely gone.

Raven is now inside the citadel. Jaha not willing to give up just yet, tells A.L.I.E, "If it's Monty, I can stop him." As A.L.I.E asks him, "How," we find Raven still working hard to find out what exactly A.L.I.E is hiding. Monty finally wakes up and realizes what Raven has done, trying to stop her immediately, but Raven tells him, "Don't! I'm in her citadel. There's so many doors. They're locked, but I can delete locks," and Monty just looks to her with concern mapped all over his face.

"I was right. She's hiding something here. I just have to get past. . . Someone's in the way," Raven tells Monty as she realizes it's a person that she can't get around. As Monty asks her, "Why not? Who is it?" Suddenly we hear someone speaking, "Monty? Monty can you hear me?" Monty with disbelief in his eyes looks to the computers as we see Monty's mother with A.L.I.E and Jaha in the City of Light.

K - Monty replies with, "Mom?" still not able to process how any of this is happening. "Monty. I wish I could see you. Maybe I will someday," she replies. Monty telling Raven, "She sounds so real," as she figures out that A.L.I.E was able to process her voice but it's actually his mother's mind still. "It's her," Raven tells him, "Can she hear me," Monty quickly replies while Raven is clearly concerned with how all of this is about to go down, "You have to type."

A.L.I.E tells Jaha that they need more time and orders Hannah to keep Monty talking. Hannah says, "Monty. Are you still there?" Raven quickly figures out that A.L.I.E just wants them to stop searching for whatever she is hiding, that's why she sent his mother, to try to slow them down. Monty just wanting to believe his mother isn't completely gone continues to listen as Hannah tells him, "What you did to me.. I know it hurts." Monty types, "I'm sorry," as the pain from that night creeps back up inside of him, "I know. I want to take that pain away. That's all any of us want," Hannah replies.

Raven clearly concerned while A.L.I.E tells Hannah that they are almost there, to keep going. "We can be together again. Don't you want that?" Monty then asks Raven, "What happens if we delete her code?" Raven tells him that she'll be gone, forever this time. Monty struggling asks Raven how he does it as Hannah tells him, "I love you son." As tears brim Monty's eyes Raven enters the code needed to delete his mother, telling him he just needs to hit enter, and finally Monty deletes his mother from A.L.I.E while telling her, "I love you, too."

Jaha frantically tells A.L.I.E to get out of there and she tells him, "I told you if I remove myself from Arkadia the mobile unit will be my sole power source," as we continue to see Murphy and Pike working on destroying the backpack.

[ image has been removed ]

K - Monty gets up telling Raven to shut A.L.I.E down. Raven finally gets through the last door, she sees what A.L.I.E has been trying so hard to desperately hide, "It's a kill switch," Raven exclaims right as all the computers begin to shut off. Raven begins to scream "no" while Monty becomes angry asking what just happened, "She must have pulled herself from the mainframe before I had time to hit the kill switch." "This was all for nothing," Monty asks her as Raven begins crying, knowing she made a mistake, that she should have waited for the others before making this huge decision, but she tells him now they know there's a kill switch.

Monty throws it in Raven's face, "A kill switch we can't use because the code is gone! This is your fault! We were supposed to wait for the others! You want to take the chip again? Is that it? You want to go back in there," as Monty grabs the chip to show to Raven, "Here. Take it." Raven completely broken, again, tells him she's sorry, and Monty walks away from her, leaving her to grieve all by herself.

This whole scene just gave me the chills and broke my heart. It was creepy to see how easily A.L.I.E can still use people's minds even when they're bodies are no longer living. It was heartbreaking to see Monty break, yet again, and place all of his anger upon Raven since she's lucky enough to be there while all of this is happening. Raven should've listened to Monty from the beginning, but I understand why she didn't.. Just like everyone else, she just wanted A.L.I.E to be gone.


K - Back in Polis, the doors are about to be taken down by the guards still. Murphy realizing this tells Pike to just tell him where to hit the pack so he can destroy A.L.I.E already, and Pike tells Indra to pick up the gun already. A.L.I.E's migration is almost complete though, there is only 60 seconds left.

Indra warily picks up the gun. What a moment for Indra.. Due to circumstances she is being forced to use the weapon that was used to kill so many of her own people, but she doesn't have a choice. She's ready telling them, "Either we do this now or we run." Pike finishes up and tells Murphy just not to hit the fuel cell as A.L.I.E orders Emori to talk to Murphy in order to get him to back down.

"John! Please John listen to me. It's not just A.L.I.E in there, it's all of us," Emori tells Murphy as the doors are close to opening. "Forget about the nuke. I'm telling you. Me! Emori," as Murphy hesitates looking to Pike because he's not sure he can actually go through with destroying it. "You are making a mistake! The minds of everyone that has entered the City of Light are on that server," Emori states while A.L.I.E tells her there is only 30 seconds left until the migration is complete. "If you destroy it our minds will be gone forever," Emori desperately pleads with Murphy to not do it.

Ever since they started their plan on how to stop A.L.I.E I've been wondering how they were going to kill her without destroying everyone's minds at the same time.. How will they do that?

Murphy realizes that Emori could be gone forever and he can't do it as he tells Pike. Pike understands and nods right before he picks up his gun and destroys the server. Murphy immediately runs to Emori and lifts her face up to see if she's okay. Pike asks, "Did it work?" Murphy asks Emori, "Are you okay," as Emori looks to him and smiles, "You were too late." With that Murphy is heartbroken all over again, realizing that A.L.I.E still has control and their plan failed.

M - I was 100% sure Murphy would do it, he's a survivor, he's one of the few who understands that the risk is far too great even if Emori's life could be in jeopardy. I was genuinely surprised when he couldn't do it. I guess I underestimated his care for Emori.

K - As the guards finally bust down the door they soon realize that Murphy, Pike, and Indra are gone and that they must have used a tunnel. Jaha orders them to find it as he moves to the broken server and tells A.L.I.E, "They could have destroyed everything today, and they will try again." A.L.I.E seeming pleased, as much as she can seem with emotions, tells him, "It's alright Thelonious. The migration was a success. The transmission from the escape pod is complete. They can't get to us here." We see A.L.I.E standing there as it expands to space. That's right folks, SPACE.

M - A.L.I.E's system is now in space, in another space station! All this time I thought the migration meant the migration of the humans to the City of Light, but it didn't make sense when A.L.I.E said they were almost complete when we know they're not all chipped. How are they ever going to get to her? Where did it come from?

K - Still in the shipping container; Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia look completely defeated and hopeless as Octavia says, "This place was safe until we got here." I can see how the 100 feel like they destroy everything they come across, and this breaks my heart. Suddenly there's a noise coming from outside the container and they immediately jump to their feet. It's Shay, she gets the container open as she struggles to hang on to life after being shot with the arrow. Clarke rushes to her, but it's too late because there isn't much she can do.. Shay tells her where they are, in the machine room, and then she's gone, and now that there isn't nothing left for them to do for her, they leave in search for Jasper and Luna.

Luna is still being tortured by Derrick when another chipped Grounder comes in with the child we saw Luna embrace, clearly caring about her deeply, earlier that day. Luna desperately repeats "no" as she can't believe this is happening. Derrick holds up the chip and tells her, "Take it and the child will be fine." Luna still not taking the chip, A.L.I.E orders them to cut the child in order to get Luna to submit. I wonder why she is so special to Luna? There is a reason why they grabbed her and not another child..

[ image has been removed ]

K - Luna realizing that they won't give up goes to bite Derrick on the wrist in order to get free. She's able to grab his knife and throws it at the Grounder holding the girl and kills him. She gets free of Derrick and is able to kill the other two Grounders that were guarding her, and then she comes face to face with Derrick. A.L.I.E is telling him, "We can't let Clarke have the Nightblood. Kill her." At that Jasper turns to Luna frantically knowing this won't end well.

Luna tries to tell Derrick that this isn't him and begs him to not fight as Derrick attacks her, but Luna is able to take him down by stabbing him straight in the heart. Luna falls to floor holding Derrick in her arms as Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia come rushing into the room. Luna is a mess, she lets out a horrid scream as soon as Derrick's life has slipped away from her own hand. Clarke can do nothing but stare at her, at the situation. . .

[ image has been removed ]

K - Octavia goes to help Jasper down as he tells her, "I'm fine. They couldn't break me." Then he asks if Shay made it okay, and Octavia just apologizes while shaking her head no, she didn't make it. At that Jasper only replies with, "That's what we do," making Octavia's words, about how this place was safe before they got there, come full circle.

Luna is holding Derrick apologizing over and over again while the others look on. I felt so bad for Luna in this moment. She didn't want to ever kill again, and she was forced to kill her love, and that had to be more than painful for her. My heart just breaks for her, that any of this had to happen.. Will she accept the flame now though?

[ image has been removed ]

K - Luna and her people are all gathered after everything happened, and like the rest of us, the gang believes Luna will now accept the A.I. As she comes to give them their drinks before the ceremony Clarke apologizes for everything that has happened and tells her, "Now you see what we're facing. An enemy that will do anything to win. She won't stop until she has everyone." Luna just stares at Clarke, with an expressionless face, and holds out the flame saying, "People I loved died today.. At my hand. I can't let that happen again."

Luna turns around raising her glass to the room beginning the ceremony for the lives lost. She recites, "From water we are born, to water we return." I love how everyone has a different belief and saying on this show. Everyone drinks including Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper. As soon as Luna turns around Clarke tells her that they need to hurry and put the A.I in because A.L.I.E will send reinforcements.

Luna stares at her again telling her, "You believe that to defeat an enemy who won't stop at nothing, you must stop at nothing. How's that different from blood must have blood?" Octavia chimes in, "Wait a second, Luna. You can't just. . ." but she never gets to finish because she falls to the ground along with Clarke, Bellamy, and Jasper. Feeling betrayed, Clarke falls to the ground with a whisper of "no" as Luna walks away from them.

I think Luna makes a valid point.. That's just a harsh truth though. People are always going to do the right thing for their people even if that's to kill others.


K - Clarke wakes up with the flame in her hand and Bellamy taking guard above all of them. They're back on land no longer on the oil rig. They all are stunned looking over the water. All of them standing in a line, Bellamy asks, "Now what," as they all turn their heads towards Clarke expecting her to have an answer.. But she looks back as if she has no clue what to do now.

I love how all of them looked at Clarke - a true leader! I wasn't expecting Luna to betray them because I thought this would make her realize the extent to how evil A.L.I.E truly is.. But I think she believes that if Clarke and them are gone that A.L.I.E won't come after her and they'll be okay. She knows where they are though and I don't think they are that safe now even with Clarke gone. A.L.I.E wants control over everyone.

M - Only two episodes left as next week we see the first part of what's to be an insane finale of The 100 season 3!

K - Only two more episodes?! I'm not ready to say goodbye to this season yet! The finale is going to be epic though, and I can't wait to see this Clarke and Roan team-up!

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