Simply Nicollette's recap posts for The 100 will contain spoilers.

The 100 never fails to deliver the pain in their finales, and man was there a lot of pain this week. Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Red Sky at Morning" here.
Let's talk about all our feelings now. . .

Perverse Instantiation - Part One Synopsis:

"Clarke finds hope in the most unlikely place. Meanwhile, Alie's master plan comes together."

Maddi - The 100 opens with us back with Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, and Jasper on their way home after Luna turned down taking the flame and becoming the Commander. After A.L.I.E somehow found them and almost destroyed everything, and after their hopes have been lost as they wonder what comes next.

Kristy - I wonder if we will ever see Luna again.. Maybe not in the season finale, but maybe next season? I really liked Luna and I think exploring more about her and the Boat People would be interesting, and help expand this world.

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M - They've stopped to charge the rover before they can be on their way, with the one question looming over their heads, what are they going to do now? Bellamy announces, "The rover's almost charged. We need to pack up. We'll be home soon." Frustrated, Clarke says, "Then what.. Run away?" As Bellamy walks towards her he states, "We're not running away Clarke. We need to regroup with the others, find another way to defeat. . ." but Clarke cuts him off, "There is no other way. We need to find a Nightblood. We need to unlock the flame. It's the only way to stop A.L.I.E," she reminds them, desperately.

K - Bellamy's facial expression was hilarious because I had the same one.. Like yes, Clarke, we all know that we need to find another Nightblood, but the last one kind of shut us down. . . So what do you want us to do?

M - "What do you expect us to do Clarke? Walk into random villages asking for their Nightbloods," Jasper says in a cold, arrogant way. How did I miss that sign? "If that's what it takes," Clarke points out, assertively. Octavia tells her, "No Clarke. If A.L.I.E can find us on Luna's rig, she can find us anywhere. I won't help you destroy another innocent Grounder village." "If we don't find a Nightblood, there won't be any Grounder villages left," she directs at Octavia, "Or a home for us to go back to," Clarke directs at Bellamy. "It's all the more reason we go there and make sure our friends are okay," Bellamy says strongly. Clarke's outnumbered, three to one. Upset, she gives up, and walks away.

K - I think this was the first time that Clarke was straight up told no by every single person. I understand where everyone was coming from, too. Bellamy thinks they will be stronger with more of their people and weapons. Octavia thinks they'll just bring more pain and death if they go searching Grounder villages. Jasper thinks there is no use in looking now. And Clarke has a point also, they can only defeat A.L.I.E through the flame and they need a Nightblood to know exactly how to do that.

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M - Out amongst the woods Clarke is taking a walk, getting some air, the silence a comfort, leaving only the sounds of forest life to be heard. Clarke reaches into her pocket and pulls out the A.I saying, "I'm sorry." Sorry for failing, failing to do her duty. As she stares at the A.I, A.L.I.E appears near her as she orders someone, "Bring her to me with the flame." Clarke unaware as someone approaches from behind, armed. They close in on her but before they can strike they are shot down with an arrow. Clarke spins around in shock and across the way on a nearby hill stands, Roan, King of Azgeda.

Does Roan even know about anything that's going on?

"Roan," Clarke questions, completely puzzled. "Don't think I'm not the only one who's been following your friends," Roan tells her as he approaches and takes the A.I straight out of Clarke's hand. "Give that back," she demands, reaching for it.

He denies it saying, "Goodbye Wanheda," before beginning to walk away. Clarke immediately pulls out her gun, aiming it on him, ordering him to stop. Roan turns around, not seeing it as a threat, and snatches the gun out of her hand and throws it away, leaving Clarke shocked as he says, "You have a real gratitude problem, you know that."

K - I love Roan and Clarke together because their interactions always come off as funny to me.. Like when Roan just disarms Clarke and tells her that she has a problem with saying thank you, I loved that! I think it's obvious at this point that he has no idea what is going on back at Polis. . .

M - "Would you just hear me out. I need to find a Nightblood to put that in," Clarke asks trying to get him to stop. He tells her, "I already have a Nightblood to put it in." Clarke pleads, "Please just stop." "Because of you Ontari never ascended. So no, I won't stop. Not until the Ice Nation has its Commander," Roan directs at her before, "You were saying," sounds out and Bellamy appears from around a tree, gun in hand, aimed on Roan.

Bellamy tells Roan to put his hands up, before asking Clarke if she's okay. She nods in reply. Bellamy eagerly suggests that they need to go but Clarke decides, "He's coming with us," looking to Roan. "The hell he is," Bellamy says, not happy about this decision, as Roan asks, "Why would I do that?" "Because we both want the same thing. To put the flame in Ontari," Clarke adds, causing everyone to begin to wonder.

Putting the flame in Ontari, that's one of the options I thought of too. It's one of the only chances they have left but Ontari isn't exactly the nicest person. If they do succeed she might not even help them kill A.L.I.E. Remember the flame enhances what is already there.

"How do you know he's not chipped," Bellamy asks, confirming that he is accepting her plan and will go along with it. Clarke adding a good point, "If he were, do you think he would have saved me?" "Still, we need to be sure," Bellamy says, then shoots Roan in the arm before whacking him over the head and knocking him out, "Now we're sure."

At first I thought he did it to see if he could feel pain or not but I think it was more along the lines of making them even. Bellamy having clearly waiting a long time for it after Roan stabbed him in the leg.

M - At Arkadia; Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, and Jasper are arriving home in the rover as the others come to greet them. "We were getting worried," Raven says to them with a smile before noticing something's wrong, her face dropping, broken, "Where's Luna," she queries. Octavia takes the task of telling them the grave news, "Luna said no," as Bellamy leads a restrained Roan past them.

K - I was really happy to see Monty glad that Jasper made it home safely. I was happy to see all of them back together!

M - Harper questioning, "Who the hell is this?" Bryan then revealing, "He's Ice Nation," to those who don't know. At first I was confused how Bryan would know he's Ice Nation but then I remembered he's from farm station with Pike. The station that landed in Ice Nation's borders, which they found and lost many lives to.

"King of the Ice Nation actually," Clarke states, "And he's our way into Polis." As Bellamy, Bryan, and Miller take Roan to lock up, Raven figures it out, "You want to use him to get to Ontari." A determined Clarke answers, "Yes," as Harper asks, "What happened to his arm?" Jasper informs the others that Bellamy shot him earning a reaction of raised eyebrows. "Good luck getting him to cooperate," comments Monty, with not much hope in his voice.

[ image has been removed ]

M - In lock up Clarke comes to see Roan, with Bellamy coming along as protection. Roan is not pleased to see Bellamy but with a look from Clarke, Bellamy apologizes, "Sorry about your arm." "It makes us even," Roan states, nonchalantly before turning to Clarke as she speaks, "Like it or not, we need each other." "Cut to the chase Clarke. You said we wanted the same thing," Roan hurries her along. "I want an Ice Nation Commander," he states with finality. "And I can give you one, with this," Clarke says holding up the flame.

"Why would you do that when you know she vowed to wipe you out," Roan points out, suspicious. "We don't have a choice," Clarke simply tells him. "This isn't just our war. The enemy we're up against is after everyone. Including the Ice Nation. The only way to stop her is to get the information off the flame. And the only way to do that is to put it in Ontari's head," Clarke continues as Bellamy looks on warily.

"The Ice Nation isn't afraid," Roan retorts. "You should be," Bellamy tells him as he walks towards him, "This thing doesn't care what Clan you're from. It controls people. And it will take over the Ice Nation just like it took us over. One person at a time until there is no one left." Roan in silence thinks about what the best move to make is. "It already has Ontari," Clarke reveals to him, which finally gets an answer that gives them some hope, "I'm listening."

So Clarke begins explaining her plan, "We need to disconnect her before she gets the flame or we will be giving A.L.I.E exactly what she wants. To do that we have to abduct her from the center of a city filled with thousands of people whose minds are linked. All of them thinking as one. Whatever one sees, they all see. Whatever one hears, they all hear." "I get it," Roan now understanding. As he stands, ready to give his final decision, both Clarke and Bellamy move closer to each other, unconsciously or not, ready to protect each other (Don't think I missed it!) before Roan tells them, "So when do we leave."

K - Clarke's plan is a good one, but it definitely doesn't sound like it'll be an easy one. I'm glad Roan decided to work with them because they didn't really have any other choices set before them.. I mean I think he saw in both Clarke and Bellamy's eyes how desperate they were in this very serious situation. Obviously he still has his people in mind while making this decision, especially when Clarke told him about Ontari, but I think he really does want to help them also.

M - Everyone's now packing up and getting the gear they'll need. Their plan is to wait until they bring out Ontari then use knock out gas and put them all to sleep. "Because she's chipped you'll have to EMP her like you did me before you give her the flame," Raven instructs as she hands the equipment to Bellamy. Jasper chimes in with what we're all thinking, "I thought Jaha destroyed all the wristbands?" "So did he. Then I came home. There are only enough reusable parts to build one, so use it wisely, made a few improvements too," Raven says with a smirk upon her face.

Clarke reminds her, "None of which will matter if you can't get us access to A.L.I.E's code." Raven reassures her, "You worry about the Nightblood. I'll worry about A.L.I.E." But once again Jasper mentions an important point, "How can you access code that doesn't exist here anymore?" "We've got a plan," is all Monty replies. "What are we waiting for," Octavia chimes in appearing with Roan, armed and ready to go. "Let's move out," Bellamy says and everyone begins saying their goodbyes with rounds of "be safe", "may we meet again", and "good luck" being heard as they all share what could be their last hugs and moments together.

K - I can't be the only person who noticed how Jasper was asking an unusual amount of questions, right? All of his questions had points but it still felt uncharacteristic of him to ask so many, in that context.. Probably should've been my first huge hint at what was to come.

M - As the group leaves in the rover A.L.I.E is there, watching them. However she does not go with them, which means one of the people staying behind is chipped as the camera pans to them standing next to each other; Jasper, Raven, Harper, and Monty. And with a quick flash to Polis, A.L.I.E is sitting on the throne as she says to someone, "You were right. They're using the King." "Good, then they'll bring the flame right to us," Ontari answers, "And we'll be waiting," Jaha finishes.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Night has fallen as the rover pulls up on the outskirts of Polis. In the distance they can see the tower of Polis on the horizon, standing above all. "Alright, this is where we split up. The entrance to the tunnel is right over there," Roan tells them. Then adding, "I'm going to need the flame. Look, this only works if they send Ontari out to get it. If they don't see it they won't do that. Not much of a trap without the bait." Clarke thinks it over, hesitant, before removing the A.I from her pocket and handing it to Roan, but as his hand takes hold of it Clarke doesn't let go, "Fine. But I'm coming with you."

Bellamy immediately objects, "No way. That is not the plan." Clarke finally lets go of the A.I completely handing it over to Roan, "It is now. I'm not letting that out of my sight." As the others look on, dubious about this plan, Clarke continues determined, "And I'm the only one who knows the pass phrase. So you can tell them without me, Ontari can't ascend."

K - Again, I just have to say that everyone's facial expressions to Clarke are great.. They looked at her like really, another crazy plan? This is not going to end well. . . Which I was thinking the same time they were!

[ image has been removed ]

M - Roan having not much of a choice agrees, "You'll need to look like my prisoner," and Clarke in return agrees too, settling on a plan. Bellamy cuts in, "Wait a second, give us a minute," and Roan steps away. "Come on Clarke. Are you really willing to trust that guy with your life?" "No. But you will be covering us the entire time.. and I trust you," Clarke expresses honestly with a gentle voice.

K - These Bellamy and Clarke conversations, no matter how long or small they are, are killing me.. Having someone tell him that they trust him meant a lot to Bellamy, and you could see that written all over his face in that one second after Clarke said those words. It's been a long time since Bellamy has felt like he's doing something good for his people.


M - Back at Arkadia Jasper and Monty are searching for something within the camp, in a storage room. Monty tells Jasper, "Pick a shelf. Raven said it would be here." "What are we looking for again," Jasper queries. "A motherboard loaded with RAM," Monty reminds him. "And that looks like. . ." Monty stops his search and turns around to Jasper saying in all seriousness, "A motherboard loaded with RAM," giving us all a laugh.

"Raven says she needs the processing power to open a portal into A.L.I.E," Monty continues, this causing Jasper to stop in his tracks questioning, "A portal?" "That's what she calls it. She wants to use one of A.L.I.E's own chips to hack back in. All we have to do is enter the kill code we get from the flame once we put it in Ontari, it's game over." Which is ingenious if she can pull it off. "Ah that old plan. What if it doesn't work," Jasper asks. "It has to," Monty once again not willing to think that way.

They go back to searching before Jasper says to Monty, "So you and Harper huh?" It would seem that the gossip gets around with the delinquents - lol. Monty simply murmurs back an "aha" in response. "I'm happy for you," Jasper says softly. This causes Monty to look up from what he's doing and causing Jasper to reply to his reaction, "What? Can't be happy for my friend." "You haven't been happy about anything in a long time," Monty honestly tells him. "You're right. I haven't been. What happened in Mount Weather, it changed me. I blamed everyone for it. Clarke. You. I'm done blaming," Jasper admits, full of sorrow.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Monty then reaches to Jasper, pulling him in for a hug, "I'm glad you're back brother." Me too, Monty, me too! Such a beautiful moment, it was great to see their relationship beginning to be repaired. I've missed these best friends so much!

K - I completely agree, I've missed them also, and my heart was melting while watching this conversation! They finally talked about the real problem in their relationship after trying to avoid each other since what happened at the dropship. I was proud of them.

M - "Me too," Jasper says with the arms of his best friend around him, supporting him. But then suddenly over Jasper's shoulder Monty sees what they've been looking for and rushes to it, "Wait a second, there it is," as Jasper begins to move slowly the camera pans with him and behind him stands none other than A.L.I.E. All has been revealed as you're hit with overwhelming devastation, and if you're like me denial as well. I just didn't want to believe it. Not our Jasper.

K - To be honest, I'm still in denial. My heart was completely crushed in this moment. I just didn't want it to be Jasper.. I didn't want this new side of Jasper to be because of the chip either, I wanted it to be because he was truly starting to heal.. But seriously, when did he even get chipped?!

M - Then the moment gets even worse, it all beginning to escalate quickly as an emotionless A.L.I.E tells Jasper, "We can't let Raven build the portal," and he instantly picks up something with a pointed edge.

"We did it," Monty announces, enjoying this small win but as Monty turns around and walks towards him, Jasper forcefully stabs him, right in the stomach. "Give me that," he roars, snatching it from him. As Monty fights him Jasper falls backwards and pulls out whatever he impaled Monty with. Monty lets out a cry of pain, grabbing for the wound as he falls to his knees as Jasper falls to the floor from the blow.

Monty gets up, struggling, and runs out of the room. "Jasper we need that motherboard," A.L.I.E stresses as Jasper gets to his feet too and runs after Monty. There's screaming in the distance as Raven looks up from what she's doing. You can faintly hear Monty screaming desperately for Raven to open the door. Monty makes it there, managing to open it and seal it before Jasper can make it inside as an alert Raven asks him what's wrong. "Jasper's been chipped," Monty reveals, breathless. "What," Raven shrieks, shocked, "Are you sure?" "He stabbed me," Monty tells her as Raven looks down to see blood soaking his shirt, "Oh my god," being the only thing she can manage to utter.

Then begins the eerie banging on the door. Raven suddenly coming to the realization, "If Jasper's been chipped then A.L.I.E knows everything." "Radio," suggests Monty. "Rover 1, come in," Raven urgently calls but no one answers, "Damnit Bellamy pick up," but all they hear is silence. Then Monty notices, "It's not transmitting. It's not working." They look to the back of the device and all the electrical cords have been severed. "Let me in Monty," Jasper creepily calls out as he strokes the glass of the door. And then it hits them, "They're walking into a trap," and they have no way to warn their friends.


M - At Polis Roan enters with Clarke in tow behind him, tied like a prisoner, as they make their way to the tower. "Your friends better be in position," Roan says discreetly to her as Bellamy, Octavia, Bryan, and Miller are making their way through the tunnels. And for the first time Clarke sees first hand what A.L.I.E has done. The vibrant city now lifeless, spiked fences entrapping the area, sealing them in, casting horrid shadows upon them. Blood soaking the ground, wooden crosses hanging in the air, now bloodstained from its victims.

We already know it's a trap but how can they not see that something's wrong. There's not a soul in sight, the place void of any people. It can't be a coincidence that on the day they try to infiltrate Polis everybody seems to have vanished.

K - THIS is exactly the same thing I thought when I watched it!! You can tell that A.L.I.E was ready for them because of how deserted Polis was when they got there. It also looks like most people have either decided to take the chip or they have already been killed, there is no more screaming coming from the prisons or crosses.

M - Bellamy guides the others to their location, "This is it," as they get into position Roan vows, "When this is over Ontari will know that you helped her. You have my word." Clarke not being able to reply just answers with a nod as they continue through the city.

K - This is why I like Roan. Sure I don't think he's completely on their side or a good guy but I feel like he always does the right thing. I trust him, and that might be a mistake, but when he tells Clarke this I feel like he means it. He'll make sure Ontari knows how Clarke has helped her in hopes that she won't want to kill all of her people anymore. He wants to help her even though his main priority is still himself and the Ice Nation.

M - Bellamy telling the others, "Let's get ready," getting into position, guns aimed and loaded as Bryan checks his gun, making sure all is in order, Miller can't help but look at him to make sure he's there with him, that he's okay. "Are we ever going to be done fighting," Bryan asks Miller, his voice full of hopelessness and sadness. "Hell yes," Miller tells him, not willing to give up hope of a different future, of a different way of life to the fighting they know. "You remember the house on the lake. We were going to plant corn." "And raise chickens," Bryan adds. "Yeah," Miller answers, not willing to let him give up hope either, "And grow old," Bryan remembers.

K - Can we give these two a happy ending, please? They deserve that house on the lake.. Everyone does.

M - Octavia can't help but hear their talk, Bellamy too as he looks to her with a grave face as he sees hers covered with pain and heartache. Her face showing just how broken she is when they mention their dream to grow old together just as hers once was. The dream she can never have with the one she loves. As Bryan and Miller reminisce, sharing a smile and small laugh.

And that's what I love most about them is that even in the world their in, the danger they could be facing Miller won't let himself or Bryan ever give up hope, and they are both still able to smile and laugh together even amongst the uncertainty they are facing. It's great to see how they keep each other honest to themselves. It was a sweet moment but it made my worry for their lives increase. Many times when people begin talking, sharing moments like this, it means their lives are at risk. The show likes to sneak in hidden goodbyes, we saw it with Lexa and Clarke and earlier with Monty and Jasper, after finally making amends just to rip out our hearts a moment later.. And this started to feel like one.

M - "Eleven o'clock," Bellamy informs the others, after spotting Clarke and Roan through the scope of his gun, "Roan will signal when he sees Ontari. We wait until she's standing in front of them and then we launch the gas," he reminds them, going over the plan. "They're going to be holding their breath so we got to move fast," Bryan says as Roan and Clarke enter an opening and within it is a few people, once again on their knees, eyes closed, motionless, "So much for thousands of people," Roan remarks. Bellamy stresses, "Anyone who gets in our way we use non lethal force, these people are not the enemy, they're being controlled. The only thing we're here to kill is A.L.I.E. Is that clear?"

K - Bellamy is trying to make amends for the things he has done in the past. I love how he made it so clear that they are not to kill anyone besides A.L.I.E. That is their only mission and he doesn't want them to have to kill any innocent people. This is important, what he is doing, what he told them, he's trying. Really trying to be better this time.

M - "Clear," everyone responds in acknowledgement. Bellamy then flashes his torch, signaling to Clarke and Roan that they're in position, Roan mumbling to Clarke, "Here we go," before holding up the flame and announcing, "I am Roan. King of Azgeda, and I have what the Commander seeks." Then all of a sudden the people around them awaken and rise. One begins to approach them but Roan directs at them, "I don't like when I'm sent in so if she wants it, she can come to me." The people slowly close in, trapping them, as Jaha approaches.

K - OH HERE WE GO.. I knew this was going to end horribly and that was made apparent once everyone got up, and of course Jaha being the one to walk out.. No one should be surprised to see Jaha given that he's the one that was passing out the chips at Arkadia, and they know that..

M - Hidden, Bellamy points out to the others, "It's Jaha," as Octavia questions, "What the hell is he doing here?" But they have more pressing matters as Miller asks, "Can you see Ontari?" "No. Hold," Bellamy instructs. Jaha greets them, "Hello Clarke. Your mother will be so pleased to see you." "Who are you, where's Ontari," Roan queries. "Not coming out, but you can give the flame to me. I'll be sure she gets it," Jaha tells them. Roan's hand closes tightly around the flame, securing it, and pretty much signifying that he will not give it to them as Clarke glances to where her friends hide, Bellamy seeing this declares, "Something's wrong."

Jaha tells Clarke, "Your friends in the tunnel can't help you," causing her eyes to flick away from them and back to him, her alert going up as she begins to realize their plan has been compromised. "Now give me the flame," Jaha orders as the people surrounding them begin to move, closing them in. Roan instantly draws his knife, grabbing hold of Clarke, and putting it to her throat, threatening, "Back up or she dies." "Do it, do it now," Bellamy yells, telling Bryan to launch the gas, but before he can they're overrun and subdued from behind. Leaving Clarke and Roan out there on their own to fight for themselves.

M - "Save the theatrics. We know you're together. I know everything," reveals Jaha as realization hits Clarke that there's only one way for them to know everything, someone, one of their own, has been chipped. "Then you know she's the only one who can activate the flame," Roan retorts. Jaha admits, "You're right. We need her alive." "Run," Roan urgently whispers to Clarke before releasing her, turning and running through the crowd of people as Clarke follows.

Roan skids to a stop when he runs into someone standing in his way. It's Kane with a gun in hand, "But we don't need you," he says before pulling the trigger, shooting Roan in the chest. He falls to the floor before being dragged away, leaving a pool of blood behind as they grab Clarke too. She struggles against them, screaming "no" fighting them as they drag her away.

K - Yes to Roan helping Clarke with that "run" moment, but no to him getting shot!! The first time I watched this I thought he was automatically killed and I didn't see them drag him off, but now that I saw that I'm really hoping he isn't actually dead.. First, I don't want him to die. I want to see him and the Ice Nation work with the Sky People. Second, I like him. Finally, I'll just be upset if the writers decided to kill yet another badass warrior by a gunshot wound. . .

M - Back at Arkadia, Raven continues to build her portal as Monty tries to stop the bleeding and bandages his wound. Raven asks him, "You doing okay?" "I think so, if it hit anything important I wouldn't be, right," he states, "Right," she replies, as both try to reassure themselves. "You got lucky. We could use some more of that." Monty walks over to where his gun lays and picks it up, checking the clip. And panic begins to rise as you start to think that he may end up having to shoot Jasper, his best friend. It's been a recurring theme this season, people having no choice but to hurt people they care about to save others they care about.

K - I would hate to see that if Monty is forced to kill Jasper.. He is definitely more reluctant to pick up a weapon now, after losing his mother, and I don't blame him for it. He knows Harper is still out there with Jasper and I love that he's willing to pick the gun back up again for someone he truly cares about. Also, I just have to add that I'm really happy that Harper wasn't the one chipped because I'm glad they have each other now, and I really hope nothing bad happens to her..

M - "Harper's out there alone," Monty worries. "Harper's a guard, and a better shot than you," Raven tries to comfort him. "She doesn't know Jasper's chipped," he reminds her. Raven replies, "I know that Monty but we can't risk Jasper getting in here. Not when A.L.I.E knows what I'm building." "Raven the plan failed. Clarke won't be radioing with the kill code," Monty adds. "I can find it myself. If I can get this to work, I can kill A.L.I.E," Raven declares. Monty tells her, "You tried this before. It didn't work." "I can do it. I have to," Raven admits as the banging on the door begins again.

The intercom crackles as Jasper says through it, "Come on guys. Let me in, I just want to talk," his eerie voice filling the room. "As long as he's right here, he's not looking for Harper," Raven whispers to Monty before going back to work as Monty tries to keep Jasper's attention on them, "So talk." "You sound good. I'm glad. I never want to hurt you Monty," Jasper says. "I don't blame you," Monty tells him honestly, "You were tortured."

M - "You got it wrong. I wasn't tortured, I mean yeah I was punched a couple of times but that's not why I took the key. You should've seen Luna's rig Monty. It was peaceful. Safe. The people were happy. There was this girl there, Shay. When I was talking to her I realized for the first time since Mount Weather, I wasn't thinking about Maya. It was beautiful there and we destroyed it," Jasper confesses, his voice sincere.

Jasper didn't take the chip because of his pain or because he was tortured. He took it because he believed he caused other's pain, believing they led the war and A.L.I.E to the peaceful, innocent Boat People, to Shay. He believes because of them it was destroyed, that they ruin everything they near, that death follows them wherever they go. The thought of destroying something innocent and pure is what broke him. The thought of being a part of it, too much to bear, and that just shows who Jasper really is inside. His good heart hurt by pain and sorrow.

K - I definitely agree with you because if you go back to the last episode.. I remember what he told Octavia when he asked what happened to Shay. He said, "That's what we do," when he realized that yet another innocent person died because of them. At first I thought of Jasper taking the chip was because he thought maybe there was no more hope left in this world, that there was no more ways they could survive, that they were doomed, because of what he says next to Monty..

M - Monty tries to tell Jasper, "That wasn't us. It was A.L.I.E." With A.L.I.E now standing with him Jasper responds, his tone changing, "It doesn't matter. It matters that A.L.I.E can take away all that pain. She can do the same for you," causing Monty to wonder about the offer of no more pain, the price it will take. "Please open the door. Don't let Raven ruin this for all of us," Jasper continues.

Monty asks angry, hurt, "How could you do that to us?" "I realized the truth. They sent us all down here to see if the ground was survivable, from what I've seen.. It's not," Jasper admits.

I just loved that line. It's a hauntingly beautiful way to put it. From everything they've been through. Everything they've experienced on the ground. He's right. I'm just not sure if it was Jasper or A.L.I.E and her influence.

K - I feel like it was more of A.L.I.E because my thought from before, as for why I originally thought Jasper took the chip, I feel like that thought felt more like A.L.I.E's reasoning for him to instead of his own.


M - At Polis Jaha and his followers bring Clarke to the top of the tower, to the throne room, Clarke continuing to struggle, "Let me go!" Jaha simply tells her, "You'll be free soon enough," as they enter the room where Abby is waiting. "Clarke, I've missed you," Abby tells her and pulls her into an embrace. At first Clarke is wary but in the end she can't help but close her eyes and relax into the hug, relieved to see and hold her mother once again even though she knows it's not really her.

"I won't take the chip. Ever," Clarke states to her mum, but aimed more at A.L.I.E. "Right now, we just need your help with the flame," Abby reassures her, "What's the pass phrase Clarke?" Clarke doesn't answer. "Stubborn, like her mother," Jaha adds as the guards grab her, restraining her to a wooden pillar as Clarke yells for her mum, her voice breaking in pain. "Please don't let them do this," she pleads. "I'm not letting them do this. I'm doing it," Abby tells her. Clarke crying, heart broken because she knows what's to come and the suffering it will bring.

K - My heart completely broke as Clarke is pleading for Abby to be strong, to fight A.L.I.E off, and all of this reminded me that it wasn't too long ago when Clarke stood where Abby did and Emerson where she now is. How quickly everything has changed..

M - Abby opens her bag of tools, pulling out the scalpel and heading for Clarke. She stands in front of Clarke, scalpel in hand, as a threat of what will happen. "What's the pass phrase Clarke?" When Clarke doesn't respond Abby, using the scalpel, slowly cuts Clarke as she lets out a shriek of pain. "Mum. This isn't you. I know you're in there," Clarke pleads, trying to get through to her. "Please," Clarke begs as A.L.I.E now watches on, standing behind Abby.

Once again Abby asks, "What's the pass phrase?" Tears now rolling down Clarke's cheeks as she refuses to tell them, and Abby cuts her a second time. "It can stop Clarke. Just tell us what we need to know," Jaha tells her, emotionless. Then Abby turns to A.L.I.E saying, "I told you. Her friends are her weakness. Start with Bellamy Blake," as fear flashes through Clarke's eyes, frightened for his life, and what they might do to him.

K - Abby knows that the delinquents, Clarke's friends, are her weakness because she puts them before anyone else. She's taken care of these people, vise versa, since the day they landed on the ground and had to survive together.. And who is Clarke closest to? Who has been by her side since the beginning? Bellamy.. I was so nervous when she said to start with him!

[ image has been removed ]

M - Somewhere in Polis the others are being held as a guard punches up Miller, but then the guard stops, his head snapping up as he receives his orders, "Let's go. She wants Bellamy." They pull Bellamy to his feet and begin to take him away as Octavia pleads, "Where are you taking him," but another guard just hits her, knocking her down as Bellamy yells, "Leave her alone! O, it's okay O," he reassures her.

K - Octavia standing up, trying to save Bellamy in any way that she can shows promise that she still loves her brother, and that hopefully one day she will forgive him! Even though Bellamy was being dragged away, this moment made me happy because of the Blake siblings.

M - Suddenly a voice sounds out, "If I were you I'd hit the deck." A guard shines a light into the shadows and it lands on none other than Murphy, Bellamy puzzled, "Murphy?" Then realizes and yells, "Everyone hit the ground," before Pike and Indra open fire, gunning down all the guards.

"Fancy meeting you here," Murphy points out. "More will come, we have to hurry," Indra tells them. Pike checks on Bellamy as he removes his restraints, "You okay?" "Thank you," Bellamy tells him, wary and unsure. Bellamy then turns to Murphy and asks, "What are you doing here?" "You're welcome," is all Murphy replies then walks on, "Nathan you've looked better," he says as he helps Miller to his feet, "You haven't." Indra helps Octavia who can't take her eyes off Pike, "You're with Pike?" she asks incredulous.


K - It's such a strong moment seeing the three of them together; Murphy, Indra, and Pike, fighting together and putting aside their differences. I thought it was interesting to see Pike not upset with Bellamy, after turning him in, and making sure he's okay now. They all seem to know that there is a bigger fight and they need each other in order to survive.. Will Octavia agree?

M - "The only way we get out of here is together," Indra states. Octavia turns to her and says bitterly, "He killed Lincoln. Put him on his knees. Shot him in the head." And immediately I was like OH NO, there goes all their progress. Their teamwork. All they've achieved because I thought Indra would kill Pike right there and then. I was stunned when she didn't. I was wrong and I underestimated her character. I'm so glad she didn't because it's showing Octavia there are other ways and that surviving and saving their people is more important than revenge. That revenge won't bring you peace from your pain.

Bellamy chimes in, sensing the tension, "O, Indra's right. We need every fighter we can get." "Did you guys miss the part where it's time to go," Murphy proclaims. "We're not leaving," Bellamy strongly responds. He won't leave without Clarke. He would never leave her behind. "We just saved your lives, why do I think I'm going to regret that," Murphy adds.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Bellamy replies, "Clarke is in trouble." "Clarke's always in trouble," Murphy retorts. "They took her and the flame to the tower, and it's a safe bet Ontari's there too. Everything we need to stop A.L.I.E is in the same place." Octavia reminds them, "If we go up that tower we won't be able to fight our way out again." Bellamy adding a good point, "If we stop A.L.I.E, we won't have to." "Up the tower, great. You know after this, doing the right thing can kiss my ass," Murphy says, the final decision having been made.

K - Murphy has easily become one of my favorite characters this season! We've seen more sides to his character and he's become a good guy even if he does do some evil things in order to survive. He just speaks the truth, Clarke is seriously always in trouble!

M - At the bottom of the tower the group carefully sneaks in, Pike then shooting the two guards controlling the manual wheel that moves the elevator. "Hey, I told you that's not how we're doing this," Bellamy yells to him. "They were in our way," Pike bluntly says. "These people are not our enemy, they're being controlled by A.L.I.E and we can save them," Bellamy stresses, but none of it gets through to Pike.

K - Again, we see how Bellamy is trying to right his wrongs by telling Pike not to shoot the innocent people! He's trying really hard to keep that promise he has made himself, to be better. Pike really hasn't changed though, has he? Now we know that, yes, he's doing everything that he is for his people but he's not doing it with a good heart for everyone around him.

M - Indra begins to bring down the elevator. "Once we're up, you blow the elevator and then climb," Bellamy instructs. "You do realize we don't have a way down, right," Murphy questions, Indra telling him, "It's a problem for another day."

Murphy enters the elevator followed by Bellamy who stops, turning around for Octavia, "You coming O?" "If anything goes wrong down here, they'll need my help. We got this," she tells him, then closes the doors to the elevator. Pike, Miller, and Bryan begin to turn the wheel, using all their strength to raise the elevator.


M - As the elevator slowly moves, inside, Murphy tells Bellamy, "You get that we're screwed right? A.L.I.E already knows we're coming." "This plan will work," Bellamy says assuredly then asking, "Why are you here?" "I'm just trying to survive," Murphy replies, but we all know that's not the whole truth, and Bellamy gives him a look, knowing this. "You're not the only one here trying to save someone you care about," Murphy reveals, giving in. Accepting and admitting that he does care. Not just for his friends but also for Emori, and at the same time knowing how Bellamy feels.

I'm still not over that he knows and that he called out Bellamy on his feelings for Clarke. Even better is that Bellamy doesn't try to hide it or deny it. He just stands there in understanding, knowing he doesn't need to pretend with Murphy. It also may be the first real, clear acknowledgment about it on the show. Not hidden or disguised but out in the open. It's an important moment for the show and their relationship.

K - I loved how Bellamy told Murphy that the plan would work. He's saying anything to help him believe that they can save Clarke and their people. He knows this is crazy, but they don't really have a choice.. And just like Murphy said, they have to do the things they do, go the places they go, just to survive.

M - As the guys turn the wheel Indra and Octavia stand guard. Indra watches Octavia, "Why are you looking at me like that," she asks. "Because I know what you're thinking," Indra says, moving closer to her. "Why is he still alive," Octavia desperately whispers. Indra honestly tells her, "Because the dead can't help us." Pain on her face and tears in her eyes, Octavia only barely manages to whisper, "He was my home." Indra's eyes full of pain and sympathy for her, for Lincoln, as she points to Octavia's heart saying, "Your home is here."

The moment still brings tears to my eyes, and hurts my heart. It's hard to understand unless you watch the show. You hurt as if it's real because you've grown with these characters. You've been a part of their lives. You've followed them in their story. No words could ever explain that, you can only feel it.

K - I completely agree, us as viewers definitely feel their pain. I loved their conversation also because Indra understands Octavia, she knows how deep that revenge runs through her, and she knows how desperate Octavia feels in this moment. In the end, Indra is the only one that could convince Octavia that the time for revenge is not now though. Octavia has a long way to go as she heals from Lincoln's death and that is clear.. I loved how Indra told Octavia that her home is inside of herself. Octavia has been an outcast and has felt like she has never truly been loved before Lincoln, so she doesn't know how to love herself. She doesn't know that the greatest love is the love she can have for herself. I hope she realizes how great and strong she is as she begins to heal.

M - Suddenly gunshots ring out, startling everyone. It's Kane. The elevator stops as they dive for cover. Pike's hit in the leg and Bryan's shot too, but both are still alive. Indra and Octavia knock down Kane, holding their weapons pointed on him. "This isn't you Kane. I'm sorry," Indra tells him as she kicks him, knocking him out, "He won't be alone, we have to hurry," as Miller desperately runs to Bryan, "You all right?"


M - The elevator still isn't moving and people begin to try to smash through the doors. Bellamy tries to hold the doors closed, to stop them from getting in, but he's being overpowered as Murphy pulls out his shock stick. Murphy shocks the people as Bellamy tries to hang on. One grabs hold of Bellamy and begins to pull him out of the elevator. Murphy manages to pull him back inside as they continue to struggle to hold the doors shut.

Pike gets up off the ground telling them, "Back on the wheel," even though he's been shot, as they hear more people coming. "We need to seal the corridor," Bryan calls out, giving the explosive to Miller, the clock only having five seconds once it's activated. All at once Murphy and Bellamy are fighting as hard as they can, trapped in the elevator and Miller sets off the bomb yelling, "Take cover!"

They seal the corridor but a person jumps inside the elevator, chocking Murphy as Pike continues to try to push the wheel with a bullet in one leg. Bellamy manages to shut the doors as the elevator slowly begins to ascend but the man is still chocking Murphy. Bellamy pulls him off of Murphy, but the man attacks and knocks down Bellamy. Murphy tries taking him down too but he takes hold of him. As they start to lose the battle Murphy screams, "Shoot him Bellamy! Shoot him!"

Bellamy pulls his gun. Aiming it at the man's head who's only a few feet away, looking him in the eyes, and having no choice but to do what he feared doing, pulling the trigger, and killing an innocent man who was being controlled. Not being able to save him. "Her friends are resourceful. We'll have to improvise," A.L.I.E says, having witnessed it all.

K - Wow!! Talk about an intense scene, so good!! Bellamy and Murphy sure did make a great team, bravo to both Richard Harmon and Bob Morley, seriously. My heart broke the moment Bellamy had to shoot that guy because he was trying so hard to be "the good guy", but I think Clarke might be right.. Maybe there isn't any good guys. Sometimes you have to kill if it's helping you do the right thing, just like she told Luna.


M - At Arkadia, Raven continues working with Jasper still at the door. He is now listing all who have died, all of the delinquents who didn't survive, how and by who.

K - Has Clarke really killed that many people? I guess I never counted how many deaths truly are on her hands. . .

M - "This should do it," Raven tells Monty getting ready to activate the portal. It flares to life, Monty celebrating their success, "You're in! It worked." "We still have to get the kill switch without A.L.I.E finding us," as Raven goes to work. Outside the room Harper comes walking their way, clueless to all that is happening.

Harper uses the intercom, asking, "Why'd you guys lock the door?" Monty runs to respond, and instead of screaming at her to run, that Jasper's been chipped.. He thinks it's wise to ask, "Harper, do you see Jasper?" Harper looks around but before she can answer Jasper appears behind her, throwing her into the wall, smashing her head, as she collapses onto the floor out cold, and Monty's left screaming her name.

"Don't," Raven says in a warning as Monty's ready to open the door. Jasper then places his gun on the window, showing them, threatening them of what could happen. Monty scared and angry says to him, "Jasper if you hurt her. . ." Jasper threatens, "I know you care about her. All you have to do is destroy the machine and she will be fine. Promise. I don't want you to lose someone else," leaving Raven and Monty left with a decision that could save everyone and maybe the world, or Harper's life.

M - The others continue to push the wheel raising the elevator as more people head their way, trying to dig through the debris of the former corridor. As people upstairs get in position for the arrival of Bellamy and Murphy. In the throne room Jaha and Abby are setting something up. It's a noose. "Don't be afraid. It's not for you," Abby tells her daughter before walking over to the dangling rope, as Clarke yells begging, "No mum. Stop. Listen to me. I know you can hear me. Just stop." "You know how to stop this," she directs at her as she steps up to the rope, pulling the noose over her head.

"Wait. A.L.I.E if you kill her you'll never get what you want," Clarke calls out. "A.L.I.E's not killing me. You are," Abby responds. Clarke now becoming distraught, "Mum. Don't do this. Please I'm begging you!" Abby asks her one more time, "What's the pass phrase Clarke?" Clarke frantically shakes her head in a no, crying, "I can't." Jaha and A.L.I.E watching intently, "She'll brake. Do it," and Abby looks down and steps off the only thing supporting her, hanging herself.

As Abby struggles against the rope, fighting to breathe. Clarke is screaming, yelling in agony. But it's the moment when she closes her eyes that you know she will not give them what they want. She's not closing her eyes because she doesn't want to watch. She's closing her eyes to bear it, so she won't give in, to hold her strength and keep fighting. I knew in that moment Clarke would not break. Clarke then cries out, "I'm so sorry!" Sorry that she can't save her. Sorry she can't give in and stop her from dying.

K - Way to tear my heart our and shatter it within a few minutes. . . A.L.I.E doesn't understand what it's like to be human, and no one is more human and selfless than Clarke Griffin. Clarke is the STRONGEST character on this show. She chose to save the entire world instead of saving her own mother and her own heart. If you don't see how strong and selfless Clarke is.. I don't think we are watching the same show then.. She is the ONLY person who A.L.I.E could not break, the only one who wouldn't give in when a loved one was being hurt.. I can not love her any more than I already do. Clarke is the heart of this show, it has always been her story above everyone else, and I'm just happy to see her strength shine in this moment.. Even if it completely broke my heart.

M - The elevator reaches the top and the others set charge and begin to climb up. They leave Kane where he is, knocked out, but safe from the blast, but of course he wakes up. "Kane, get back," Indra yells but with only two seconds left Indra runs for Kane, pulling him out of the way of the blast. . . We hope, and vanishing in a cloud of dust and debris. At the top of the tower, the guards open the door to the elevator but it's empty. Which means there's only one place they can hide, on top of it, through the man whole. They launch the gas down the hole, knocking out the guards as A.L.I.E tells them, "They're here," all while Abby is still being hung.

"We can't let them have you," A.L.I.E directs at Ontari. "I understand," she replies as Bellamy and Murphy continue making their way to the throne room, Ontari picks up a metal pole, handing it to Jaha who then hits her over the head, as she falls to the ground, blood pooling on the floor. "Damage to her brain is substantial, but she's still alive," A.L.I.E says as Bellamy and Murphy bust in. Murphy runs to help Abby and Bellamy shoots Jaha to stop him from killing Ontari. Murphy cuts down Abby as Bellamy frees Clarke.

"Is she alive? Is she breathing," Clarke desperately asks. "It's okay, she's breathing," Monty tells her, relief washing over Clarke. Clarke then runs to where Ontari lays, "We can't let Ontari die. We have to stop the bleeding," they try desperately to save her. "Her pupils are unresponsive," Clarke states and then sits back, all hope lost, given up. "What. What does that mean," Bellamy asks. "She's brain dead. She can't give us the kill code. It's over," Clarke says, heart broken. All of them left looking like the world has just ended, with the last of their hope gone, and to make matters worse they have no way out, "We're trapped here."

[ image has been removed ]

M - The one thought that keeps going through my head is how are these people going to live with themselves and what they did after they are rid of A.L.I.E. We thought people had suffered after Mount Weather, many left scared, but what A.L.I.E's done, the damage and effects it will leave behind will be catastrophic. It's going to be interesting to see how they deal with it and what will happen.

And another thought, if they succeed in destroying A.L.I.E, when it's all over who will be Commander? With Ontari brain dead and Luna refusing to take the flame, and no more Nightbloods that we know if, who will lead them?

K - Maybe the Grounders will decide that they won't use the A.I anymore? I honestly have no idea where they are going to take us with the finale, and even next season. . . I'm really scared. I don't know why I love this show so much when it brings me nothing but pain, but man I do! This was the best and my favorite episode of the series. I can not wait to watch the finale.

M - Such an absolutely insane episode! I can't believe there's only one episode left. I'm not ready for it to end.

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