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Another great episode this week!
All the religious symbolism, those flashbacks, and new characters all made for another great episode! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Demons" here.
Now - let's talk about this episode!

Join or Die Synopsis:

"Clarke is on a mission that could change everything. Meanwhile, Murphy gains insight that might prove useful in ensuring his survival. Lastly, Kane reaches a breaking point."

Maddi - The 100 opens at Polis straight to a close-up of the Grounder, with his terrifying mask on that's used to instill fear in you, that we know to be taking Pike to Polis, with Kane going along with them. They enter a place with a screaming echoing in the distance and chained fences with Grounders trapped behind them.. It's the prison. I was hoping that this awful place didn't have something to do with the prison but I think we all knew it did, and that somewhere among it was Murphy and many other people, as our thoughts wonder to what could be happening inside a place like this.

M - Their eyes roam every inch of the place, trying to take it all in, horror in Kane's eyes as they see people strung up and pinned to a wooden cross. Pike stopping in his tracks saying, "About what I expected," as the Grounder tells him to stop speaking and pulling him along by his chains. Kane reaches for the Grounder telling them they should leave, but the Grounder just shakes him off. "You think you're going to find peace with the new Commander," Pike directs at Kane.

Kristy - It's amazing to see the parallels of this world and the world that we know of, long before our own lives. It's also interesting to see that A.L.I.E chose to put these Grounders on crosses, she saw it somewhere..

M - I think we can all say that Pike actually has a point and Kane knew it the moment he arrived, that's why he tried to get them to leave. He knows that not just Pike is in terrible danger but also himself, and whoever is allowing this clearly doesn't see peace as an option. The question is, was the prison like this before or did this begin with Ontari, or even worse, was it A.L.I.E's doing?

A river of blood flows along the ground as they walk further into the prison. They reach an area full of people, kneeling on the ground. At first I thought they were all chipped Grounders and that A.L.I.E has already chipped most of Polis as I realized that A.L.I.E might be the one doing this to those people and prisoners, questioning how she could do this, but finding no answer because there isn't one.

Resting behind the people on the biggest cross of all is another man that's been strung up, and underneath it, Jackson rises from his place. He greets the Chancellors and they're just as shocked to see him as us, they ask him what he's doing here. He instructs the Grounder that Pike's chains are not necessary, the Grounder denies this, his loyalty strong, as he says that the man belongs to the Commander. Which is a good sign that not all Grounders have been chipped yet, otherwise he would have obeyed. Which also means the rest of the others kneeled around them are Skaikru.

M - Jaha and Ontari appear. Jaha steps in for Jackson as Ontari orders the Grounder to untie Pike. The Grounder immediately obeys his Heda. Ontari then tells the Grounder to open his mouth and accept the key. He unfalteringly obliges. This moment showing just how easy it will be for A.L.I.E to take control of the Grounders. I thought it would be. The Grounders don't know any better, to them it's holy and sacred, and what their Heda wants, disobey and you will most likely be killed. One of the most terrible parts about it is that they don't tell them everything about the chip, they only tell them what they want to hear to get them to take it. They exploit them and they deserve to know the truth.

Kane reaches for Jaha asking him, "What is this," first his people and now the Grounders. Pike chimes in with, "This is the chip," as Ontari hands out more to other Grounders nearby. "I thought you were crazy. Now I know you are," Pike adds. This angered me, you're only just noticing now.. If you paid more attention to your own camp and people instead of trying to start a war with the Grounders, and trying to execute your own people with your take over the world ways, you would have seen what was happening right in front of you. Instead of dismissing it, it could have been treated properly and possibly stopped, prevented, or slowed and controlled to a smaller scale. Now all of your people are gone, being controlled by an inhuman artificial intelligence.

"This is unity, like you always wanted," Jaha tells them, as Kane looks on very disturbed. I can't believe he believes this is unity, you think it's unity because you have Sky People and Grounders. They haven't joined together, you took advantage of them to gain control of them, to force them to do what you want, and that's more like controlled slavery than unity.

As Ontari turns and walks away Pike grabs hold of her, stealing her knife, and putting the knife to her throat, threatening. "Everyone back away or the Commander dies." One, I don't think they care if Ontari dies, but at the moment she could still be of use, but they were willing to kill Raven for their benefit. And two, was that really a smart move, are you going to take them all on? Or was this your plan all along to save your own skin by going after the Commander?

Two men from Pike's guard arrive and he yells for them, for their help but we all know that they have been chipped, otherwise what would they be doing there. They approach Pike and attack him, knocking him down, then forcing him to his feet and taking hold of him. Pike yells to them, trying to get through to them, his fellow people from farm station but you can't get through to them. They're gone for now, no matter how close you were. I think Pike is finally beginning to see what he hasn't before. . . but is it too late?

M - "There are no stations here, just the City of Light. Join us Charles, please. There's no more need for fighting," Jaha propositions as he extends his hand and offers him a chip. As an unsettling feeling begins to rise as severe concern crosses their faces. "We both know, there's no way in hell I'm taking that thing," Pike answers. "Sorry it has to be this way," Jaha tells him as a bag is thrown over his head and he's taken away.

K - I can't be the only one that was rooting for Pike in this situation, could I? Look, Jaha has always been an interesting character for me.. but ever since finding out about Wells's death, he has not been the same. His grief has controlled his every action, then when he found A.L.I.E all hope was lost as he decided to help her with her crazy mission, that clearly involved that missile he came down on. I'm not surprised to see where his grief has led him, and he's even crazier now than he was before. So yes, I agree with Pike, there is no question as to how crazy he really is. . .

M - Afterwards Jaha of course then turns his attention towards Kane, "How about you Marcus," holding the chip towards him as A.L.I.E watches beside him. A.L.I.E informs Jaha, "We need him. He can help us find Clarke and the other A.I," as Kane takes the chip from Jaha. You can see Kane thinking hard, knowing if he does the same thing Pike did, he will share the same fate. There's a moment of a tense stand-off between Kane and Jaha before Kane having no other option aside from yes or no, with all his might, throws the chip away as far as it can go. Choosing rather to suffer whatever they may bring than to lose himself or his free will to them.

"That was a mistake," Jaha menacingly says to him. "I don't think so," Kane responds, standing tall. "You will," guaranteeing what's soon to come, as a bag is thrown over his head and he too is dragged off.

Why does A.L.I.E need Kane? How could Kane help find Clarke and the other A.I? He doesn't know anything. He left before Clarke got there, and before they knew about Ontari and Luna.

K - I am really happy that Kane is oblivious to everything that is happening with the delinquents right now. If he did know and A.L.I.E got what she wanted then it wouldn't be good for anyone at all. But seriously, what makes her think that he knows where she is? Is it because of the revolution he led against Pike? Also.. Where is Roan? What is the Ice Nation doing right now?

M - "We are still experiencing a 3% reduction rate," A.L.I.E says to Jaha as he looks slightly worried and bothered when hearing this. What does that mean? What is she talking about? And why did Jaha seemed bothered by it? Abby appears and suggests they don't put Kane with the others. "Don't put Marcus with the others. Leave it to me." Everyone knowing what this means. Hoping that Abby doesn't go down that road, and doesn't do that to Kane.

M - We flashback to 6 months earlier - yay flashbacks of the Ark - but has it really only been that long, it feels like forever since the 100 landed on the ground.

K - Only 6 months?! That's crazy! How the 100 have grown since the first day they hit the ground. . . Which we clearly see through these flashbacks.

M - Kane escorts Pike to meet secretly with Jaha and Abby. He's standing in a room with many chairs, and a desk.. A classroom. He's clearly here to start the survival class that has been mentioned in the past, that he taught the 100. Pike asks them, "What's all this?" Jaha speaks up, "What I'm about to tell you is classified. If you tell anyone any part of it. . ." "I'll be floated.. I understand," Pike adds in, comprehending the importance of it.

"I need you to teach a crash course in wilderness survival. . . Farming, hunting, building shelters," Jaha informs him. "The prisoners?" Pike questions. "Yes," which leads to the question of why being asked. After a moment's pause Abby tells him, "We're sending them to the ground." Jaha states, "We have 99 prisoners here, we've divided them into smaller, more manageable groups." "They'll be dead the moment the door opens. The ground won't be survivable for another hundred years or more," Pike strongly tells them.

No one answers him and a look of realization crosses his face as he asks them, "What did you find? Tell me." Is that question about the Ark or the ground? They said the ground wouldn't be survivable for another hundred or more years, so then why is it survivable when their information said it isn't? Did they forget to factor in their high blood radiation from living in space, which allows them to withstand radiation? I think there's something more to this.

They refuse to answer, only telling him what he needs to know, nothing more. Pike figures out it must be pretty compelling evidence if Abby is willing to risk sending down her own child. Kane tells him Clarke won't be joining them in the class and Pike reassures Abby saying that it's okay. Clarke paid attention the first time he taught the class. Pike states he's taught most of these kids already or tried to but they're not exactly receptive learners, but he assumes they will be now.

That's when Jaha mentions that the kids don't know they're going, and once again he can't tell them. Abby points out, "Think of it this way. You finally get to teach Earth skills to kids who might actually use them," and at this Pike realizes he can make a difference between the kids surviving and dying. That he's probably the best person who can help them at the moment. "Admittedly, it's a leap of faith Charles, take it with us." I think now I'm seeing the crazy in Jaha that I didn't see in the beginning, it seems as if it's always been there buried deep down.

They're going to try to teach them in hopes they learn, but what if they don't because they decided not to tell them they would actually need it. I don't see why it had to be a secret, the moment they launched that ship everyone on the Ark would know, and the prisoners can't exactly do anything. . .

K - They're kids, some as young as 15, and they didn't think it would be beneficial to tell them that they actually needed to know this stuff? I don't see why they couldn't just tell them either..

M - Pike offers that he can have them ready in four months, maybe three. Then Jaha drops a bomb on him saying that they leave in two weeks, not really even giving them a fighting chance. Don't the prisoners ever wonder why suddenly their being made to learn wilderness skills when they're in prison in space? Pike makes his choice asking them when does he start, Kane then walks to the door to let the delinquents in.

[ image has been removed ]

M - They enter and among the others are Murphy, Miller, Harper, Octavia, and Jasper with his goggles. Seeing them like this makes me wonder why they're in prison in the first place, some we know, but some we don't. . . And whatever happened to Jasper's goggles anyway?

Octavia tries to find a seat among the others, the odd one out, as she struggles to find her place. They know who she is and how she spent her life growing up under the floor as they have already begun branding her, alienating her, not letting her fit in. It's amazing to see how shy, unsure and uncertain, and what an insecure girl Octavia was. The enormous change in her, and what she has become and grown up to be, along with the rest of the 100.

K - I totally got chills while watching the delinquents walk into the room. They all look so innocent and young. It's hard to remember that all of them are still so young.. They were forced to grow up so quickly on the ground. It almost makes me angry that the adults decided that they would be expendable, that no harm would be lost if these kids didn't end up surviving on the ground. Now look at them, they are the ones who know how to survive better than the adults do.

M - We go back to modern day, Octavia in the rover with the others.

There's a silence before Jasper speaks up saying it's been an hour since they passed the last landmark on Lincoln's map to Luna. A map without distances means it could be days before they reach the next one or the village. They're running out of daylight and Jasper thinks they should stop and recharge the rover's battery but there's one problem, there is no sun as the rain pours down outside. They agree to keep going until the rover runs out of juice.

Jasper asks them, "What do you think she's going to say when we show up asking to put an A.I in her head?" A determined Octavia, full of belief says, "Lincoln said she helps those who are in trouble, she'll help us too," when suddenly Bellamy slams on the brakes. A tree has fallen down onto the road, now blocking their way.

K - We are slowly seeing more of Jasper shedding his anger away as he asks her, "You think she can help us find a better map?"

M - Bellamy wants to backtrack and find another way around, but an impatient Octavia gets out of the rover to continue on foot. Realization hitting me as why Octavia doesn't want to wait, she's finally going to the boat people like her and Lincoln dreamed of.. sadly without him. The others join her, they all stop when they hear a sound, the sound of water. Bellamy tells them to slow down and be careful, "They could be hostile," as Octavia turns around and forcefully tells him they're not hostile and to put his gun away. They follow a river and finally arrive at the coasts water's edge where the village should be, but there's nothing there.

Octavia notices some uniquely shaped stones and checks Lincoln's map. At first I thought they were gravestones from the far view. The stones are on Lincoln's map but there's no village but clearly it's something more, a meeting place? The rocks have been placed specifically, they stand out, clearly it's significant but the question is why? "It's not a village. It's just a bunch of rocks," Jasper points out. "She's gone," Clarke says in despair, believing they've lost their only hope. "What do we do now," Jasper questions. Clarke not able to answer so she looks to Bellamy, he looks to his sister who has walked off to the water's edge, as Octavia lets out a powerful scream full of pain and frustration.

K - That was heartbreaking to see their faces without any hope left in their eyes, and even more painful to see Octavia feel completely powerless over the situation.


M - We again flashback to the Ark, the delinquents are in class as Pike teaches them how to light a fire. "The ability to make fire kept the human race alive during the ice age," Pike tells them, while the kids don't bother to hide their boredom, some even falling asleep, except for Octavia who's eagerly paying attention. "Who knows, maybe it will do the same for us one day," Pike says as he manages to light a fire from wood. Some kids show slight curiosity, but I think it was more along the lines of curious to see if he will actually succeed. "The difference between life and death."


M - An arrogant Murphy begins clapping, baiting Pike. "Thank you Mr. Murphy. Perhaps you would like to tell us the key to surviving on the ground," Pike directs at him. "Not really, no." Pike then turns his attention towards Octavia and asks her. "Not dying," Octavia regretfully answers, trying to fit in and be accepted as the other kids laugh. Pike trying desperately to get through to them, to the kids, knowing it could help them survive, "You can laugh all you want but we have a lot to learn here; making fire, tying knots, how to navigate using the stars, how to hunt. You have to learn which plants you can eat and. . ." "Which ones you can smoke," chimes in Jasper earning another round of laughs.

K - You could just read how insecure Octavia was back then. It's not surprising given that she lived under the floor all her life, she isn't confident when interacting with others. It's amazing to see how she truly has transformed from this shy girl she once was. I just love seeing these flashbacks! I miss being up in space.. All of the delinquents have such a carefree aura.

M - "Listen, the answer to my question. The key to surviving on the ground and on the Ark is to keep fighting at all costs, against all odds. The minute you give up you're dead." Pike tells them determinedly, this seems to leave a small effect on them but not for long, Murphy's too busy mucking about to focus. Pike asks him, "Am I boring you Mr. Murphy?" Murphy just shrugs before saying, "I'll survive." As Pike realizes that he may not be able to help them after all before we leave the flashback going back to the present time with Murphy locked up in the prison. Seeing just how much he's changed and grown, he said he would survive and he kept to his word.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Murphy's chained up as the guards bring in more prisoners, one of them yelling, "You want to kill me. Kill me!" The guards chain up Pike as he once again tries to get through to one of his people who has been chipped. Pike yells at them to fight it, that they're strong but they say nothing and leave him in the cell.

A Grounder asks, "Who's ready to take the key?" No one responds to him, everyone avoiding looking at him. So it would seem any who disagrees or refuses is thrown into prison and suffers god knows what, torture even, as they try to force them to take the chip. Once the Grounder leaves, Murphy turns and announces, "What are the odds," as Pike realizes it's Murphy. And I just realized that they have yet to see each other since Pike and his people joined the others, Murphy hasn't been at the camp, this is the first time they've seen each other since they were on the Ark! "I told you I'd survive."

M - Suddenly, "You should have killed me on that battlefield. I won't make the same mistake," sounds out through the cell, and we all know that voice, it's Indra. It's good news to see she hasn't taken the chip but the bad news is she's going to go straight for Pike, for revenge. I'd love to know why Indra didn't take the chip, she's known for following her Heda's orders no matter what, why disobey them now?

Indra has managed to get her chains free that are nailed into a stonewall. "You killed 300 of my people. Now you'll take 300 cuts, by my hand," Indra tells him as she walks towards him taking the giant, pointed nail along with her as she goes. "Get on with it," Pike challenges her and she begins to cut him, purposely and slowly, making him suffer. Murphy sits by helplessly as Pike screams join the rest echoing through the prison. Indra's more interested in revenge than helping her people escape from the prison, it's a good chance to help free the others now that she can move around and is almost completely free from her chains.

K - I agree that this would be a good chance for Indra to take charge and try to get her people out of that prison, now that she can move around.. She is determined to bring pain to Pike right now though. Maybe she's angry and grieving over Lexa, as to why she didn't take the chip? I don't think she's a fan of Ontari or the Ice Nation, so I would find it hard for her to accept her as her new Heda. . . Also, I really liked Murphy in this scene because it just shows how much he actually cares. No, he didn't do anything to help Pike in this moment but you could see that he wanted to.


M - Back at the waterside Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper, and Octavia are setting up a fire for the night. Starting the fire the exact same way Pike taught them. Clarke wants to discuss what they should do next but Octavia wants to wait for first light and search all the shore for the village. Bellamy agrees with Octavia saying Lincoln wouldn't put it on the map if it weren't important as he picks up his book. Octavia snaps at him, "Don't touch that," taking the book from him. Stopping Bellamy in his tracks. Bellamy kneels down to his sister, "Come on O, how long?" he query's caringly. This is the first time we're seeing Bellamy confront his sister over the way she's been treating him, normally he takes it believing he deserves it and the blame.

"I don't know," she solemnly answers, "I can't even look at you because every time I do I see Pike putting that gun to Lincoln's head. I hear the gun shot. I see him fall." Bellamy finally says what we've all been saying, "I didn't kill Lincoln." "No, but he's dead because of you," she hurtfully shoots at him. "I came to you. You didn't take my help. If you had just trusted me. . ." but as he says this she ignores him, not wanting to hear it, and a hurt Bellamy walks away leaving Clarke looking after him.

I think Bellamy hit a sore spot in saying that. Bellamy didn't pull the trigger and Lincoln sacrificed himself. I think Octavia feels guilty because she thinks she didn't do everything in her power to save Lincoln, which includes choosing not to let her brother help. Could the outcome have been different, maybe, maybe not, we'll never know. Bellamy understands this, she's placing the blame she holds on herself onto her brother. He needs to get through to her, and to help her because we all know Bellamy would never let his sister suffer. Maybe if Octavia can accept the blame she holds over herself, she won't force it onto Bellamy, and maybe, just maybe that might make her pain just a little bit easier to bear.

K - I completely agree that Octavia feels as if she is to blame also. Knowing Octavia she probably does feel as if she didn't do everything in her power to save Lincoln, she didn't fight hard enough.. But in the end, it was Lincoln who still would've chosen to sacrifice himself and not even she would've been able to change that. I'm just happy that they are starting to actually talk about the problems between them.

M - As Jasper's getting up he throws something onto the fire and the flame burns green. "What did you just do?" Octavia urgently asks him. Jasper says, "Nothing I just threw these in the fire," as he holds up a branch of leaves. Octavia realizes something and reaches for Lincoln's book, flinging it open. Within it she finds a piece of the same bush, throwing it onto the fire it once again turns green. "A signal fire. He was trying to tell us. This is how we contact Luna," as hope once again begins to blossom. For a moment everyone's content and happy now that they know it's not over yet, they still have hope. Clarke even smiles, which we haven't seen in awhile, but she spins around, looking for Bellamy to share the moment with him but he's not there as he continues walking up the beach.

K - I died of happiness watching Octavia and Clarke actually smile at each other. They have hope again. Not all is lost. They are on the right track to finding Luna!

M - Back at Polis, Kane has been imprisoned in a room. There's a ruckus as the guard brings Abby in, throwing her to the floor. Kane immediately runs to her having no idea she's been chipped. We all know he will figure it out, all it takes is one slip up, which always happens because A.L.I.E doesn't understand just how much and how deep these people know each other, the way they act, the way they move, the little things. Trying to fool them will always end in failure.

Kane worryingly checks if she is okay. "They found me hiding in the woods near the camp. Please tell me you know where Clarke is," she asks him desperately. "No I thought she was here," Kane admits. Luckily Kane doesn't know about Luna or where they went so A.L.I.E won't get anything useful from him. "He's telling the truth," A.L.I.E says, accessing him. "No I saw them shoot at her. She got in the rover with Jasper, and they got away. I'm sure of it," Abby retells. Kane reassures her, "Well that's good if the others found her. That means she's safe." "Listen to me, their after Clarke." Kane asks her how she knows they are. "They questioned me for hours. She has something that they want." "What," is all Kane can ask. "I don't know," Abby tells him.

K - This just made me so mad. . . Why does A.L.I.E think Kane knows where Clarke is?! Even after she knew that he was telling the truth about not having any idea where she was or what she was doing..

M - "We don't have time for this. If Ontari is right and Clarke finds another Nightblood, she'll be able to activate the other A.I. We can't let that happen," A.L.I.E reminds Abby with an emotionless voice as Kane takes a moment, confused, to try to process and figure out what is going on. Abby continues to try to use their care for each other to get information from him. She admits, "I'm afraid," and Kane reaches for her in support, trying to hug her and give her what comfort he can. A.L.I.E watching nearby isn't happy that they're not getting what they want and commands Abby to try harder.

Abby tries to seduce him and that is A.L.I.E's inevitable mistake. Kane knows the real Abby wouldn't do something like that. Kane just stares at her, into her eyes, completely crushed. Stopping her when she tries to approach only barely to whisper, "You've taken the chip." The look on his face was so painful. It was like in that moment he truly lost her. Very similar to when Murphy found out Emori had taken the chip, watching the people they care about vanish under the control of an insane artificial intelligence.

The guards come in to take Kane away. His eyes never leave her even when she leaves, ordering the guards to put him on the cross. Kane tries to fight them yelling for Abby, trying desperately to get through to her. They drag him outside led by Abby. That's the worst part, it's done by someone that means something to them, they're hurt by someone they care about, even though they know it's not really them though it doesn't ease that pain. The guards put him on the cross, that's now on the ground. Kane yells, "This is madness," and continues to scream her name. Abby leans over him, looks him in the eye and says, "This is unity."

K - This is unity, not the right unity, but we see that it's both the Sky People and the Grounders that are working together to put Kane on the cross.. And it's breaking my heart.

M - Kane begs her as Jaha in the background tells him to take the key but he doesn't hear him, all his focus is on Abby. Abby offers for it all to stop if Kane tells them where Clarke and the others are, but Kane won't do it, "I can't do that," as he stands his ground. A Grounder picks up a hammer and after a nod from Jaha, he raises it and brings it down, smashing a giant nail through Kane's hand, pinning him to the cross, then again, continuing with his other hand and both his feet as he screams in agony.

Everyone stands nearby watching as the guards then pick up the chains connected to the cross and pull it up, until it's standing over them all, Kane hanging pinned to the cross as we're left with the horror of his screams echoing through our minds.

M - Back at the campfire Clarke is walking up the beach towards where Bellamy walked off to. She reaches him as he stares off out over the water, watching the small waves lapping at his feet before turning to her, "Let me guess. You came here to fix things. Wanheda, the peace maker."

"I came to see if you're okay," she states sincerely. "Well I don't need your help," Bellamy snaps at her then looks at her with eyes full of pain, and regret for what he just said, silently pleading to her. In return Clarke just gives him a little smile and a small nod, before turning to stand beside him, facing over the water with him as a silence falls over them with only the sounds of the waves left echoing in the wind between their unspoken words.

That's what I love about their relationship, after what he said they didn't fight or argue, Clarke didn't walk away, she wasn't even hurt by his words because she knew there was nothing behind them. So she just stands there, not speaking, waiting until he's ready, which doesn't take long once Bellamy realizes Clarke wasn't going anywhere.

K - I think that is what I love best about their relationship also. They just understand each other in a way no one else can. They've both been leaders of the 100, and making these hard decisions since they landed on the ground. They've both equally made these horrible mistakes for the good of their people. They understand each other in that sense, and I can't help but appreciate that kind of love that they have for one another. They don't always need words to communicate.


M - While looking off towards his sister in the distance, watching her, he finally allows himself to open up, to be honest, not hiding behind his pain anymore, "Clarke. I've lost her." Clarke tries to show him he can't give up, that they're family and that there will always be hope. "Give her time Bellamy," her voice full of honesty and love. Clarke reminds him, "There may be blood on your hands, but it's not Lincoln's." "Some of it is," he admits to her. "Maybe. But you didn't want that to happen. You tried to stop it. Octavia will forgive you eventually. The question is will you forgive yourself," Clarke says to him as he struggles to hold it together.

Tears falling from his eyes, as he looks to his little sister, as he acknowledges, "Forgiveness is hard for us," with Clarke looking to him with understanding. "I was so angry at you for leaving. I don't want to feel that way anymore," he confesses.

K - OMG Bellamy admitting that the reason he was so angry this whole time was because Clarke left him.. Finally, am I right? I always knew that Clarke leaving him to deal with the aftermath of Mount Weather was a huge reason as to why he was acting the way he was.. I never thought he would admit it though. He asked her to stay, he repeated the same words that she said to him when he was ready to walk away, and still she left. There was no doubt in my mind that he was upset over this.

[ image has been removed ]

M - "You know you're not the only one trying to forgive yourself," Clarke admits, "Maybe we'll get that someday.. but we need each other Bellamy. What we're doing now, the only way we're going to pull this off is together." Bellamy doesn't answer but Clarke doesn't need words to know that he's with her. Clarke then reaches out for him and pulls him into an embrace, both of them holding each other tightly, not wanting to let go. Their eyes closed, Clarke looking peaceful in his arms as they strongly hold onto the moment, full of meaning and comfort to them.

Everyone thought, including me, that Bellamy's "I don't want to feel that way anymore" had something to do with him taking the chip because he doesn't want to feel his pain anymore, I never guessed it would be about Clarke. I almost fell out of my chair!

K - Remember how excited we were when we saw the season 3 trailer and this hug was included in it? This one hug is worth all the waiting in this season for these two to finally talk and start forgiving themselves, and each other. I never thought that line Bellamy said would have been about Clarke either, and I am definitely not complaining!

M - Suddenly there's movement from the water's edge next to them, people appearing out of the water, armed. It's a few moments before Bellamy and Clarke realize but now it's too late. I love that even as possible hostile people approach they slowly pull apart, trying to hold onto each other as long as they can.

They're thrown to the ground, hands held to their mouths to make sure they can't warn the others. With only light coming from the fire the Grounders easily sneak up on Jasper and Octavia in the darkness of the night. Jasper and Octavia stuck in a stand-off as the Grounders place a tied up Bellamy and Clarke on the ground in front of them. A Grounder asks Octavia, "Who are you? Why did you signal?" Octavia tells them, "I'm Octavia of Skaikru and I seek safe passage." "Skaikru, bringers of death. Why should we give you safe passage," the Grounder questions. Octavia simply replies, "Lincoln," as realization crosses their faces at hearing that name. "He sent us." There's a moment of doubt and thought before the Grounder orders his people to free Clarke and Bellamy from their bounds.

K - Can I just admit that I really liked these Grounders for some reason. They came off as badass but still had that aura around them that they were the good guys. I could be trusting them too easily right now, but I don't know.. There's definitely more to them than what meets the eye.


M - The Grounder hands a vial to Octavia and then to the others. Clarke asks what it is and the Grounder will only say, "Safe passage." "What does it do," Jasper queries but the Grounder doesn't answer as Octavia downs the vial before Bellamy and the others can stop her. "I trust Lincoln," she states, no fault in her trust in him. "If only she drinks, only she goes," the Grounder informs them, leaving the others no choice but to take the risk blindly with her. "See you on the other side," Jasper says before drinking his vial. Right after Jasper drinks his Octavia collapses to the ground. "Oh crap," Jasper says as he too collapses leaving only Clarke and Bellamy left. Jasper made me genuinely laugh in this scene and felt like the old Jasper, like himself!

K - I missed this Jasper! I laughed also!


M - "Last chance," the Grounder warns. Bellamy and Clarke look at each other and Clarke says, "Together," as the Grounder orders his people to signal the boat. Bellamy and Clarke together drink their vials, having no idea what it could be. Clarke collapses first, then the effects begin to hit Bellamy and as he lies down he looks at Clarke one last time in case it is the last time before he collapses.

I loved the "together" moment, just another great scene between Bellamy and Clarke. It may have only been short and it may have only been one word, but it means a lot. It was a parallel of when Bellamy said it to Clarke when they together pulled the lever at Mount Weather, but this time it was Clarke who said it.

K - I can't get enough of these two and the parallels between them. The writers sure do love to mess with our Bellarke hearts, don't they?

M - We go into yet another flashback on the Ark. Pike meets Jaha secretly. He offers up his apologizes after hearing of Jaha's son's arrest. Pike asks him if he will be joining his class but Jaha tells him no, that he'll be in solitary until launch tomorrow. Pike replies, "Yeah, you don't want him telling the others that the Ark is dying. It's the only thing that makes sense, why else would you send kids and not scientists. Do you even care if they live or die?" "You're talking about my son," he adds darkly. "Yes, then send me with them," Pike suggests. Jaha immediately shuts him down, "Out of the question." "I've taught them nothing," Pike yells to him, frustrated and angry. "They don't care, so they don't learn. They don't pay attention because they don't think they have a reason to. Let me tell them we're sending them down and maybe if they're afraid. . ." but Jaha says no, shutting him down again. Pike desperately asks him, "Please. I've only got one more class to reach them." Jaha gets in his face telling him, "Figure out a way to reach them, because you are all they've got," and ending their conversation.

Pike arrives to the classroom, his attitude clearly changed. "I'm sure all of you will be glad to know we are officially done talking about Earth skills." We all know Murphy cannot miss this opportunity and tries to leave before Pike orders him to sit back down. Pike asks Murphy, "How would you feel about assisting me with today's lesson Mr. Murphy," and again Murphy can't miss an opportunity to be smart so he says, "Sign me up," and seconds after the words are out of his mouth.. Pike slaps him straight across the face.

"What the hell was that for," but Pike just hits him across the face again. Murphy gives in without a word, knowing it's a fight he can't win. Murphy's smart enough to know he can't fight back because I'm pretty sure he can't hit a teacher, and it's not like anyone's going to come to their rescue. They're prisoners, there's nothing he can do so in a way he has to be the bigger man.

"I know all about you John Murphy. Mother drank herself to death after your father was floated for stealing medicine to save you. That's a tough road to hold, I'll give you that. So what does he do with the second chance his father gave his life to buy for him.. Wasted it, setting the arresting officer's quarters on fire.. Say something," but when he doesn't he hits him again. "Do something," he tells him.

At first I thought he was trying to teach them to fight and that's when I realized that he was teaching them to fight but not in a combat way, in a spirit way, to always fight and never give up, to work together because it's life or death.

"I get it. You're trying to teach us to fight back," Murphy says. "Wrong," Pike picking him up slamming him as he continually hits him again and again. No one does anything, even though they're all on their feet alert. Octavia yells to Pike to stop. Jasper tells him to leave Murphy alone as another kid runs to the door, banging on it for help. "No one is coming to help you. No one is coming to help any of you." "It's going to take more than the kids from your station to save you," Pike then begins to choke Murphy.

Finally, Miller does something and tries to pull Pike off of Murphy, Jasper tries to help him but both are easily taken down by Pike. Now everyone is trying to get Pike off of him, "Don't you see, this is life or death," he screams as Miller picks up a metal pole and whacks him over the head, stopping him, as the guards come running in. Kane asks them what's going on and Pike says, "This is graduation. Congratulations. Class dismissed."

K - I really wish that we would have gotten these flashbacks of Pike a lot earlier in the season. These flashbacks were not only beneficial for us to see more of the delinquents as they were on the Ark, but it was important for us to see who Pike was before he landed on the ground. He has become more complex and he's not just this evil person anymore. Now I have a better understanding of who he truly is and how his mind works, and why he fights the way he does for his people. I may not still agree with his ways, but now I see him more clearly.

I also saw this final lesson as him trying to get the others to fight together, maybe? They all ended up defending Murphy, even if they didn't like him.. Now we continue to see all the delinquents constantly doing everything in their power to save one another, just like they did in this moment. I can't help but appreciate Pike for showing me how it's always been them against the world.

M - The flashback ends and we go back to Polis. Indra is still cutting Pike who is still fighting, "You can't break me Grounder." Nearby Murphy offers him some advice, "If you want her to stop maybe you should try shutting up." "Only one way this stops," Indra declares and Murphy angrily jumps to his feet. "What is wrong with you people. He's strong. We need him if we're going to fight our way out of here. LISTEN TO ME! Our real enemy is out there. Jaha has an army of chipped soldiers, they don't feel any pain, that means they're not going to stop until all of us either join them or die. . ." "Don't waste your breath kid," Pike is really not helping the situation as Indra says, "Yu gonplei ste odon," before going in to strike him for the final time. Another Grounder prisoner tells her to wait, that what Murphy says makes sense.

Murphy continues, "Ask yourself this. You want your revenge or do you want your people to live," directing it at Indra. "Both. I'll get my revenge, just not today." There is no both and that's what the Grounders can't understand, saving lives and their people is always going to be more important than revenge. It's time for the Grounders to evolve, to learn, and I think this may be the beginning of a better future. And maybe, ironically, A.L.I.E may be the only thing that can bring the Sky People and the Grounders together, once and for all, to bring true unity and hopefully peace along with it.

K - I really hope that they see this as a way of being better and evolving. I don't think A.L.I.E sees that she will bring them together to fight against her, she only sees the "unity" that she's making, the wrong one..

I loved Murphy in this scene. He is a survivor, and he's constantly walking that line between good and evil. Mostly staying on the evil border because he's definitely done some horrible things, but then there are moments like this one where the good part of him shines, and I can't help but appreciate him more. I don't think he cares about Pike, given that he told him "Go float yourself," after saving him, but I don't think he wanted him to die either. I'm sure Murphy is the last person Pike thought would be the one to survive on the ground, but look at him, he's still here and he's done everything he has to to make it to the next day. . .

M - Again we go into another flashback. It's five minutes to launch. The guards are escorting the prisoners to the drop ship. Jasper desperately searching for Monty as the guards carry out Clarke. Abby stops them, doubting what they're doing, and saying her goodbye as she says, "May we meet again," and kisses her forehead.

K - This scene!! Wow, what a way to bring us full circle even with the choice of music as it's a different version to the same song we heard in the pilot. It's hard to believe these are the same people that we know now. Everyone has changed so much.. Does anyone remember what an asshole Kane was in the first couple of episodes? I honestly never saw myself rooting for the guy, yet here I am ready to cry if they hurt him now. . .

M - They take Clarke on the ship as Bellamy comes walking past, grabbing one of the prisoners and escorting them onto the ship, and sneaking himself on. Kane tells Abby he's sorry, she looks him dead in the eye and says full of bitterness, "You got your extra air," and walks off. The scene showing just how much their relationship has changed and even more so how much Kane has changed as we go back to the current day with Kane suffering, pinned to the cross.

[ image has been removed ]

M - "Marcus, let me stop the pain," Jaha offers as he holds up a chip, still not giving up. Kane still won't give in as A.L.I.E points out he's strong. "Yes, he always has been. Marcus I'm afraid we're out of time. We need to know whether the resistance you led against Pike hides," Jaha says as he loads a gun. "Just shoot me, shoot me," Kane manages to whisper, almost begging him to relieve him of his pain and suffering. "If I shoot you, I won't get the answer," so Jaha aims the gun on Abby instead.

"Wait," Kane begs him. "You can stop this," Jaha reminds him. Kane immediately submits, having no choice, "I'll do it, I'll do it." "Take the chip," Jaha says and Kane does as we watch the life drain from him as he loses himself, and we lose another character to A.L.I.E, and soon there will be no one left. At the same time we also have a quick flashback to the first episode when the drop ship launched, flying through space, as we watch their fear as they fall from space. Before we go back to present day and Clarke is waking up.

M - The others begin to wake up beside her as Clarke checks to make sure that she still has the second A.I. They're in a shipping container, Octavia beginning to bang against its walls. The container doors open as light comes flooding in, momentarily blinding them, as the long awaited Luna walks in. Clarke walks towards her as Luna asks where Lincoln is, and they have the hard task of telling her he died.

[ image has been removed ]

M - "Lincoln said you would help us."
"Did he."
"Luna you're the last of your kind. The last Nightblood."
"So Lexa is dead as well. . ."
"Her spirit has chosen you to become the next Commander. Titus entrusted me with the flame to give it to you."
"Then he should have told you I left my Conclave swearing never to kill again."
"You don't have to kill. To lead is your birthright. How you lead is your choice," Clarke pulls out the A.I, holding it in her hand, and shows it to Luna.
"I recognize the sacred symbol, but what is that?"
"This is the flame. It holds the spirits of the Commanders, of Lexa. Will you take it and become the next Commander?"
"No," Luna gently says before walking away.
They follow her out of the container, all of them stopping in their tracks as they see where they are. They're standing on a giant oil rig station in the middle of the ocean.

K - Honestly, I thought it was upsetting but kind of funny that Luna told Clarke no.. I don't know why they thought she would be so easy to persuade? Luna left her Conclave and never looked back, it's not hard to figure out that she probably doesn't want anything to do with that world, let alone be the Commander of it.

M - So many questions. How did they get there? Where are they from? I think the boat people could be from the oil riggers who previously worked there. It could have been possible to survive the bombs and radiation there, being so far out to sea. It's probably one of the safest places out there, since no one can get to them. I can't wait to find out more!

K - I can't wait to find out more also! I'm looking forward to seeing more of Luna. I think she's interesting because we don't really know why she left her Conclave or what her relationship to Lexa was.. I mean there had to be more behind why Lexa never let Titus hunt her down to kill her. I don't know, I have so many questions.. Did anyone else notice that the oil rig is in the opening credits? How did I not notice that before? I can't wait to finish the rest of this season, but seriously sad that it's almost over!

M - All those flashbacks, all the feelings, what an episode! And with only three episodes left of this season what will happen? Who will survive, who won't? Will we?

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