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This is the show I signed up to watch, am I right?
What an outstanding performance from everyone involved in this episode! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Fallen" here.
Now - let's talk about this episode!

Nevermore Synopsis:

"Alie forces Raven's dark side to come out, and Jasper's anger continues to grow. Meanwhile, Octavia wrestles with her place in the world, and Monty is forced to make a split second decision."

Maddi - A powerful episode of The 100, where everyone is forced to confront their pasts and the demons that hide among them.

M - The 100 begins with Jasper and Clarke in the rover, still driving, after their escape from Arkadia, from their home and people. There's an unspoken tension lingering in the air between the two. Jasper clearly struggling as he warily watches her. Clarke breaks the silence and begs Jasper to talk to her, to say something. He cuts her off saying, "I saved your life. That's more than you deserve," as the hurtful shot aimed for her hits her with full force.

Since Clarke has been gone, I forgot that what happened to Maya falls on her shoulders. I forgot what it has done to their relationship but now they are together again, and Clarke has to deal with what she did and the effects it's had on others. Jasper has to go through it again also, being reminded of it from Clarke's presence.

Clarke questions why would her mother allow them to shoot at her, her own daughter, completely puzzled and shocked, when she knows her mother would do anything to protect her. Jasper chimes in with "I can see the appeal," another hurtful blow at Clarke. This disturbs Clarke as she looks towards him with torment in her eyes, now that she finally sees just how much this has taken it's toll on Jasper, and just how deep his pain and sorrow runs.

Kristy - I don't think Clarke was expecting Jasper to be so broken from everything that happened at Mount Weather. I'm sure she was expecting him to be mad at her, but Jasper is more than just mad, he's suffering and more than hurt by her actions.

M - Clarke being there becomes too much for Jasper to handle, so he snaps telling her to stop talking and to look for the cave, as they search for safety and their friends.

[ image has been removed ]

M - In the cave, the others are wondering about what's happened, not understanding, but knowing it has something to do with the chips as they wait for Jasper to arrive. As Octavia listens in, she gets up to leave, but Bellamy tries to tell her she just can't leave, that from what Jasper has said Arkadia is no longer safe. Not believing, Octavia says what Jasper said is insane. She says Pike's gone and that she can handle herself, no longer seeing a reason to stay now that she's achieved her vendetta, and there's no one to stay there for. She says that the Grounders burn the dead, obviously implying she wants to go back for Lincoln, to give him the burial of his people and the one that he deserves.

Bellamy says, "I know that, but then what? Where are you going to go?" Octavia firing back with, "You don't get to ask me that!" With pain and desperation in his voice he asks, "What more do I have to do to prove I am on your side?" She looks him in the eye and says, "Bring Lincoln back." Yeah then Bellamy can redeem himself.. In other words he never can, in her eyes. And simply from the look on Bellamy's face you can see he understands and knows that she will forever hold this against him, that his sister and their relationship is gone, and they may never repair the damage, that there may be no hope left.

Octavia walks away but turns around one last time to say, "Turning Pike in does not make you one of the good guys Bellamy. You did that to save me. Not because you thought what Pike was doing to the Grounders was wrong." Bellamy, "The Grounders were starving us out!" Octavia, "Because you massacred an army that was sent to protect us." Bellamy, "That army could have attacked us at any time and you know it." Octavia, "But they didn't attack, you did that. You were hurting and you lashed out, because that's what you do. There are consequences Bell, people get hurt, people die. Your people. Monroe's dead. Lincoln is dead." Octavia then falls silent and leaves them, maybe once and for all.

You can see and understand both sides of their statements and it's easy to see how everyone is split between choices, and how they both argue a point that they're trying to do what they think is best.. But you can't blame Bellamy for their deaths, he didn't pull the trigger, and he even tried to save Lincoln and do what he could for Monroe. Maybe his decisions may have helped lead them onto that path, but everyone's own decisions decided which direction they took down that path. Lincoln sacrificed himself and Pike killed him. Monroe chose to go with Bellamy and the Grounders' poisonous gas killed her. Not Bellamy. He did what he could to protect them. Deep down that's all he's been trying to do.

K - I completely agree that Bellamy is not the only person to blame for everything that has happened. Bellamy didn't make Monroe chose to be loyal to Pike, if he made everyone choose that then Jasper, Miller, and Harper would've been right next to her. He didn't tell Lincoln to sacrifice himself, he chose to do that on his own. Yes, some of his actions led to their deaths but all the blame can't be put on him. I think that it's hard for Octavia to see this right now though because she's so angry and grieving over Lincoln's death, and unfortunately Bellamy is the easiest target at the moment.

M - Here's a random thought, what happens to those who are still in Arkadia and who haven't taken the chip? e.g. Hannah and the others.. are they forced to take it? Persuaded?

I still can't believe that Octavia said "you were hurting and you lashed out, because that's what you do" .. Umm did you forget you beat up your brother when all he did was try to help? That you took your pain and grief out on him and he let you, because he thought he deserved it.. Did she even hear what she was saying or does it only apply to Bellamy..

M - Octavia walks out of the cave and her brother follows her, still not giving up on his little sister. As they go, the rover arrives and everyone stops in their places. A part of me likes to think it was because they knew that Clarke was in that rover, that their friend was finally home, despite any bad feelings they may still hold towards her, and that another friend needed them, needed their help.

Clarke walks ahead and stops when she sees Bellamy, and they share one of their classic powerful gazes. They're staring at each other as if they can only see one another as if it's only them, countless emotions and feelings crossing their eyes and flickering on their faces, as if a story is being told.

K - Oh my Bellarke heart soars!

M - Jasper interrupts their moment and reunion when he yells for their help, telling them they must get Raven inside before she wakes up. Bellamy asks if they were followed. Jasper frantically says he doesn't know as Bellamy takes Raven from him. Miller tells Bryan to go up to the ridge and radio if anyone is following, as Harper watches the entrance to the cave. Bellamy, Jasper, and Clarke head inside, but Octavia's still standing in her place, struggling to decide what she should do next, now that she must make her final choice.

It's not until Clarke tells her to join them saying, "We need you," does she decide to join them, to stay with them. She stayed because Clarke told her they needed her and even though they don't have the best relationship, she stayed because they're her friends. The friends she survived with, her family, and one of them needs her.

K - I've loved every moment shared between Octavia and Clarke this season. I think it has shown how deep their love and respect runs for one another. Their relationship has been fragile this whole season, and they've lost a lot of trust between one another, but they both still choose doing what's best for their people over any hurt feelings. Now if they could completely make up.. that would be great.

M - In the cave they place Raven down as Jasper tries to explain that Raven isn't Raven anymore, none of them are, anyone who has taken the chip is no longer themselves. Clarke reassures what he's saying, saying she saw it with her own eyes, causing Jasper to fire back that he doesn't need her help as Bellamy tries to calm him down and get him to explain.

K - Did anyone else notice the small moment Octavia and Bellamy shared? He understood her choosing to stay to help their friends, and she let him understand her in that way.

M - Jasper tells them Jaha is using the chips to control everyone. That you take it and forget who you are and see this thing, A.L.I.E, but she's not really there. He tells them what A.L.I.E did, making Raven hurt herself when she tried to get her out of her head as Jasper becomes more distraught and saying in barely a whisper, "I tried to help her," as if he believes he failed and now blames himself for Raven getting hurt.

Sinclair tries to comfort Jasper by saying, "Let's help her now," and asks him if Raven said how they could remove A.L.I.E from her. Jasper tells them she was working on something, that they need one of their old wristbands that they came to the ground with, but Jaha destroyed the last of them. Clarke finally putting the rest of the puzzle pieces together pulls out the second A.I she carries, and shows it to them asking if they look like this.. And of course at this exact moment Raven wakes up and sees her holding it. Therefore A.L.I.E sees it and now she knows what form it's in, where, and who has it. That's what we didn't want.

As Jasper responds with not exactly, regarding Clarke's chip and the resemblance of the ones they've seen. A.L.I.E says, "There it is, version two of my code," and orders Raven to find out where she is. Of course the others have no idea she's there, in a way, and cannot see or hear her. Raven jumps up and smashes through Octavia and runs out of the cave as everyone else gives chase. As Raven runs, A.L.I.E keeps telling her she must know where she is and to find a landmark, as the others grab hold of Raven and struggle to contain her, as she continues to fight them. Lucky enough it's too dark for her to see anything and her vision goes completely dark as Jasper yet again drugs her and puts Raven to sleep, to stop A.L.I.E from finding them.

K - Jasper used the last reaper stick.. The last time they had to use one of those feels like forever ago, doesn't it?

[ image has been removed ]

M - Clarke says they have to go and Bellamy asks why, A.L.I.E doesn't know where they are. Clarke tells them it's because she knows where they can get a wristband.

My first thought flashbacks to season one when Bellamy and everyone else were destroying their wristbands and Clarke refused to. In the end she did remove hers, but I don't recall it being destroyed. Now the remaining question is where is it, where is their only hope?

In the distance we see the rover as it pulls up, coming to a stop, before a building and in front of it is Niylah. At first I didn't recognize her or where they were in the dark of the night. Then it hits me, it's Niylah the woman who helped Clarke when she was on the run and being hunted. That's when I remembered when we first met her she was wearing one of their wristbands. I noticed that she wore it and I wondered why, and now it makes sense. Though we still don't know where it came from and I think there's more to that. Remember in 'Wanheda: Part 1', Clarke asks Niylah about how she got the wristband, but before she could respond they are interrupted by Roan who was searching for Clarke..

Niylah pulls her weapon as Clarke tells the others she'll talk to her and Bellamy joins her. They approach her and she says Skaikru is not welcome here. Clarke asks her what's wrong, knowing that this is out of character, as the others realize Raven is beginning to wake up. Clarke asks if her father is here, the one Niylah made sure didn't know or see Clarke. Niylah tells them he's dead, that he died in the Skaikru massacre when he was sent to help them, as Bellamy tries to hide the shame that crosses his face. Clarke pleads with her but she won't change her decision to help them.

M - Bellamy realizing that they don't have much time has no other option, but to pull his gun on her, and orders her to move. Knowing they're clearly desperate and that she's no match against their guns, she submits, as they force their way inside.

Monty smartly comes to the conclusion that if his mum has been chipped, she's been here before, which means A.L.I.E may know. Clarke also knows this and tells them to take Raven into the back. They hurry as Raven begins to stir, having no choice but to tie her up to a bed, after her last attempt at escaping. She struggles, managing to get her blindfold off but you can see from her expression that she has no idea where she is.

Immediately, A.L.I.E tells her they need to know where she is.. And as if on cue Raven begins screaming where, wanting to know where she is and for them to let her go. It takes almost all of them to keep a hold of her and to secure her as Octavia tells her desperately to stop fighting. After punching Jasper, they finally get her tied up. After a major effort, they stand by watching as Raven continues to scream, for the first time the others finally see what she has become with looks of horror among their faces.

K - Talk about intense! I think it was this moment that showed how loyal each of them are to one another. The way they worked together and moved together to tie up Raven, showed they are in this together.. and even though it was an intense, heartbreaking scene I couldn't help but be proud of them for working together despite all the hard feelings hanging in the air.

M - Next door in the other room, Bellamy is still holding Niylah at gunpoint. Even they can hear Raven's screaming. Monty, Sinclair, and Clarke leave Raven's room, joining Bellamy. Clarke asks how are they going to get that thing out of her head as Monty reassures her, saying they're working on it. Clarke walks over to Bellamy with Niylah and tells him she's got this, as he promises that he's right here if she needs him. Clarke tells Niylah they didn't have a choice, that Raven can't see this room or her until she's better.

Niylah of course asks why this is. Clarke tells her it's hard to explain. How can she explain this to her, that something that isn't really there is taking control of people's minds, when her people believe the second A.I is a sacred and holy thing.

They don't understand that technology, and they will struggle to comprehend it, or to believe the possibility of it. Clarke understands this and when Niylah tells her to try to explain, Clarke just asks her to trust her, that what it is is important. Niylah asks how can she possibly trust her after what Skaikru did, the Grounders still struggling to understand and learn that it wasn't all of them, that not every Sky Person did what was done. You can't hold it against those who are innocent of the crime.

K - It's kind of ironic that the Grounders can't seem to see that not all Sky People are responsible for the massacre, just like the Sky People can't seem to see that not all Grounders are the same..

M - Clarke tries to tell her this saying that it wasn't them, that she's sorry about her father.. all of them are, as she turns to look towards Bellamy as if she understands what he feels and is offering, in a way, the same forgiveness he gave her after Mount Weather.

Niylah asks Clarke what she wants from her. Clarke mentions the last time she was here, she had one of their wristbands, and that they need it now to save their friend. Of course Niylah rejects this saying why should I help you, and Clarke tells her that she knows she won't let an innocent girl suffer. Niylah tells them to stay here and leaves the room. At first I thought they should be careful in trusting her and someone should have gone with her, but in a way it was showing the trust they are putting in her.

[ image has been removed ]

M - While they wait for her, Clarke turns around and asks Bellamy, "You okay?" This, I think, being the first time anyone has ever asked him. There were many great moments and lines from the episode but this was by far one of the best and admittedly my favourite. Someone finally asked Bellamy if he was okay. He's always the one looking after everyone, caring for them, he's the one holding them together, and leading them. They rely on him and his strength that no one considers his feelings. No one thinks he needs to be asked because he's always the one asking.. But Clarke did!

She knows even though he doesn't show it that he's hurting and struggling, that he's always caring for others and not himself, and now he knows that she cares, that there's someone who cares, that there's someone there for him this time! Even if he wouldn't let her reach for him, his walls standing firmly as Clarke is pushed away when he just looks at her and nods, firmly saying, "Fine." When we can all see alongside Clarke that he's not okay, as Clarke struggles to see him like this, sorrow in her eyes.

K - Clarke definitely feels bad for him, and maybe a little guilty to see how her leaving has caused him to become who he now is. I think that's why she doesn't push him to say more, and just leaves it be.

M - Clarke places the wristband on a table telling the others that Niylah said they could work in here, obviously having returned with the wristband. Clarke asks Monty and Sinclair how do they do this. Sinclair says they think Raven wanted to use the wristband to generate an EMP. Bellamy asks "Meaning what?" Sinclair explains, "A targeted magnetic pulse could destroy the chip's circuitry," they could use the wristband to send one along Raven's own nervous system but first they must reverse the polarity, wire for external input, and attach a battery.. simple right? Clarke questions what that would do to Raven. Sinclair reassures her that EMPs don't affect their bodies but they obviously don't know what or how the chip integrates with her brain.

Bellamy points out, "This was Raven's plan, she wouldn't do it if it was going to destroy her brain." Octavia chiming in with "It depends on how bad she wanted it out." However the plan won't be of any use unless they have an electromagnet. Clarke asks where do they get one and of course the answer is the Ark, which is impossible.. But Monty adds that they can use the drop ship. That it has what they need.

Monty says he'll go in the rover, and Octavia joins him leaving Sinclair to get the device ready by the time they return. Immediately after Octavia volunteers, you can literally see Bellamy about to protest but she sees this too and simply says, "Don't," as Clarke begins to notice the conflict and torn relationship between the two.

K - All the tension between everyone is so much to handle during this episode!

M - In the other room, Jasper is keeping watch on Raven. Raven eerily eyeing him off, like an animal hunting it's prey. She eyes her restraints and begins to reach for them with her mouth, in an effort to chew through them. A.L.I.E tells her that with marginally more slack, she could reach the knots that are keeping her bound. Jasper watches as Raven struggles trying to reach the knots, telling her to stop as he walks closer questioning her about what she's doing. That's when Raven dislocates her own shoulder so she can reach the bounds as A.L.I.E inhumanely watches on.

At the same time Raven's old wounds reopen, blood pouring, as she creepily says "There is no pain in the City of Light." Did anyone else notice the music playing in the background? It sounded so similar to the theme from the classic shower scene from Pyscho.. At first I thought it was just me but replaying it, it's actually there only for a quick few seconds, but it definitely resembles that theme. I don't know if that was planned but it helped make the scene, and the horror and fear of the moment feel real, and I think that was the point, and I definitely felt it.

K - This part broke my heart because A.L.I.E is slowly killing Raven. She's using the fact that Raven can't feel any pain to her advantage and in the end it's only going to kill her.

M - Jasper instantly screams for the others, for help, frozen from shock and fear of not knowing what to do. They come running in and Clarke yells for them to stop her. If they don't stop the blood, she'll bleed to death. They try to hold Raven back but she won't stop fighting and Clarke is struggling to bandage her wounds.

That's when Jasper looks at Raven and calls to A.L.I.E. He asks her why she's doing this, to let Raven go. There's a pause before A.L.I.E replies through Raven saying, "I'll let her go when you give me what I want. The technology that Clarke carries, it belongs to me." Clarke down right refuses saying, "No way." We all know why.. Jasper tells her to give it to her, shouting her name when she doesn't. Clarke tells A.L.I.E that if she lets Raven die, she'll never get it.. And on command A.L.I.E tells Raven to let them help her and she slumps in obedience, becoming still, and her eyes empty like there is no soul behind them.

They immediately go to work to save Raven as Jasper's anger turns to hatred right before us, after seeing Clarke not willing to give something up to save Raven's life. I understand how Jasper sees this, and with his past and pain it's amplified.. But he has no idea what it is that Clarke has or what could happen if it fell into the wrong hands, and what will fall upon them if it does.

K - I understand where Jasper is coming from also. Now really isn't the time for Clarke to really explain it to him either, and she knows this because of how upset he got in the rover when she did try to explain things to him.

M - A.L.I.E and Raven continue to share their strange looks and you can see they're up to something. Bellamy tells Clarke she's never going to stop trying to get away. They can't let her hurt herself again, that someone has to stay with her. It was in this moment that I knew A.L.I.E was going to use everything against them. All of Raven's memories, their pasts, what they've done, what they've been through.. everything, and that surviving this won't be easy as Clarke offers to take the first watch.

Clarke says they'll take turns and Jasper snaps, yelling "You don't give the orders Clarke!" Jasper struggling to hold it together, and right on cue, just like I said, Raven hurtfully points out, "I guess he doesn't forgive you for murdering his girlfriend." Bellamy tells Jasper to take a break. As a wide-eyed Jasper leaves, Raven continues to eye them all off. Choosing her next victim. Getting ready to strike again as Clarke is left alone with Raven.

M - In the next room Bellamy comes to check on Jasper. He asks Bellamy if he's okay with Clarke coming back after all this time. Bellamy defends her saying that she's trying to save Raven. Jasper mumbles, "I guess she thinks Raven's worth saving, lucky for her." Does Jasper forget that the guy standing next to him was also a part of what happened to Maya? Why does he not blame Bellamy? He was as much a part of it as Clarke, but he has only anger for her? Why?

K - I've been wondering the same exact thing. I don't really understand why everyone just associates Clarke with everything that happened at Mount Weather. Bellamy pulled that lever with her. Monty helped them.. And yet Clarke is the only one people are angry at?

M - Bellamy tells Jasper to get himself together, that he can't let his anger get in the way of what they have to do. Jasper turns his anger and pain on Bellamy saying, "That's funny coming from you. When you're angry people die." Then pointing to Niylah, he says "Just ask that girl over there," before turning and walking away as Bellamy's left looking at Niylah, trying to bare the secret he hides.

That shocked me. At this rate this is going to tear them all apart, especially Bellamy who's already on the edge, struggling, lost. I know Jasper's in pain and struggling, but if he doesn't stop doing this to them, to his friend, he will tear them apart, beyond repair. It will destroy each of them and there's no saying what A.L.I.E will do if she's not stopped or if she succeeds. Now's the time to join together, not fight each other, otherwise they will lose and there's no telling who will survive.

K - I completely agree. I also think that is why she chooses to let Raven attack each of them. She wants them to turn against each other because she knows how strong they are together, and she needs them to be weak if she's going to defeat them.

M - Jasper goes outside, to get out of that place, to escape. He breaks our hearts as he breaks down as we clearly see his vulnerability, and just how much he bears. Looking into his eyes, full of tears, all I could see was Maya. Knowing that that's whom his pain is for, that she would hate to see him suffering like this, as we hold onto hope that one day he may find peace.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Back inside, Clarke is still tending to Raven. Raven breaks the silence by telling her "Thank you," and then she takes aim and fires directly at Clarke, asking if she ever sees the faces of all the people she's killed. Clarke tells A.L.I.E not to bother, that she won't get to her.. But Raven says it's not A.L.I.E it's Raven, knowing that what was coming next would hurt more if she thought it was from her friend.

Raven says she's not trying to get to her, just trying to tell her the truth because no one else will. Which was a nice try but we all know A.L.I.E is clearly doing something for her gain.

"Everywhere you go, death follows. You always want to save everyone. What you don't realize is, you're the one we need saving from. Wells is dead because you couldn't see Charlotte was a basket case. Finn is dead because you broke his heart then slid a knife into it," and then Raven goes in for the kill shot and hits her right in the heart, "I bet you got Lexa killed too."

K - That was such a low blow. You can see it written all over Clarke's face how raw her emotions are when it comes to Lexa's death.

M - Clarke tells her to shut up, but it's too late, she's reacted and A.L.I.E can see her weakness. Raven then tries to completely break her by mentioning her father, and how she tried to convince him not to go public about the Ark dying. Saying she should have tried harder, that his blood is on her hands too. Clarke continues to scream at her to shut up. "You can hide behind the selfless martyr act, but we all see you for what you really are Clarke.. Poison to anyone who gets close." Clarke tries to gag Raven to stop her. At the same time Raven takes a chunk out of her, biting her.

Clarke completely loses it, "You're done, A.L.I.E! You hear me? We're gonna fry you!" As the others come in, and it takes all of Bellamy's strength to get a screaming Clarke out of the room. As Jasper looks on horrified at Raven, the moment made worse by the blood dripping down her mouth.

K - That moment horrified me also.. We see just how Raven really is not Raven anymore.

[ image has been removed ]

M - After everyone leaves, A.L.I.E tells Raven well done and references that Clarke chose to say the word fry. Fry as in to destroy circuitry with excessive current. Unconsciously revealing what they're doing and now they know that they're building the EMP. I knew it was only a matter of time.

A.L.I.E wants to break them all. It was a great physiological play. A.L.I.E may have logic and use their emotions and what they did against them, but she'll never understand what they had to do to survive, to live. She may hurt them and think she can break them but she'll never understand humanity and what it is to be human, and that was Becca's fatal error and will be A.L.I.E's downfall.

A.L.I.E and Raven realize the group would need an electromagnet to make the EMP and Raven knows exactly where they will go.

M - Monty and Octavia arrive at the drop ship in the rover. I can already tell something terrible has already been put in motion. They get out of the rover and Monty tells her he heard her telling Bellamy she was leaving, and asks if it's true, after everything they've been through. She admits it's true. "Octavia we're your people. We were sent down together. We survived together." "Lincoln was my people. I'm not Trikru. I'm not Skaikru. I'm nothing." That is when I notice Octavia's braids, once in her hair, are gone. Some would think what does that matter.. But it matters because it's a part of the Grounder culture, and that's when it hits me that she thinks without Lincoln she's not Trikru. That he was what made her Trikru. She thinks she doesn't deserve to wear those braids.. But she's wrong, she is Trikru and she is Skaikru, it's who she is inside, it's a part of her not who she was with, even though Lincoln was a big part of that. I hope one day she can remember that and can find her way home, as Monty reminds her, "You're one of the 100," and she gravely tells him, "Not anymore."

K - This moment broke my heart. Octavia has always been herself, and that has always been a mix of both Trikru and Skaikru, and just who she is on the inside.. and that is why I've always admired her. She was never afraid to be true to herself. Now, watching her grieve is hard because she has become lost and unsure of where she belongs in this world. She doesn't see her purpose anymore, and I hope she doesn't completely lose herself in the end.

M - Back at Niylah's, Bellamy helps Clarke to bandage her wound from Raven. "I let her get to me," she tells him, he merely replies with "You don't say." That made me smile. It felt like the good old Bellamy you know, and the old times when him and Clarke used to joke together. Normally Clarke's the one doing the bandaging, but for once she allowed someone to heal her, and she chose him. It was a bittersweet moment.

K - Of course I loved this moment, too! I miss this friendship. Bellamy and Clarke have always brought something special to the show, with their leadership and their friendship, and I miss it.. And I promise I'm not just saying that because I'm a Bellarke fan because I wasn't in the beginning, and I've always just loved their dynamic together.

M - Bellamy tells her to take a break, "I'll let her beat me up for awhile," and that right there, that sentence, is Bellamy Blake. The guy willing to take the pain for anyone and from anyone if it protects others, that's all he's ever done. A true leader, and a true protector. Bellamy leaves and Clarke is left feeling the pain from Raven's bite.

"The truth hurts, huh," Jasper tells her. Clarke walks over to him and says, "I'm sorry." Jasper lets out a faintly whispered, "What?" "I never wanted to hurt Maya. I never wanted any of this. I had to save our people." I loved this moment. The shock and pain Jasper shows when she apologizes, when she says this, was like he finally understood. Jasper finally has to face that Clarke had to do it. That it wasn't easy like he thinks it was for her, that she didn't just do it and walk away fine. He now sees she's been struggling with it this whole time. Jasper finally sees what he wasn't able to see before and a part of him now accepts that he couldn't save Maya.

"I was going to save everyone!"
"I wish you could have."

It's too much for Jasper, so he tells Clarke to "Shove your regret up your ass," and smashes his way through her, and she's left struggling to face that she's the cause of Jasper's pain.

K - I think Clarke and Jasper's confrontation was the one I was looking most forward to watching this episode. It kind of hurt me to think that Jasper truly believed that Clarke was that kind of person to murder innocent people, and actually be okay with it. He should've known that she wouldn't have killed all those people, including Maya, if she didn't have to. Their relationship is still fragile, but I hope this is the first step for them at making amends.

M - In the dark, Monty exists the drop ship, but stops when he can't find Octavia. Suddenly there's a rustle. The moment I heard that noise I knew someone was there, and I knew exactly who it was. I knew it was his mum because it's something that A.L.I.E would do. He lets down his guard for her and she can get close to him the easiest.

Monty searches the dark, calling for Octavia. There's another noise and he spins around, his flashlight landing on someone.. his mum. His mum comes out of the shadows and runs to him, hugging him, full of relief. She tells him she's pretty sure she lost them in the woods, and asks him if he saw anyone. This confuses and alerts Monty. He stares, as he's asking how she got away. She tells him she had to find him. Monty asks her how could she turn him in. Hannah tells Monty she would never do that which is A.L.I.E's mistake. The real Hannah wouldn't say that, she would try to explain that she did it for him, to save him, that she thought what she was doing was right. That betraying him was worth the risk if he got to live.

K - Again, we see how A.L.I.E doesn't understand humanity and what makes humans who they are..

M - Monty knows this so he asks her what his father, her husband's favourite colour was, and she can't answer so she tries to divert his questions. Monty says, "You don't remember that do you?" as he slowly backs away from his mother. A.L.I.E tells Hannah not to let him leave. That he needs to take the chip in order to lead them to Raven. So Hannah punches him and continues to attack him as Octavia comes running. Monty begs his mum to stop but she says she'll only stop if he takes the chip. "Never," is all Monty can reply.

K - What in the world was Octavia doing though?

M - Octavia pulls Hannah off Monty as he yells to her she's been chipped. Octavia pulls her sword and Monty screams, "DON'T!" Octavia and Hannah fight. Octavia is over-powered as Hannah tries to kill her. Hannah has Octavia's sword, trying to push it down to slice her throat. Octavia struggles to hold her off as Monty screams for his mum to stop. Monty pulls his gun, aiming it at her, and yells at her to stop. As Octavia's about to lose the battle against Hannah, Monty makes the decision, and pulls the trigger, shooting her. But Hannah doesn't fall, she doesn't weaken, she doesn't stop, and now the sword is almost touching Octavia's throat.

Monty having no choice, screaming in agony, he shoots her again, this time hitting her in the heart. Octavia yells for him as Monty watches his own mother die, by his own hand.

I was speechless, nothing really sunk in after that moment. It was horrible. Especially when you remember that they never got to say a proper goodbye. I was crushed because I didn't want Monty going through that, I didn't want him to suffer, and we don't know if he will survive this.. But there was nothing either of them could do. Though it did make me think how exactly did they know to send Hannah, how did they know who was going to the drop ship?

K - How did they know? I was a little upset and confused by all of this.. First off, Octavia is a bad ass warrior trained by Indra, how was Monty's mom stronger than her in this moment? Has Octavia's grief made her weak? I just find it hard to believe that she couldn't at least knock Monty's mom out, so they could find a way to help save her.. I just didn't want her to die, and I didn't want Monty to be the one to kill her. I was hurt and shocked, and I think A.L.I.E was a little shocked by Monty's actions also.. I don't think Monty will ever be the same.


M - Clarke checks in on Sinclair who continues to work on the wristband. Clarke tries to comfort him saying Raven will be alright. He tells her, "You don't know that." Sinclair admits Raven is all he has left as he struggles with doing what he has to do, with what if the thing he's making destroys her mind, as Sinclair questions how could he live with that. Clarke tries to comfort him saying Jasper said Raven was trying to disconnect herself from A.L.I.E. That it's not Raven anymore. He asks her if she's sure and Clarke admits she's not sure about anything, but it's their only choice.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Monty and Octavia drive back to Niylah's in the rover. Monty says it wasn't really her. Trying hard to convince himself that it wasn't really his mother, that it was A.L.I.E. He says his mum was already gone as he tries to hold onto that, the only thing at the moment holding him together, stopping him from breaking.

Octavia tries to talk to him but he cuts her off, continuing to repeat that it wasn't her. Octavia then holds up a chip, eyeing it off. It must be the one Hannah had. I knew right then that someone will end up taking that chip.. and I think it will most likely be Monty or Bellamy. Though I think the arrows are pointing more towards Bellamy.

K - Oh, I see that happening now that you mention it! I think Jasper might be the one to take it.. He might get too fed up with everything that's happening?

M - A.L.I.E tells Raven they got the electromagnet and are on the way, that she must hurry. Raven goes on the attack again, this time at Jasper who is guarding her alongside Bellamy. "Look at your united front. Tell me, why do you give Bellamy a pass for murdering your girlfriend?" I admit I've always wondered about this too, but Jasper tells her not to talk about Maya, as Bellamy tells him he doesn't have to listen to this.

"Let's protect Jasper. He's so sensitive. Jasper's lost someone. Everyone cater to his feelings. We've all lost someone. You don't see us falling apart. You don't see us getting wasted.. being useless." Jasper tries to turn the tables on her, "No, you took a pill to take the pain away. You gave up your memories," but Raven is relentless.

"But then, why should we expect any more? You used to get high off people's medicine. Being a selfish loser was your only move. That's all we see when we look at you. A coward. A waste of breath. Why do you even bother living? You're weak. Pathetic. You can't save me. You can't even save yourself. You couldn't save, what's her name. . ."

Jasper jumps out of his seat, screaming "You know her name!" as Raven yet again gets to another one of them. I wished Jasper had not given in to her and given her what she wanted. Why listen to her, you had your argument. She calls you weak but she's the one who took a pill to take away her pain and her memories.. But it's not about getting back at her. It's about understanding that her words have no real power behind them. The words are not even spoken by Raven but an artificial intelligence that isn't real, that isn't living. The words are invalid.

Bellamy grabs Jasper and tells him to think, that it's not Raven talking, and he's giving her what she wants, and tells him to leave. As yet again Bellamy is willing to take whatever may be coming to protect the others, as all targets are now aimed on him.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Once again Raven begins attacking. Bellamy's strong and silent persona coming in handy at this moment as he just sits there not answering, showing no care or emotion to what she's saying. This gets A.L.I.E's attention as she intently watches him.

K - This scene guys.. Although this is breaking my heart, I can't help but appreciate the way everything from their past, everything we know about these characters, all their problems are coming to the surface through A.L.I.E for them to finally deal with. Raven begins, "Just you and me, huh? Oh, c'mon Bellamy. We've had our fun together, haven't we? It's okay. We don't have to talk about it. There's really not much to talk about any way."

M - "I do have one question. Does it bother you that you don't get any credit for the genocide at Mount Weather? Clarke gets to be the Commander of Death, but you murdered all those people, too. Then again you didn't get any credit for the culling on the Ark, either. How many suffocated when you threw away my radio? At least Clarke was saving her own people. You were just saving your own ass. Of course that's nothing compared to killing your own mom. You just had to take little sister to her first dance. You might as well just shoved Aurora out of the airlock yourself. Do you think she'd be proud of you now for the kind of leader you've become, or would she see the truth like the rest of us do, that you're a follower? Clarke's been back one day and you're already taking orders. The good, little knight by his queen's side."

The more Raven says this, the more you can see it affect him, it slowly getting to him. He hides it well but even for Bellamy it becomes too much. A.L.I.E walks closer to him, with curious eyes, seeing his pain and something else in him. I didn't notice A.L.I.E's reaction until now, and I think we just found out the answer to who might take the chip. She can see he's already lost and broken. The others have pain and their own suffering but Bellamy's different, and A.L.I.E has noticed this.


M - Raven continues, bringing up Gina and him getting revenge, when he slaughtered the army. Of course Niylah overhears this and goes straight for him. Niylah enters the room and Bellamy knows what's coming, but he doesn't move, he doesn't defend himself, as once again he's hit and believes he deserves it. At the same time it being revealed exactly where they are, as A.L.I.E sends Raven help.

K - Wow, that scene was a killer! Lindsey Morgan (Raven) was just the best during this scene, being a whole new Raven that we've never seen before this episode.. It gave me goosebumps. Like I said, I love how everything from their past is coming up and they are having to deal with all of their demons, and I just appreciated that nothing these characters have done was swept under the rug.

I think my favorite confrontation Raven/A.L.I.E had was with Jasper. It hurts to see him suffering from PTSD and all of his pain, but maybe this will be a step to help him recover? To help him realize that all of them have lost someone, too.. That he's not alone even when he feels that way. Everyone has lost someone and it's about finding a way to deal with the pain in a positive way that will only help you survive in this world. . . I hope he sees all of this.

M - Bellamy marches outside angry, upset, hurt, and I think at himself more than anything. He punches a few things and Niylah asks if he feels better. He tells her all he wanted to do was protect his people, and she states by destroying hers? Bellamy chokes out an "I'm sorry," and she tells him people like him always are as Monty and Octavia arrive back.

M - Monty walks past them without saying a thing, and Bellamy asks Octavia "What happened?" As a grave look crosses her face as she now must tell them what happened.

Once everyone's inside, they gather around Raven as they finish putting the final pieces of the device together. A.L.I.E knows she won't be able to get there in time and that Raven knows too much so she makes her try to kill herself. They try to stop her, holding her down, as Clarke tells A.L.I.E to stop and she will give her the second A.I. That gives them a chance to get the device on Raven, but they only have one shot at it, afterwards the wristband will be destroyed. They activate it but nothing happens. The battery's not strong enough to power the device.

Monty realizes they can use the rover's, him and Bellamy run to get it, but something's watching them. It's a drone but Bellamy shoots it down. They run back inside and connect a battery and activate it, this time it works as Raven screams and A.L.I.E disappears. Raven collapses, still alive, but she's not waking up. Clarke tries to wake her up but she doesn't stir as everyone begins to fear the worst.


M - Jasper begins to freak out, thinking he's just lost another person. He grabs the second A.I. It was A.L.I.E who did that to Raven and he never wants her getting what she wanted, so he tries to destroy it. Clarke desperately tries to stop him. She screams for him to stop, that it's Lexa that a part of her is in it, that she saw them take it out of her, and at the same time revealing the way she felt for Lexa to everyone.

K - Clarke let a little bit of her walls fall down when mentioning Lexa's name.. But it seems like she's still not ready to deal with truly grieving over Lexa's death.

M - What Clarke says gives her an idea. The A.I's were made by the same person, they must work similarly, and she's seen one removed before. They turn Raven on her side and Clarke cuts an incision into the back of her neck, the same place we saw with Lexa.

K - So, this makes me wonder if Murphy did tell her everything he found out about Becca and the A.I? Remember we weren't sure. . . But she obviously knew that the A.I's were both made by Becca.

M - Nothing happens as Clarke says this has to work. There's silence as everyone waits and watches. Then suddenly something oozes out of the incision as they realize it's what's left of the chip, and Raven finally wakes up.

Jasper goes to Clarke and tells her he couldn't do what she did and gives her back the second A.I. As the realization hits Monty that there was hope, that his mother could have been saved. Jasper reaches out to Monty. The first time since what happened at Mount Weather, but he snaps as the only thing that was holding him together was believing that it was no longer his mum.

K - Again, my heart breaks for Monty.. It also hurts to see Monty and Jasper still at odds with one another. Is it fair for Monty to accept Jasper's comfort though, when Jasper did nothing but push Monty away from him when he tried to do the same? I want them to repair their relationship but I understand how Monty must feel right now.. And I think Jasper is the last person that can help him with dealing with his mom's death.

[ image has been removed ]

M - A.L.I.E will be coming so they load up into the rover, getting ready to move out. Before leaving Clarke tells Niylah it's not safe here anymore and that she needs to run. Outside it's Clarke's turn to bandage Bellamy. She checks his injury and tells him he'll recover. Bellamy asks her will he.. "What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy," and Clarke says to him "Maybe there are no good guys."

K - I can't take it with these two and their parallel thoughts! Remember when Clarke asked Abby the same question, and Abby's response was now Clarke's? It just shows how in sync these two are, and my Bellarke heart soars. Also, I think in this moment Clarke understood the weight Bellamy carries on his shoulders because she carries so much from everything that happened at Mount Weather, and she just understands how lost he is right now.. A part of her is just as lost.

M - Sinclair and Jasper help Raven into the rover. She apologizes for all the things she said and Jasper asks her for punching him in the face too, and she says "No, not for that." It's great to have Raven back! Clarke goes to Raven and asks her why A.L.I.E tried to kill her. Raven tells them it's because she knows why A.L.I.E wants the second A.I. Raven reveals it's the only thing that can stop her.. Who else let out a I knew it!

K - Yes!! Also, I'm really happy that they were able to save Raven and that she's back. I was honestly a little worried there for a minute. . .


M - Octavia speaks up with, "Then let's stop her. We survive together," as she finally realizes that the 100 are her people, no matter what has been done or what they've been through, they're her family. Monty made her see that. As everyone realizes that to do this, they have to do it together.

K - Yes! Finally!

M - Over in the City of Light, the once empty city is now full of people, bustling about. Jaha tells A.L.I.E not to worry (not that she can), that they'll get Raven back. They'll get them all. "With Raven's abilities she'll be able to understand what she learned here. They'll know the second A.I can stop me.. We'll have to kill them all."

I don't think any more words are necessary to tell you how amazing this episode was. I have only one thing left to say.. Have you seen the promo for next week? It looks insane!

K - This episode was amazing and next week looks just as amazing! Although this episode crushed me, I'm just so happy that the gang (well most of them) are all back together, fighting together, and surviving together. They are stronger when they put all of their mind's together and I know they'll defeat A.L.I.E and her City of Light!

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