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What an intense episode!
Can we give this cast all of the awards already? Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Stealing Fire" here.
Let's talk about this episode!

Fallen Synopsis:

"Jaha employs a terrifying new method to convince Abby to join his cause, Kane is on a mission, and Bellamy is hit with a hard truth. Meanwhile, Monty finds himself in a precarious situation, and Jasper rushes to save one of his own."

Maddi - Going into this episode we knew it was going to be hard, we knew what was coming. It begins with us back in the cave. Bellamy is still chained, having no idea what has happened. In beautiful slow motion, Bellamy hears them coming as he turns his head towards them. Then stands to watch as one by one they walk in. In the slow motion you can see what he's thinking. He's counting them off, to make sure they're all here. He's looking, waiting for his sister, to see if she's safe. He's looking for Kane and for Lincoln. Everyone else walks in and you can see the pain on their faces. Kane and Octavia walk in after the others but relief doesn't wash over Bellamy because he sees the look on Kane's face. Kane's eyes piercing, trying to tell him something. Bellamy knows something terrible has happened. He stares at the empty entrance way to the cave for Lincoln to walk in.. but he doesn't.

Finally he breaks the silence, "Where's Lincoln?" Octavia struggles to say it, trying desperately to breathe as if she can't, "Pike put a bullet in his brain." All Bellamy can say is a painful "O", trying to reach for his sister even though he's just lost a brother, he thinks only of her.

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M - "O, I'm so sorry," at that Octavia loses it, the pain too much, the grief too raw. She spins around punching her brother. In that moment everyone's hearts stop. There are no words that could ever describe the look on Bellamy's face and in his eyes. In that one moment his heart completely shatters, you could literally see it in his eyes, you could feel as if you were feeling it.

Kristy - What an opening scene! This moment crushed me. It ripped my heart out and tore it into a million pieces. Like I said in our last recap, I understood how both Bellamy and Octavia felt in the situation surrounding Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair.. I still understand how both of them feel in this moment, too. Octavia is angry, and Bellamy is the easiest to blame for everything that is happening right now, and he did play a part in what is going on. Bellamy thinks he deserves this. He's going to let Octavia take all her anger out on him because he believes this is what he deserves. I feel like he may think this is the only way to help Octavia instead of trying to comfort her. He's still choosing his sister first. He's going to let her have this. He's going to take all of the anger because he thinks that's what he gets for allowing things to go this far.

M - Octavia hits Bellamy again as Kane tries to reach her by calling her name, saying that's enough. But it's Bellamy who tells him to stay out of it. Octavia hits him again and again as everyone else turns away, barely able to watch. She continues to hit him but Bellamy does nothing, he doesn't fight back, and he doesn't try to stop her. When Bellamy finally falls to the ground, Miller tries to step in, saying enough. But Octavia goes for him and Bellamy tells him to back off. She hits him more and more, until he's on the ground defeated, and looks to him and says, "You're dead to me."

Bellamy's left lying broken on the ground as we witness possibly the end of their relationship. It felt like someone had died because in a way something did, the death of them, of their relationship. I could barely watch, and the worst part is Bellamy believes he deserves it. No one deserves that.

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M - Back at Polis, Murphy is chained. Ontari is pacing, clearly trying not to freak out. Roan told Ontari not to let Murphy out of her sight as he hunts down Clarke, as Murphy knows the truth, that Ontari doesn't have the flame. Murphy says a real Commander wouldn't be afraid. This angers her as she furiously says she is a real Commander, trying hard to convince herself.

When suddenly there's a knock on the door. She freezes, worry consuming her face. She doesn't move to answer it. Murphy antagonizes her, saying the King doesn't think she can handle it, that's why he insisted she wait for him to return. This pushes her to finally order whoever's outside, that she clearly fears or what they bring, to enter. An Ambassador enters. He says they are ready for the speaking of names. He questions if there is a problem with her ascension. The Ambassador doesn't try to hide the fact that he is clearly doubtful and suspicious, and wary of Ontari's delaying and hesitance. Ontari's hand moves for her sword, ready to kill.

K - You can notice just how hesitant the Ambassador is, especially when he addresses her. She isn't Heda yet, he still calls her by Ontari. I don't know how she's going to get out of speaking the names without the chip, and it's clear that she won't officially be Heda until then. It's interesting learning more about the Grounders' beliefs and traditions.

M - Murphy saves her and the man from the on-coming of certain death, as he chimes in saying they will be there soon. The man questions why Murphy's in chains and where Titus is. Murphy uses the excuse that Titus is looking for the next class of initiates. The Ambassador continues not to back down, pushing, saying that Titus has scouts for that. This Ambassador needs to be more careful with what he's questioning and accusing, I can't tell if he's either being brave or a fool.

Murphy covers by saying that they sucked, obviously implying the initiates that died, and that Titus is making sure to find better ones. With nothing more he can do, the Ambassador leaves.

K - I'm not sure if he was being brave or a fool either.. I understand why he was questioning them, because they were acting like something was wrong and I would've been suspicious also.

M - "It's better to lie your way out of a problem, then to kill," Murphy tells her as he says he noticed her hand going for her sword. Ontari is now really anxious, as Murphy says you can't go around killing Ambassadors, and asks Ontari what did he want her to do. She is to recite the lineage, the names of all past Commanders, making the start of the new Commanders reign. Murphy questions how she will do that and when she doesn't respond he offers his help, but not before his chains are removed. If only the flame knows the name then how do they know the names she may tell them are correct, if only the bearer knows?

M - At Arkadia, Raven is in a frenzy, her mind chaotic, as she tries to frantically remove A.L.I.E from it, while she creepily watches on. A.L.I.E tells her that sensory overload can't block her out as Raven continues to recite something out loud, exercise, and blast music and sound to overload A.L.I.E out of her head. Outside her room Jaha waits with A.L.I.E. He asks if it will work, A.L.I.E assuredly replies with of course not.

The noise Raven's making draws a crowd as Raven actually succeeds in blocking A.L.I.E out, but sadly not for long, as Abby and Jasper arrive. 

K - When A.L.I.E said that Raven was so much stronger than "all of you", I couldn't help but think that maybe the crowd didn't just form because Raven was being loud.. Maybe they came because A.L.I.E told them to?

M - Abby scatters the crowd, but Jaha won't leave. He says it doesn't concern them, clearly worried about the attention Raven is bringing, because it's not good press for them. Jaha says that Raven is with them now. Abby threatens Jaha that the guards will drag him out if he doesn't leave. He only leaves after A.L.I.E has regained access back into Raven.

Raven drops exhausted, especially mentally, from continuously trying to push out A.L.I.E. She tells her it's pointless, that sensory stimulation at the level required to force her out is unsustainable, as Raven screams for her to leave her alone. That's not right. You can't just take over people's minds. There must be a way to remove her. Raven is already pushing her out. You can't remove or take complete free will from everyone. It's impossible it will always be there, especially in those who are stronger.

K - As we learn more about A.L.I.E I can not only see similarities from her and the second A.I, but I can also see where Becca went wrong when creating the first A.I.

M - There's a knock on her door and Raven jumps up, knowing it's Jasper, with relief washing over her. I loved that moment and seeing their friendship grow. You can see just how much Jasper is helping Raven, even if he doesn't know it. Raven asks Abby to help her get A.L.I.E out of her head and Raven thinks she knows how to do it.

M - Elsewhere Hannah finds Monty and sits down opposite him. Monty immediately knows something is wrong. It's obvious that Pike knows what he did, that he figured it out, as Hannah confirms our thought by telling her son that Pike knows.

Monty needs to leave and this is exactly what Hannah tells him. To leave right now, not to do anything, just go. To find his friends, they'll protect him. Monty is clearly troubled about having to leave his mother, after only recently getting her back. But Monty knows of her loyalty to Pike and asks if she told him. Hannah reassures him, saying that he's her son and she won't lose both the men she loves, after having lost her husband. At least Hannah did the right thing. But this is dangerous, they may know that she will try to help her son, they could be watching her, and she could go down for helping him. It's a big risk.

Monty asks her if he can hug her and Hannah says it can't look like a goodbye, and my heart aches. Monty can't really say goodbye to his own mother, he can't hug her goodbye, not knowing when he'll see her again or if he will. It was a beautiful moment between a mother and her son. In the end all they could do was reach for each other's hand, but could barely touch for the risk of being seen, as she tells him to go and watches her son leave.

K - I agree that it was a beautiful moment between them. If I'm being honest though, I don't trust Hannah. She's incredibly loyal to Pike, and I think deep down she believes (just like Bellamy does, deep down) that they are doing the right thing where the Grounders are concerned.. So it seems as if she believes in Pike's leadership. She might not want to betray him. I took this scene in as her possibly helping Monty, but she could also be using him.. as sad as that thought sounds.

M - Back at the cave, the group organizes a patrol, but Kane comforts them saying they'll be safe here because they are too close to the blockade for Pike to search for them. They know their only chance is to take out Pike, and the blockade will be lifted, and they can go home. Their people will be safe as Kane thinks they will return as the 13th Clan. But Sinclair points out if what Bellamy says is true and Lexa is dead, how will they know if the new Commander will honor those terms.

Kane tells them one problem at a time. Miller mentions Clarke, that she wouldn't be safe if Lexa's gone. Finally their thoughts go to Clarke, it seemed for awhile they forgot she was one of them. Clarke may be in the most danger out of them all, being in Polis with a new Commander. As Octavia bitterly says that Clarke made her choice, not knowing that Clarke chose to leave and to come back to her people, but was unable to leave. Thinking that she didn't choose them. As Octavia becomes consumed by revenge, saying that the only thing that matters now is killing Pike.

K - Nooo, Octavia doesn't know that Clarke chose to go with her back to Arkadia!! That breaks my heart, their relationship was already so fragile, and I hate knowing how angry Octavia must be at Clarke right now. I'm glad they haven't forgotten her, especially after everything Clarke has done to keep her people safe, but I also could see how they would be able to forget about her. She's been gone for a long time now, and nobody really knows her true reasons for staying away for so long.

M - Kane agrees with Octavia, saying Clarke will be safe once they rejoin the Commander's coalition, but they have another thing coming, having no idea that it's Ice Nation taking the throne.

K - Did anyone else notice the way Bellamy reacted to this plan? He may be "with" them in a way, but he still believes that what Pike was doing concerning the Grounders was the right thing to do. You can see it written all over his face when Kane says they could rejoin the coalition. Bellamy still doesn't believe that living with the Grounders is a good idea. So is he on their side for good?

M - As they begin to discuss how to deal with Pike the radio goes off. It's Monty radioing for Bellamy. He says he's in trouble. Kane goes to answer but Sinclair says Pike could be listening. That's when Bellamy finally speaks up, saying to change the radio channel to a specific one. That it was a code, "Please say you still have your radio," 7 words, change to channel 7. That way they can speak without fear of someone overhearing.

They doubt Bellamy before listening and radioing back. Monty tells them Pike knows he helped them. Kane offers to meet him at the drop ship, but everyone worries it's a trap. Kane says he will go alone, not risking anyone else but Octavia refuses that, saying, "To stop me, you'll have to kill me." Bellamy chiming in with, "She hopes it's a trap." Octavia tells Kane that Bellamy's coming to, they need a hostage to trade for Monty. Leaving some shocked faces, even more so when Kane agrees saying that it's a good plan, and that he's to stay chained. Miller is the only one to object and Kane firmly shuts him down with, "He's the enemy."

This shocked me. The way Kane is acting, and treating Bellamy. Keeping him chained when all he's trying to do is help you. He has no weapon and he's out numbered, there's nothing he can do. He risked his life to help save Kane, Lincoln, and the others, and they treat him like this.

I understand their distrust towards him after the things he has done, but the way they are treating him is just wrong. And the thing that makes me angry is that they forgave and trusted Bryan after he betrayed Miller. They forgave Monty for choosing the wrong side for his mother, but not Bellamy. I know he did some bad things, but everyone has, no one amongst them is completely innocent. Have they forgotten that they all have done bad things, and made mistakes. Have fallen down wrong paths before finding themselves again. I can't believe Kane is allowing this.

K - Yes, what makes Bellamy so different from them now trusting Bryan? It upsets me that he's being treated so unfair, even though I do understand where the group is coming from. It also makes sense for them to blame all of their grief over Lincoln's death on Bellamy, who is an easy target right now.

M - At Arkadia, Jaha and A.L.I.E are meeting with their fellow members, as they discuss Raven and that she's looking for ways to leave them. Jaha saying that doubt spreads like a virus. In other words he can't have people spreading doubt about their group and their mission. A.L.I.E thinks it's not logical, according to data all human behaviors revolves around the avoidance of pain. She offers an escape from suffering, and A.L.I.E can't understand why a human would resist their pain being taken away. She can't understand that it's a part of what makes them human, that the pain reminds you what is real, the memories, the love, the life. A.L.I.E will never understand this.

K - Like I said, we see where Becca went wrong when she created A.L.I.E. What she meant when the second A.I would work because it understood how to be human.

M - Jaha says it has nothing to do with logic but it's free will that is the problem, that they have to get around it.. Can he hear himself, you're talking about removing people's free will. A.L.I.E asks how and Jaha says to give Raven back her pain, remind her of what life was like before. Now that is just cruel. So A.L.I.E can give and take pain. We thought the chip removed pain but it doesn't, it gives A.L.I.E access and control, and then she somehow removes it so they can't feel it, but she can bring it back. Can she only bring back what is there or can she create it? Endless pain? That's a dangerous power to have.

Jaha says their mission is, "Saving the human race by migrating what's left of it to the City of Light." This made me think. If the City of Light is a place of being and believing in the mind, what's saying that you need your bodies or your life? Remember A.I 2 has former Heda's inside it, their spirits. What if it's the same with A.L.I.E, she launched the nukes because there were too many people, now she can kill them all but the race still survives, in the City of Light, in spirit of whatever it is. She's saving them by killing them.

K - Wow, didn't even think about that! Now I have more theories about why she set off those nukes besides the obvious too many people theory. . .

M - Jaha says to override free will, starting with Raven's, and they can finish what they started. Suddenly A.L.I.E randomly asks Jaha if he sent the 100 down to the ground with biometric wristbands. It seems Raven has found a way to get rid of A.L.I.E. Using the wristbands transponder all they have to do is reverse it and send an energy pulse into her brain, if Raven's right it will fry whatever A.L.I.E put in there without doing damage. They don't know if it will work, but from the look on A.L.I.E's face it confirms it will.


K - Raven is tough, she's trying so hard to fight off A.L.I.E. She asks Raven, "Why Raven? With everything that I can do for you?" Raven screams back, "Because you stole my memories, you crazy bitch!"

M - Jaha tells her it's possible there may be some wristbands still around. A.L.I.E tells her followers to find them and they obey, as Raven may have figured it out. I knew there was a way. However there's one problem, A.L.I.E knows everything Raven does, she hears and sees what they hear and see, she'll always be a step ahead.

K - So A.L.I.E can give them commands without really "asking" them to do anything?

M - Abby knows where the wristbands are, but Raven tells her not to tell her otherwise A.L.I.E will know, so she tells Abby to tell Jasper. As he goes to leave A.L.I.E tells Raven to tell him to stay, that she changed her mind, but Raven continues to fight her. A.L.I.E then apologizes for what she is about to do next as she gives Raven back all her pain, saying that she was the one who wanted her memories back. Just imagine if all your worst pain was being thrown at you all at once, every ounce of it. That is unbearable torture, which no one should bear.

M - Abby and Jasper rush Raven to medical and he takes off to get the wristbands. As Raven is being tortured, screaming in agony, A.L.I.E says that she can make it stop but all Raven has to do is submit. As much as I didn't want Raven to give in, no one deserves that, or would be able to withstand that. We all understood why she submitted as she permanently gives in completely to A.L.I.E.

K - Can you imagine how Abby must feel right now? Raven is just like another daughter to her, and watching her deal with this pain must be killing her. . .

[ image has been removed ]

M - All of a sudden Raven's screams end as she goes completely silent. Abby calls to her. Raven's eyes open and she sits up. It was like watching the dead rise, because in a way she is dead, Raven's gone, she no longer controls herself. A.L.I.E said she can't override free will, that's why she needed Raven to submit, she can't take full control unless you give up that last sliver of free will by choice. She promises to take their pain, she gains their trust, and slowly little bit by little bit she takes complete control, until it's too late and that person is no more.

Hopefully not forever, hopefully they can get Raven back. Then as if she's dead inside, Raven says I now have full access to Raven's synaptic network. . . She's ours. Confirming that it's A.L.I.E, that Raven is gone, as Jackson drugs Abby. Props to Lindsey Morgan (Raven) for giving me chills in that scene.

K - Completely agree! I couldn't tell if that was really her voice or the actress who actually plays A.L.I.E, she completely owned this whole episode.

M - Back at Polis, Murphy thought a list of the previous Commanders would be in the room with the drawing, but after not being able to find it, he thinks to know the names Ontari needs to get the flame. Ontari thinks she will now have to kill all the Ambassadors expecting her. Ontari believes she deserves the throne, because she was raised for it. Having been snatched from her parents as a child by the Queen of Azgeda. "I suffered her cruelty. I won the Conclave. The Ambassadors don't get to judge me, and neither do you!" She suffered the Queen's cruelty, yet she does it to others, she should understand most of all.

Murphy says they can use that, that Roan's got her doing it all wrong, that she's hiding. Ontari says she isn't hiding, but waiting for Roan to return with the flame. Murphy asks what if he doesn't, that the longer they wait, the harder it will be to convince the Ambassadors she's the real thing. Murphy offers his help saying a fake Commander, needs a fake Flamekeeper.

K - I have to hand it to Murphy.. He is more intelligent than most people give him credit for. He adapts easily to every situation he finds himself in.. He knows how to survive. Playing Ontari, by helping her lie, is his way to stay alive right now.

M - Back at Arkadia, Jasper is desperately searching for the wristbands. Right as he finds them Jaha shows up. I'm suspecting A.L.I.E told him to follow Jasper and he led them straight to them. Jaha says he's going to need those and Jasper says he can't have it. Jaha's minions come in and take them, holding Jasper back and handcuffing him, as he's powerless to stop Jaha from destroying the only wristbands left.

M - At the drop ship, Kane and Octavia carefully enter with Bellamy out in front of them. Kane calls for Monty but no one answers. Kane assumes they got there first but Octavia knows better, putting her knife near her brother, she yells for them to get outside. Monty walks out of the drop ship, Pike behind him holding a gun to his head. Monty says he followed him. Kane tells him to let him go, but Pike warns them with a gunshot to their feet. Pike says it's over and to put down their weapons. Octavia tells Kane to shoot him but Monty's in the shot.

There's another warning shot as Pike says he promised Monty's mother he'd bring him home alive and he doesn't want Kane making him a liar. Kane drops his weapon but Octavia puts her sword to her brother's throat. Pike tells his men to shoot her in the leg. We all knew that Bellamy would do something, he would never allow his sister to get hurt, and so he disarms her.

Pike gives Bellamy five seconds to make him believe he's still with him. So Bellamy tells Pike the others are in a cave nearby. Octavia loses it at this, and goes for her brother but the guards shock her. I can't believe Octavia thought her brother would really turn them in, that he would do that. It was obvious that he was helping, that he had a plan. Pike asks for the coordinates but Bellamy doesn't have them, instead saying he will take them there.


M - As they walk to the cave Pike worries if Bellamy has the right path because they're getting close to the blockade. Bellamy asks Pike what will happen with his sister. Pike says he'll promise him the same thing he did to Monty's mother, immunity from all past actions but if she screws up again. . . Bellamy says she won't, he'll make sure of it. "My sister, my responsibility," the same thing we heard his mother tell him the day his sister was born, "Your sister, your responsibility," the day he promised his mother he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her.

K - Every time Bellamy says those words, I die a little. It just shows how much he loves his sister, the only family he has left, and how he would do anything to protect her. In that moment I knew that he had a plan. I wasn't so sure at first, but after that I knew he was on their side and not going back to Pike.

Also, poor Monty.. I knew I couldn't fully trust Hannah. I think she had good intentions for turning in Monty to Pike, but I'm sure it still hurt Monty to know that she did.

M - At Arkadia Abby is coming to, bound to a chair. She sees that Jackson is one of them. He says it's a miracle and that as doctors it's their job to relieve suffering. She asks him what his mother's name is, and he has no idea. Until A.L.I.E, in Raven's body, says that her name was Mary, and that she died of a terrible illness. Abby says her death is the reason he became a doctor, asking Jackson if A.L.I.E took that from you too, how that's a miracle. Jaha says all she has to do is swallow the key and see for herself, but of course Abby says that will never happen.

K - I feel so bad for Abby. Who does she have left at Arkadia? Jasper? Who can she trust when she now knows that Jackson is with A.L.I.E?

M - Jaha needs Abby to tell the people it's safe because what they're doing is too important. "What you're doing is stealing people's minds." "You're wrong, we're freeing their minds, and we won't be done until everyone is with us." Abby says she doesn't care if they torture her, she will never take it. A.L.I.E says who said anything about torture as Jackson picks up a scalpel, handing it to A.L.I.E, as she says she's giving her a choice, and cuts Raven.

K - This was me: OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What Abby was feeling, was what I was feeling!

M - Jaha says to save her all she has to do is take the chip. It just shows how willing they are to kill Raven, to kill anyone. I didn't want Abby to take the chip, but there's literally nothing she could do. We all knew she would take it because she won't let Raven die. I'd like to think we'd all do the same thing if we were in her position. As Raven bleeds out, Abby has no choice but to take the chip to save her.

M - The Ambassadors arrive requesting to hear the lineage. Ontari blatantly says no. The Ambassador says her reign cannot begin until it has been done. Ontari says her reign has already begun. "I am the last Nightbleeder. Heir to Becca prom Heda. I triumphed in the Conclave, and you are my subjects." He says they will be after she recites the lineage. She asks him if her Flamekeeper is correct, that he demanded to see her. He goes to say if you think you can intimidate me, but before he can finish Ontari grabs him and squeezes his eyes with her hands, crushing them, saying "Now you see me."


M - Back in the woods, Bellamy, Pike, and the group continue walking. Pike stops them after hearing a noise but they continue moving forward when suddenly horns sound. The blockade, but before Pike can retreat Bellamy grabs his gun, and points it at him, telling him to drop his weapon. He announces, "We bring you Chancellor Pike of the Sky People," as Octavia translates, as he tells them to take him and lift this blockade.

The Grounders take out their guards. Octavia grabs a knife of one of the fallen and tries to kill Pike, but Kane stops her saying they need him alive, they didn't get justice for Finn, they won't get away with that again. Pike decides to go after Bellamy, lunging, but a Grounder shoots him with an arrow. Then they pick him up and take him. Kane asks where are they taking him and they say to the new Commander. He asks if he can join them, showing his Grounder marking, and they oblige.

Kane tells them to tell Abby he'll look out for Clarke, and then turns to Bellamy and asks him, "Did you do this for your sister, or because it was the right thing to do?" Bellamy only responds with, "Your welcome," as he turns to walk away Kane grabs him and says, "It matters. Until you see that, you'll still be lost." Thank you Kane. My favourite line of the episode, it really speaks to what Bellamy is going through this season.

K - I loved this scene, it made me happy to see all of these characters working together again. I agree with Maddi, what Kane said to Bellamy was one of my favorite lines, too. Bellamy is still clearly lost, but I haven't lost any hope for him and I don't think Kane wants to either.

M - Monty and Bellamy share a moment as Monty accepts his mum turned him in. I still can't believe Hannah turned in her son, but I understand why. She wanted to make sure her son didn't die for helping them, she made a deal with Pike so he would spare his life, which meant betraying her son. I understand why she did it but it doesn't make the betrayal hurt any less. Bellamy comforts him saying, "You're family, you'll work it out." I hope that Octavia was listening because I miss my old Blake siblings.

K - I miss them, too. I think it's going to take awhile for them to get back to where they once were.. but I have no doubt that they'll figure things out. I'm at least hoping for forgiveness even if it takes them some time to learn how to trust one another again.

M - Ontari and Murphy return to her room and she makes the guard chain him up again. Ontari propositions him but when he turns it down saying there's someone else, she threatens him to get what she wants, to control him, as Murphy in a way, is enslaved. Is anyone else also wondering where Emori is? She saw him captured and I refuse to believe she would just move on and not go after him.

K - I'm also wondering where Emori is.. I thought this moment showed a lot more of the person Murphy now is, turning down someone because he actually cares about someone, and that someone cares about him.

M - At Arkadia, Jasper finally breaks free and finds Abby handing out chips and encouraging people. Jasper finds Raven in medical, hurt. He drugs her and takes her as A.L.I.E's followers go after him.

K - Yes Jasper! I love how loyal Jasper is. He's had a rough time since Maya's death, and he's felt alone, but he's willing to risk his life to save one of his own. I loved how he could tell that Raven was not herself, and his immediate reaction was to save her.


M - Jasper puts Raven in the jeep and drives for the main gate and smashes through before hitting the breaks, almost hitting someone, then realizing it's Clarke. Clarke asks what's going on as Jasper yells for her to get in. Clarke desperately asks for Lincoln but Jasper says that Lincoln is dead and they will be too if she doesn't get in the jeep as guns, aiming at them, begin to fire.

Clarke asks what do you mean Lincoln is dead.. well it's pretty self-explanatory. But she's only concerned with finding Luna. I know she's on an important mission and Ontari can't get the flame but seriously Clarke, you just found out your friend is dead.

K - Jasper is bewildered by Clarke and everything she's saying responding to her, "Suddenly you don't understand what dead means?" Then when she starts telling him about Luna, he loses it screaming (what we are all thinking in this moment), "Shut up! I don't care, okay?!" Wow what an intense reunion this is! I know Jasper is part of the reason why Clarke hasn't wanted to come home, because she would have to deal with all of her demons, including the ones surrounding Jasper. Their whole exchange in this short amount of time, shows how fragile their relationship is right now.

M - The jeep won't start and a man opens the back and reaches for Raven. The jeep starts and Jasper floors it as Clarke kicks the man away, resulting in her seeing her mum amongst those after them, standing alongside Jaha. Clarke now beginning to realize what has happened, realizing what she's missed, what happened when she left them and wasn't there.

She was horrified, she wanted to believe in her head that everyone was okay and happy but reality hit her, you weren't there, this is the true reality. This is what has become of your people.

K - I know it's hard to believe that Clarke could've changed so much if she would have stayed in Arkadia, but she would have. I don't think she believes in how powerful of a voice she has for her people, especially the delinquents. She would've been smart enough to stop A.L.I.E and stop Pike and everything that has happened. This moment was a wake up call, at least I hope that it was.

M - A.L.I.E says now all they have to do is wait for Raven to wake for her to find out where they are, as Abby says, "Now that Arkadia has fallen, we'll move onto stage 2." Oh this is very bad! What is stage 2?

K - Now we know why A.L.I.E sent Jaha back to Arkadia.. She has a bigger plan for all of them.

M - What an insane episode. I can't wait for next week, the band's getting back together.. well the delinquents are!

K - Yes! I can't wait for next week either! I've missed them together, and I can't wait to see Clarke finally deal with everything she's been keeping inside.. It's time. If she doesn't she's just going to completely lose herself, and I don't want that.

Nevermore Promo:

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Join us that weekend as we recap episode eleven. We can't wait to discuss all things The 100 with you!

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