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Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Curtis Sittenfeld
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have a confession to make. . . Although I own all of Jane Austen's novels I have not read all of them, and that includes Pride & Prejudice. I have seen the movie though, but it's been awhile.. So, let me start this review by letting you know that I can't tell you how faithful this adaptation is from the original tale, but I can say that I really enjoyed it for what it is all on its own!

The Bennets are all accounted for as the story begins with Liz and Jane returning home from New York to help take care of their sick father. Liz is our main character, and she is just as lovable and smart as I remember (from the movie) while still being refreshingly real with her many flaws. She's a writer who works for a magazine and has a very complicated love life. Jane is a bit different from her younger sister, as she is a yoga instructor who is ready for the next stage in her life - becoming a mother. I really admired the both of them because they represented all types of women there are in our world. They balance each other out throughout the story, and I just loved these sisters for being able to stay loyal to themselves while still trying to make the ones they love happy.

Being the oldest, Liz and Jane, are being pressured to get married by their mother. Their mother seems to want to marry off all of her daughters but Jane's the oldest so she's the immediate goal. This family is hilarious and despite how hard they try to deny their love for one another, they are all loyal to each other. Of course they have their faults too. They were well developed though and at times when they became annoying they were still interesting.

As you can tell, this story is very character driven and I really enjoyed this. I liked learning more about each of them as Liz tries to help them in their lives. Liz seems to leave an imprint on, not only her family, but everyone she comes across.. Which brings me to the swoon-worthy Darcy and his best friend Chip Bingley. These gentlemen were great additions to both Liz and Jane's plots. I won't say too much about them, but you should know that I immediately fell in love with Darcy and wanted more Darcy.. Who wouldn't, right?

The banter between these characters is great. Curtis Sittenfeld wrote some of the best dialogue I have ever read, and it only helped me fall more in love with these characters and their relationships. It also helped make this book fast paced despite its lengthy appearance.

As the story continues, it tackles many issues in our society. There were some parts that felt like it was trying to tackle too much, but by the end of the book I really appreciated how it all was represented. All of these issues bring forth family and relationship drama, and forces our characters to deal with their own issues within themselves, especially Liz. They all made mistakes but they all grew from them. Which left the story to end in a beautiful way.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Sittenfeld's writing was brilliant and her take on this story was unique, especially with the addition to the reality show! This story was brave and honest while tackling issues in our society, and Sittenfeld found a way to truly portray each well while still making this book fun and hilarious! There was a certain scene of the sisters playing charades and I could NOT stop laughing!

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the original tale of Pride & Prejudice. If you're looking for a good character driven story, while still having a great overall story then this book is perfect for you! Or if you just enjoy contemporaries then pick this book up!


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