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I am still a bit speechless after watching this episode. . .
There is so much to talk about today! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Bitter Harvest" here.
Let's try to talk through all of our emotions now!

Thirteen Synopsis:

"Lexa tries to maintain peace and order within the clans, and Clarke uncovers a strange and game-changing truth. Meanwhile, a flashback takes us into the darker chapter of humanity's past."

Maddi - The 100 opens with us back at Polis. Beneath the surface of the bustling city, thriving with life, is a dark place. The room Murphy is being held prisoner in. Murphy awakens, exhausted from being tortured, to Titus who is kneeling behind him. When I saw Titus in that moment to me he looked very sick and disturbed. Like someone who's loosing their grip, their grip on their sanity.

I remember when Murphy used to be disliked by many, but now he's grown into a character that's loved by all. I wish they'd stop hurting him.

Kristy - Murphy has definitely become a stronger character since the one he once was when we first met him in season one. He's gone through so much, and his recent actions are justified in my eyes. I don't blame him for running away from Jaha and turning to that kind of life with Emori. It's sad to see that lifestyle has led him here with Titus though.

M - Titus stands before him. He continues to question Murphy about the chip with the sacred symbol on it that Jaha gave him. Titus wants to know how a Sky Person came to be in possession of their most holy symbol. Yet when those Grounders found it and saw what it was they looked afraid and fearful. . .

Titus tells us, "This is the sacred symbol of the Commander to whom I've dedicated my life." If it's the symbol of the Commander, why does A.L.I.E have it, why did it come from her?

K - Murphy tells Titus, "It's a corporate label." This was really interesting to me because I find it mind blowing that this sacred symbol of theirs is something someone created.. not something bigger than who they are as humans, and yet their whole being is surrounded by this chip.

As they continue talking Murphy tells Titus, "She's a computer program.. but I get that's hard for you to grasp considering you pray to garbage. No offense. Obviously."

M - Titus continues to ask about the computer program A.L.I.E that gave Jaha these chips and ended the world. Murphy says his people thought it was countries and politics that caused the end, but they were wrong, as we go into a flashback from 97 years earlier.


M - We've been waiting a long time to hear more of the story before theirs. I've been dying to learn of the past and what happened, what transpired, what caused the world to become the way it is today. We finally get to see some more pieces of the puzzle. We first see a machine working on a chip similar to one of Jaha's, by Becca. Is it the same thing Jaha has or just where it came from, it's beginning? And what are they making it for?

K - These flashbacks, finally!! If I'm being honest I've missed seeing flashbacks of the Ark and being in space, and these flashbacks brought a reminder of how much I truly enjoy watching this show and seeing this story progress. I wouldn't be mad if one day we got a prequel show to The 100, where life is on the Ark way before the 100 were even born.

M - The artificial intelligence's control module continues to malfunction. They're trying to perfect the neural interface, "It's the key to everything." They say if they can't crack it they might as well go back to the A.L.I.E code and start again.

K - Did anyone else notice the language Becca spoke when she was talking to the A.I.?

M - When they suddenly get an incoming message. It's the man from the bunker video that Murphy found. He says A.L.I.E's gotten out and is cracking systems as Becca realizes she's hacking the nuclear launch codes. Becca's assistant asks why would she do that and she simply replies with too many people. Too many people as in not enough food, land, resources for all the people on the ground? Why too many people?

They try to send a virus to kill A.L.I.E but the man already tried it and it's not working. The Commander of the station walks in revealing, there's a situation on the ground and that 27 missiles have been launched from China and they're headed for the United States, and they don't know why. As it shows them looking out of the window to their planet as they stand aboard Polaris, the 13th Station.

K - They only state the missiles that launch from China, but at the end of the flashback it's clear there were more missiles.. but now I'm left curious about the rest of the world. Is it all like life in the United States?

M - The Commander tells the crew to contact their family, as we all know this will be the last time with them. They stand there motionless and lifeless as no possible words can describe what they are feeling and seeing as they watch the missiles fly towards their targets from the safety of space. We watch the Commander say his last ever words to his wife and child as the call abruptly ends, and our hearts shatter along with the characters as we watch their world end.

K - My heart shattered once I heard that little girl's voice! I got goosebumps while watching this scene.. So many innocent people. So many deaths and they can't do anything but watch. It was truly heartbreaking watching this, as Becca ends with "What have I done?"

M - Back at Polis, it's Ascension Day, the day they honor the previous Commanders. In comes charging the Grounders from the village as Titus promised they would be heard, with Octavia being dragged along as a prisoner. I noticed they called Titus the Flamekeeper, I wonder what that means?

They have come seeking justice as Clarke learns of the attack on the village. The villagers ask Lexa to avenge them as Semet riles them up in support for the death of the Sky People.

M - Lexa is furious that Titus brought this to her on Ascension Day. It also puts her in a dangerous position. Titus tries to use this to persuade Lexa and her decision. He uses what the Sky People did, their breaking of the "blood must not have blood" rule, it's failure, to get vengeance and war. He was unnervingly eager to do this, to kill them, to go to war. It is very worrisome.

K - Lexa is trying extremely hard to bring peace to this world, and we see it written on her face how furious this is making her and how hard these decisions have been. Titus is relentless when it comes to making Lexa change her mind about "blood must not have blood" and it seems as if he won't stop at anything to get Lexa to do what he feels is the right thing. Maybe he thinks it makes Lexa look weak, but to me she looks the opposite by choosing to not shed any more blood.

M - Lexa asks Clarke for her opinion. Clarke says she knows not all of her people agree with Pike and that some voted for Kane. They need time to see the error they've made, the wrong they've done in choosing Pike, to fix it and elect a new leader. Clarke believing her people will remove Pike themselves. Now Lexa must choose between killing all of the Sky People or hoping they see their wrong doings and elect a new leader.

M - Lexa raises the armies of the 12 Clans but not to attack to contain. To blockade the Sky People from killing and taking what's not theirs. And now the Sky People must make that choice too, to either bring death to themselves or elect a new leader.

Containing them is a great idea when you're running out of decisions and ideas to stop war. However there is one major flaw. You have armies of people surrounding the people they hate most and you expect them not to attack when they're at arms reach. They may not follow their orders. They could easily disobey and attack. It's one hell of a gamble. Titus is livid she came up with it, he almost had his way but again it slipped through his fingers. But I'm sure Titus will also see this and use it to his advantage, doing whatever it takes to cause the armies to attack if they go there. The Sky People will see this as a major threat and a strike towards them, maybe even a challenge in the eyes of Pike. They will not sit for this.

K - If we know anything about Pike then we know that he's going to take their blockade as a challenge, look what he did to the army that was there to actually protect them. I admire Lexa for this decision, but a part of me feels like this is a bad idea because the Grounder's feelings and pain are too fresh, and some are not going to be able to sit still, as with some of the Sky People.

M - Lexa gives the Sky People time to take out their leader from within. Once they rise up against Pike they will be welcomed back as one of them, as the 13th Clan. As riders make for the armies and Arkadia Lexa issues a kill order for any Sky Person who crosses the blockade. An unhappy Semet asks, "How is this vengeance?" and Lexa says, "It is not vengeance, my brother. It is justice."

It was great to see Lexa stand for this. There is a difference between vengeance and justice. Semet is beyond consolable when hearing this after having lost his whole family. "If the spirit of the Commander will not protect us.. then what will?" and then he makes a decision that will end his life as he screams "Death to the Commander," pulling out a knife and charging for Lexa.

Titus jumps in front of Lexa and takes down Semet in seconds with his own weapon. Semet never had a chance of harming Lexa, not only are there guards everywhere but he clearly announced what his intention was, giving them just enough time to act.

K - That was brutal. And important. I think this showed that Titus is really trying to protect Lexa, especially when it comes to her decisions. I think Titus has been around for a long time and has seen many things in his life.. He feels as if he knows what has worked best for the Commanders and what hasn't and he's trying to advise Lexa the best he can. All of his actions, to him, stem from respect for her.. To us it looks more like he's becoming more dangerous. . .

M - Afterwards Titus shows no remorse or any real emotion after taking the man's life, taking the life of one of his own people. All he can say for himself and his actions is "Blood must have blood," as he continues to grow into a very dangerous threat.

M - Murphy still trapped in the room manages to break free of his chains and tries to escape. He cannot unlock the door that's kept him imprisoned, as he begins to notice the drawings all over the walls. He pulls a rod that's holding up the access to the pod and the door falls, revealing itself to Murphy. The words Pol--is written on its side as Murphy begins to put pieces of the story together. Polis' name came from a pod from the Ark station Polaris, as we go into another flashback.

Aboard Polaris Becca injects something into herself. My first thought was I don't think that's vitamins, but then I realized that whatever she was injecting was black, and then I immediately knew Becca is the cause of the black blood. Because she was the first one with it, she was the first ever Nightblood, and the first ever Commander of the Grounders. MIND BLOWN! Now all that was left was to wait and watch the rest of the story play out, and to see if my thought was true.

K - BLACK BLOOD! My mind is blown, too! I honestly still don't understand too much as to why they are injected with black blood.. or how they still do these injections, if they are injections still, when they clearly don't have a lab like Becca did? But yes, mind blown about that black blood!

M - Then in comes barging the Commander of the station, ordering her to step away from her instruments and questioning her nature of her research, after finding out the artificial intelligence Becca designed ended the world, but that she is also still working on it. It's Unity Day and they will soon be docking with the other 12 stations. But if they dock they will be giving the A.I. access to the last of the human race and we already know that it doesn't mind killing a whole race so what's stopping it from taking out the last of it? Is that why they blew themselves out of the sky, the only way to save them?

Why the hell would you continue working on something that ended the world? That's just crazy but if she's trying to fix the A.I. or kill it I do see the side she's coming from, but something is telling me she wasn't trying to destroy it. Becca believes the A.I. will save them. Now she either knows something we don't or she has put all of her hope into the wrong thing. As I'm re-watching the episode Becca says A.L.I.E 1 didn't understand what it was to be human but A.L.I.E 2 will.

Is that why A.L.I.E tried to find her second version? Does she want to use it or destroy it? Does she know A.L.I.E 2 might be the only one able to save them from A.L.I.E herself? That's when Becca said A.L.I.E 2 was designed to interface with humanity and to coexist with them.

K - Major revelation here! This is exactly what Becca tells them, "A.L.I.E 1 didn't understand what it meant to be human, yes, but A.L.I.E 2 will. It's designed to interface with humanity on a biological level. It will understand the value of life by co-existing with us."

Becca is determined to save A.L.I.E 2 as she tells the Commander, "Killing it is killing us." This was the moment where everything started to click together for me, that Becca was probably the one who caused the 13th station to blow up, that she could've been the one to bring A.L.I.E 2 to the ground, and that somehow this A.I. was linked to the Commanders of the Grounders.

M - I realized that was what was in Lexa. . . A.L.I.E 2 was in Lexa.

It's probably helping the Commander to keep the humans alive, helping them to survive. Then I remembered Lexa's nightmare she had in the last episode, the one she thought was a warning. It may have been from the A.I. That's why she overlooked it as a dream, that's why she was positive it was a message, she knew, a part of her knew.. Maybe that's what the device does, maybe that's how it connects or how they connect together.

M - Back at Polis Octavia has been freed, she's angry they now have a kill order on all of their heads and that Clarke is yet again defending Lexa as Clarke goes to talk with her.

K - There is still a lot of unsaid words between Clarke and Octavia, but this is not the time for them to make amends. Octavia is angry as she can't believe Clarke is still defending Lexa when she's the one who abandoned them at Mount Weather, and she feels like she's doing it all over again with the kill order. Octavia also mentions Indra and questions why she wasn't standing by Lexa's side as Clarke tells her that she isn't doing so well, but they can't deal with that right now. When Clarke leaves she tells Octavia to stay in her room, but of course Octavia wants answers herself so she leaves afterwards by saying, "Yeah right."

M - Clarke enters Lexa's room.

K - There we see Lexa is meditating, but now that we know about A.L.I.E 2 I can't help but think she's seeking help from the previous Commanders and from A.L.I.E 2 who, like Becca said, knows what's best for humanity because it is them. Clarke is oblivious, "Someone tried to kill you today. How are you this calm?" I don't blame her for questioning Lexa because I would be just as oblivious as she is if I didn't know about A.L.I.E 2.

M - Lexa knows Clarke is angry about the kill order but it's the only way to enforce the blockade. Lexa asks Clarke to stay behind. This is a bad idea. The Grounders want the Sky People stopped and Lexa enforces a blockade for all Sky People but it doesn't apply for Clarke. She gets to run free just because the Commander feels for her. It would be undermining her own decision and command. Her people won't be happy with that, but I know that Clarke will not stay in Polis. She knows what that choice could cause.

K - These two really care about each other, and that is clear the moment Lexa asks her to stay on her side of the line. I felt a little betrayed when it seemed that Clarke might say yes to this offer. Her people are the Sky People and if she chose to stay I don't think anyone, maybe myself included (as a viewer), could ever forgive her for looking as if she didn't choose her own people in this line that is being crossed between the Grounders and Sky People.

M - Titus comes in and Lexa informs him she asked her to stay in Polis as her guest and you can see the fury on Titus' face after hearing this. He asks Clarke to leave se he can talk with Lexa. He begs her to remember his teachings that, "Love is weakness" .. So that's where she learnt it, now it makes sense. "To be Commander is to be alone," as Lexa does not want to hear this again as he tells her that her feelings put both her and Clarke in danger. "Your kill order must be fully enforced," and for once we actually agree on something but I don't think it is because of the same reasons. A feeling tells me he may want every Sky Person back at Arkadia, behind the perimeter, so if for some reason they attack there will be no survivors, it would be the end of SkaiKru.

"Don't make her pay the price for your mistakes as Costia did," even I knew that this was a very hurtful, cheap shot at Lexa as the look on her face says it all. Lexa flames alight after this and rightfully so, her fire intensifying more with every word. "My mistakes. . . Azgeda cut off Costia's head and delivered it to my bed, and still I let them into my alliance. I am more than capable of separating feelings from duty!" Titus apologies, "I did not mean to offend you," as Lexa calls him out, "Yes you did.. but you also mean well."

K - I enjoy seeing more of Lexa and Titus' relationship being revealed to us, although I have to admit that it confuses me even more because I'm not sure if he's dangerous or truly making these suggestions because he cares and respects Lexa? Well, I am glad that I'm not alone on agreeing with Titus that Clarke should go home to her people. Ultimately Lexa leaves the decision to Clarke after Titus asks if he can make arrangements for her departure.


M - Octavia goes in search for Indra after learning that she has not been doing well and after Clarke dismisses her concern for her, "We can't focus on that now." You can't focus on someone who's struggling, someone who needs help. Someone your friend cares about. I know times are tense, but that was a bit harsh. Octavia finds Indra, greeting her, "I came to honor you," as Indra responds "There is no honor here."

Octavia asks for her help, for her council, from the woman who she served under, the warrior who taught her to be herself as she goes back to fight her own people, her own brother if it comes to it but she can't do it alone. Indra refuses and Octavia tells Indra she can either stay here and feel sorry for herself or come back with her and get her revenge. Octavia walks out leaving Indra to make the choice, and in this moment Octavia really was on of the Grounders, spirit and all.

K - We see how much pain Indra is in. She tells Octavia, "I should have died on that field," and Octavia replies with "We all die," leaving her with that decision to either get up or continue to fall.

I've always loved their relationship. I also agree that Octavia was truly the spirit of a Grounder in this moment, and she was so much more. Octavia is her own person, and that is what I admire so much about her. In this world where she is supposed to either be exactly like the Sky People or exactly like the Grounders, she is her own person who is mixed with both and mostly pieces of her own.

M - Titus returns to the room he's holding Murphy in to find he's gone. Now it's obvious he couldn't get out through the locked door and there's no other exit, so he's clearly still in the room, hidden ready to ambush him when he unlocks the door, giving Murphy the moment he needs to escape. Exactly this happens. Murphy attacks but as we know Titus can handle himself and he takes him down almost killing him. In this moment it was like Titus really lost himself, his piercing eyes full of emptiness. Murphy begs him to stop as he promises to tell him everything he knows about the chip and Polaris.

Murphy explains the pod is called Polaris but the A and R burned off in re-entry giving us Polis. He tells Titus that Polaris was a part of their story too and this catches his attention but he rejects this, "My faith has got nothing to do with yours."

Murphy tries to prove it using the drawing on the walls saying the world ended with the mushroom cloud, that's why they had to stay in space, that's why they're called SkaiKru. He says the story goes that Polaris was the only station not to join with the rest and they blew them out of the sky. Murphy thinks that the person in the drawing, the woman standing above all the others like a savior, somehow got out in time as Titus calls her the first Nightbleeder. After seeing the drawings I knew that Becca was the woman in them, the first Commander who fell out of the sky.

K - My mind continues to be blown as we see how much the Grounders and the Sky People's history is so much alike.. and yet these two groups are fighting each other instead of trying to coexist with one another.

I just have to say that I am really enjoying learning more about the past and the origin story of both the Grounders and the Sky People, because I thought I knew a lot about the Sky People and yet here I am continuing to be amazed at all the things I didn't know at all.

M - Titus is not happy hearing this, knowing deep down that Murphy is right that their Commander came from the same place they did as he knocks him out from behind and we go into another flashback.


M - We see black blood falling and a knife dropping and Becca standing up, but we see no wound. It's not until re-watching it that I realize that she implanted the device she made in herself, in the back of her neck, the same as Lexa.

The Commander asks Becca to reconsider if they don't get back in line to join the stations they will open fire. She simply says if you don't want them to fire get back in line, but he knows the moment they dock with the other stations the A.I. will infect them all, leaving him in a very difficult position.

Becca packs up her briefcase full of those black injections, ready to leave. This is when I realize she may have injected some of the Grounders as we already know only a person with black blood, a Nightblood, can be Commander. I think it's because it's the only way the device will work, or be compatible, or something along those lines. The blood is important in relation to the device otherwise anyone could have been Commander. She injected people to begin that line of blood throughout them, in grading it into them as it furthers itself and passes on throughout many generations.

K - That makes sense! I wasn't sure if the black blood could continue and get passed down the line as the generations grew, but if it could then this makes perfect sense. I agree that the black blood is important and must be how A.L.I.E 2 could be compatible with humans, and only certain Grounders would have this to make them eligible to be the next Commander.

M - Becca apologizes, "This is not what I wanted," as she puts on a space suit and enters the pod. The pod ejects, descending for Earth as the Commander begins to move the station back into line but the other stations will not allow this as they open fire on the 13th station, "If we're going to survive up here, extreme measure will be required." I don't think blowing them up is a good way to form unity. The 13th station was destroyed for not complying with the other 12 stations. Will the 13th Clan share their fate? There is no such thing as coincidence in this show!

K - Now I understand what Jaha said in the last episode that this was not the Unity Day story that would've brought the Sky People together. . .

M - I couldn't help but think why didn't the other stations nearby notice the pod, wouldn't their systems, technology, or computers have picked up that a pod was launched, that something survived the explosion, that something was descending into Earth's atmosphere?

M - Octavia goes to see Clarke, she figures out that Lexa told Clarke that she could stay, but Clarke has yet to make that decision. Octavia knows and so does Clarke that Pike will not obey the blockade, that they must stop him and more of their people from being killed. Clarke wonders "What if I can do more for them by just staying here?" This angers me along with Octavia as she tells her the truth she needs to hear, "You can't Clarke." Thank you Octavia someone had to say it. It's time to face them Clarke, you can't keep running away, it's time, they need you, and they need you home!

K - Yes, thank you Octavia for telling Clarke no and saying what I was thinking, "We don't have time for this!" Then we see Octavia grab Clarke's hand to hold, even with all of her anger and pain towards Clarke she knows how much their people need Clarke right now. She's the only chance they have at stopping Pike because in the end we all know what Octavia said is true, that he won't obey the blockade. As Octavia leaves she tells her, "If you're not there. You're not the person I thought you were." It's time to go home Clarke.

M - The kill order goes into effect at dawn, and now Clarke must say her goodbyes. Clarke goes to see Lexa in her room, obviously to tell her that she's leaving to go home. Lexa knows what decision has been made even before Clarke has told her. Clarke apologizes for leaving and Lexa says don't be, you have to go back there, they're your people. Lexa begins to say that's why I.. but stops herself. She was going to confess her love for Clarke. She may have not finished saying it but in a way she did, no matter how it was delivered, and Clarke knew this too.

K - Finally they let their guards down and admit their true feelings for each other, and what a special moment it was. Clarke tells her, "Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people," as Lexa replies with, "I hope so."

M - Lexa offers her hand for a Grounder shake and Clarke takes it as Lexa says, "May we meet again," and in that moment I knew that it was the end for Lexa. I knew that they would not meet again, I knew that it was goodbye.

K - I saw it as more of an ending also.. not the ending we got, but an ending especially once I saw those tears on Lexa and how this moment was truly breaking her heart, but in Lexa fashion she was still strong while still being so vulnerable.. the both of them were in this moment. And how refreshing is it to see two strong women being able to be so vulnerable, and yet still be great leaders and warriors.

M - They share a kiss and a moment in bed (wink wink). Clarke points out Lexa's beautiful tattoo. It caught my attention because Lexa says she got it on her Ascension Day, a circle for every Nightblood that died. Clarke notices that there are 7 circles but she remember Lexa saying there were 9 as she asks what happened to number 8, and Lexa asks to talk about something else.. I wonder what happened?

M - Clarke returns back to her room to find a tied up Murphy in a bad state and is utterly shocked of his presence. She runs to help him, to untie him as Titus appears. "What did you do to my friend," she asks. I loved that moment, Clarke seeing Murphy as one of her friends that she cares about. Murphy begins to stir as she comforts him, "Hey. You're okay." It was probably all he wanted to hear, that someone was there for him. I loved seeing this between them.

K - Completely agree about that moment Clarke called Murphy her friend, their relationship has been through so much and it is nice to see how far they both have come from the time they first got to the ground.

M - Titus stops Clarke in her tracks, threatening her, as he pulls out a gun. The obvious question is where the hell did he get that and what is he doing? Clarke tries to talk down Titus, who seems to have completely lost it. I think a part of it was from learning SkaiKru and his people share a history, part of a culture. His faith is being tested and shaken and he's struggling to accept what he's heard.

Titus sees killing Clarke is the only way to save Lexa. He's going to try to blame it on Murphy, with the use of a SkaiKru weapon and hoping Lexa will be angry enough to start a war.

K - Titus is going through so much, his faith is being tested and he feels like he has to be the one to get Lexa to be the leader that all the other Commanders have been to keep their people safe. He tells Clarke, "Lexa will never execute her duty while you live."

M - Titus begins firing the gun as Clarke ducks and runs trying to avoid his aim. Clarke runs for the door as Titus fires another bullet right as Lexa enters, hitting her. Titus and Clarke are completely distraught. Clarke tries to save her life, as Lexa lies there as she whispers, "Don't be afraid." She may have been looking at Clarke when she said this but I don't think it was to give Clarke strength but for herself as she faces death and the unknown.

M - Titus pulls out something, preparing to do something as Clarke tries to fix Lexa but this is one she cannot fix. Lexa makes Titus swear never to try to harm Clarke again and tells him to do his job, as he again is called the Flamekeeper.

K - My emotions went from shocked to horror to crying within one minute! That moment between Lexa and Titus really hit me because now I truly don't feel like Titus was ever trying to hurt Lexa but to get her to "carry out her duty" which to me seems like had a lot to do with the A.I. connected to her. Lexa tells him, "Serve the next as you have served me, Flamekeeper." Cue all of the tears as we continue to see Clarke trying to save Lexa. Clarke tells her, "I don't want the next Commander. I want you," and I agree Clarke - I agree! We don't want the next Commander, we want Lexa.

M - Indra and Octavia march for Arkadia, together side-by-side.

K - It breaks my heart to think that Octavia believes that Clarke chose to stay in Polis instead of come back with her.. This is sure to add more strain to their relationship.

M - Now the time has come for Lexa as she tells them, "My fight is over." Clarke refuses to accept that as Lexa says, "You were right, Clarke. Life is about more than just surviving." The moment arrives and Clarke beautifully says, "In peace may you leave the shore, in love may you find the next, safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground." As the life from Lexa leaves her and Clarke kisses her a final goodbye. I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE.

K - What a beautiful moment.. I cried the second time watching it. I'm sure I'll cry again and again. I honestly have no words for this death. There have been deaths that have hurt on this show before, such as Finn, and there have been deaths that have been just as sudden and brutal before, such as Wells, but this one is different in many ways. We got to know more about Lexa and see how she truly was underneath the hard shell of being just the Commander of the Grounders. This death hurts, and while my heart hurts from this my head understands how Lexa's death moves the story of this show along further, and has opened up new doors to be explored as we see Titus go to complete the ritual after Lexa's death, "Your fight is over, Lexa of Trikru.. The Commander's fight goes on."

M - Titus is adamant about completing the ritual as Clarke must step aside and Murphy helps her to do so. That's when we see the sacred symbol tattooed on the back of Lexa's neck and a scar going right through it as we flashback to the pod having just landed on the ground.

M - We are literally looking at the end of the world as Becca gets out of the pod, her suit repeating there’s a breach and that the radiation level is critical. Then she removes her helmet, completely confident that the radiation will not harm her as we see survivors, people walking towards her as she yells “I’m here to help,” and we see the same scar on the back of her neck.

Becca took the pod down 2 years after the nukes went off. She may have survived the radiation from living in space or from whatever she did to herself, but how were there survivors on the ground, the ground was uninhabitable, the radiation should have killed them? And what about food and water?

K - Mind blown! Yes, I knew that Becca was probably the first ever Commander but I still can’t believe what I’m seeing.. that I was right about my suspicions. I’m very curious about the people on the ground already also. . .

M - Titus cuts open the scar on Lexa and the wound moves as something crawls out of it. Titus takes it and Clarke and Murphy stand there bewildered as Clarke questions what it is and Murphy says that it’s an A.I, but Titus says they’re wrong, "It’s the spirit of the Commander," and now we know what it meant when they said the spirit of the Commander would live on. Titus picks up Lexa’s body and calls for the guards as he says, “Let the conclave begin. The Commander is dead. May her spirit choose wisely,” as he walks out and the doors shut behind him, locking Clarke and Murphy inside.

Going by how the doors were locked after Titus left, I’m pretty sure he will blame them for Lexa’s death and they may be in danger. The episode ends and we are left with, if it’s possible, with even more questions!

K - Ok, I didn’t even think about that! I didn’t think that he would blame her death on Clarke and Murphy.. but now that makes sense! It makes sense because Titus wants a war, and if he chooses to blame Lexa’s death on them then this will no doubt be what the Grounders need (even more so) to want revenge and attack the Sky People.

M - Was Lexa really Lexa or the A.I, or both? Was it controlling her? Does the device, the A.I., choose the next Commander? Who will be the new Commander? I think Aden. Some say Ontari? Some even say Titus? Though it kind of makes sense, the Grounders will see Titus as a good fit. He shares their beliefs and support for getting vengeance but if the A.I. makes the choice maybe not. Are the armies still marching for Arkadia? Will they stop and wait for the new Commander and their orders? Are they already there? So many questions, I must have the next episode! Bring on next week! 

K - So many questions.. After days since this episode aired my mind is still racing from everything that was revealed throughout that one hour. I’m still curious to see what A.L.I.E 1’s plan is going to be once she learns the truth about where A.L.I.E 2 has always been.. I’m sure this will not end well, and I’m sure more deaths are to come.

This was a very emotional episode, and I’m sad to see Lexa gone but I honestly believe her spirit will always be there. She was such a strong influence on Clarke, that it’s going to be hard for Clarke to just forget her and the things she learned while Lexa was in her life, so in that way Lexa will always be a part of this show.

Now, bring on the next episode and here’s to hoping we all survive it!

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