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The 100's latest episode was a bit slower than last but still really good!
We have a lot of Arkadia politics to discuss today! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Thirteen" here.
Now - let's talk about that episode!

Terms and Conditions Synopsis:

"Kane may be forced to use drastic measures - Kane is searching for a peaceful way to handle things but soon realizes he may be forced to resort to drastic measures. Meanwhile, Pike suspects that there may be a leak within the walls of Arkadia. Lastly, Raven has a plan and reaches out to Jasper for help."

Maddi - The 100 opens with us back at Arkadia.. finally. Last week we didn't see them, the camp, or our favourite characters within. Pike and Bellamy march to the security outpost next to the gate. There seems to be a situation. They lost contact with one of their recon teams. Three teams went out, all reporting Grounder contact less than a mile from camp. On Pike's orders two teams retreated and made it back safely and the third had to engage, and that's when they lost transmission with them.

To them, obviously not knowing about the Commander's order, it appears that they are establishing a blockade and leaving no way through it. This is when I realized that the Grounders have not informed them of their plan or of the blockade, which we can also assume that they don't know about the kill order either. That's not fair, anyone could cross it unknowingly and get killed. They have a right to know. As Pike realizes something has changed, two Grounders appear, making their way to them.

Pike wonders what they want as Bellamy says they have brought a message because he's seen this before. We have seen this before, right when they were on the brink of war, it seems as if history is beginning to repeat itself. Bellamy orders them to open the gate as Pike reassures the command. Bellamy has a lot of control as Pike allows it to him, his second hand man, as it seems Bellamy answers only to Pike.

Kristy - All of this brought back those memories of the Grounders coming for Finn after he massacred that village, and had to "pay" for what he did to their people.

M - Bellamy greets the two Grounders on horse. They're dressed in their fighting gear with their war paint and intimidating masks on as one of them holds a bag. I knew it was something to do with the missing recon team. That it was something to signify what had happened to those people, to show that what they say has truth to it, that this is happening and they mean business.

M - They say an army has fallen as they ask for the one called Pike, for the lives he took, as Bellamy welcomes them to the war against them. Come on Bellamy what is this, you don't want a war. Life was taken and they demand life in return. Pike asks for their terms, and it's simple, he comes with them and they walk away, or war. The Grounders tell them by command of the Commander they have been surrounded and any who try to cross it will be greeted by death as they empty the bag to reveal the bloodied clothes from the SkaiKru's fellow people.

K - "Life was taken. We demand life in return." Well, now it seems like they know the terms of the blockade and they are not happy about it. Of course things would be easier if Pike would just go with them, but Bellamy isn't going to let that happen.. He didn't even want to give up Finn, so his actions are making sense to me.

M - Pike tries to get Bellamy to go back inside with him as he just ignores this whole thing. To me I thought Bellamy was trying to reason with Pike as he's tried to before in certain situations, as he tries to tell Pike that he knows they will not leave, he has seen it before as Pike doesn't listen. They mean business you can't just turn your back and ignore it.

We've seen this before with Finn, but Pike will not give himself up, he doesn't even see what he's doing, and if he can't see it he won't face what he's done or try to correct it as he doesn't even see it as wrong, whereas Finn did.


M - The Grounders try to threaten them as they say their people took a long time to die and they will too if they do not give up their leader. This hurts Bellamy as Pike orders him to fallback but he doesn't move. One of the Grounders says, "Choose the side that's best for your people," you can see the hesitation in Bellamy as it clearly affects him, because that's all he wants, that's all he's trying to do as this hits home to him. There's a tense moment before Bellamy replies, "I do it every day," and shoots them both.

Why Bellamy why. . . Why kill them. What have you done? You said you've seen it before then you know what the answer is, give up Pike and stop a war on your people. You know peace can be the outcome, after everything, you did have it for three months. You know it's possible, so why would you not try to do it.

K - BELLAMY! I remember live tweeting this episode and there were multiple times where I tweeted "WTF Bellamy WTF" throughout this episode.. He truly believes he is doing what is best for his people and that is what is breaking my heart. He meant it when he said that he does what's best for his people every day.

M - "So far nothing has changed my mind." Why does he choose this, you can see his doubt and fear, and hesitation in those bad decisions he continues to make. It's time to start listening to your conscience and your reason. The more bad things he does the more regret he feels, the more he doesn't want to see and accept what he's done, the more he delves deeper into himself and gives in to the darkness that is trying to take control.

M - Pike, Hannah, Monty, and Bellamy discuss what their next move is. Without being able to hunt their food or obtain water their supplies will only last a week, two tops if they ration it, which Pike orders immediately. Hannah asks about breaking the blockade but after what Bellamy did Pike knows they will be expecting that. Pike says they can't engage the Grounders until they have their own people under control, and starting with Kane. He also bans all contact with the Grounder prisoners, who could be giving away information about their villages to him.

Pike asks Monty to take over all camp surveillance and security. Pike's insistent that this stays between them, as they don't know who is providing information to Kane. Then Pike brings up the matter of camp wide surveillance as a shocked Monty says, "You want us to spy on our own people?" Pike says he can't do what's needed to defend their camp if every order he gives is leaked before he can do it.. As their leader your people have a right to know what you are doing and if it's best for them, they have a voice too.

Pike clearly fears and doubts his people's faith in him, after the Grounders gave them an ultimatum to remove him from leadership or go to war to meet death. He knows his people aren't completely with him, that this could grow their uncertainties in him. He knows his people will do anything to survive, even giving him up and their support in him if it means that they get to live.

Pike tells them to be careful because "The walls have ears," as we see the listening device is hidden under the table they are currently standing around as we flip to the people listening in. Kane, Miller, and Harper. Pike warns them not to trust anyone not even their family, partner, or husband, no one. That they are now facing two wars and the most dangerous one is here. Does he even hear what he's saying, two wars, you're fighting your own people who are just trying to do the right thing while a giant army surrounds you and could kill you all, because of you. But all Pike cares about are the people trying to remove him from leadership because he's threatened.

K - Pike is getting his own people to go to war with each other. He is continuing to split everyone up and put them all on different sides. Is this truly what is best for your people Pike? I don't think so. . .

M - Kane, Miller, and Harper listen in as Pike says he knows they didn't sign up to investigate their neighbors but Monroe and LeCroy died because of the traitors. They are only traitors in your eyes, as they don't follow your orders and have different views. I knew he'd use their deaths against them. He turns everyone's attention and makes them focus on the other's actions, blaming them as the cause of their deaths and not the fact that they were going to slaughter a village full of innocent people. All they were doing was trying to stop you killing, but really it was your decision that caused these events to unfold.

K - How does Pike not see that? I don't think he even realizes how his mistakes are catching up to him. If he never attacked the Grounders that were there to help them, then they wouldn't be where they are now, worrying about their food rations and more because they would've had the Grounders as allies.

M - Kane decides if they're going to play that game they will too, as they start taking better precautions. Harper says they could just hand him over to the Grounders which Kane says would be murder and treason, and it's not who they are. As Miller chimes in with "Maybe it's who we need to be," as they look to desperate measures to stop Pike, without doing what he's doing and stooping to his level at the same time. You don't want to be like him, I know you're running out of options but you just can't afford to think that way. They look to Kane for a plan. I just hope they are careful who knows what will happen if they get caught.

K - When Kane told them, "Not yet," when talking about becoming the type of person Pike is, I completely understood where he was coming from.. If they truly become those type of people then there is no hope left in saving all of Arkadia from this war that is happening.


M - All supplies are now rationed as Jasper is stripped of his alcohol, his crutch, and the only thing that may be holding him up for now. Hopefully it may force him to face his demons, sober. Nearby Jaha and Raven are still trying to find the 13th station for A.L.I.E, even though they know it's been destroyed. Raven and A.L.I.E have tried to calculate the trajectory of the debris and where it would have landed. It seems A.L.I.E really wants to find that second A.I.

K - If she only knew where it was. . . It's kind of fun knowing that it's in Polis and A.L.I.E has no clue!

M - The probability is only between 75 and 80% as Jaha deems it not good enough. Raven can't do anything more without more resources. They decide the only way is to increase the population of the City of Light. "The more minds turn to the task, the more powerful A.L.I.E becomes." That doesn't sound good. Is it because they somehow give her power? Does she control them or influence them? Is it because she messes with their heads or something else, something bigger?

K - WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? How did I not put this together, that A.L.I.E can make them do things against their will? It's all a bit creepy..

M - They have one problem, when Abby shut them down Pike confiscated their chipmaker.. So that's where Jaha gets them all from, it means they could make an endless amount. They decide to get it back, but they need someone crazy enough to pull it off as they look to Jasper. They really love using people for their own gain, don't they.

M - Pike and his men are going through their ammo stash, as they have to be careful because they are running low. Pike questions what Chancellor Griffin was doing when in charge. Are you kidding me, she wasn't expecting or trying to start a war. As Kane shows up and asks to speak with him.

Kane asks him, "You don't really believe you could make enough bullets to stop all the Grounders, do you?" and Pike says, "I have to." Pike really has lost all reason. Kane tries to convince him to turn himself in, to do the right thing, and end the blockade but Pike cannot see it, he's blinded by his hatred. He sees a very different world, as Kane believes he has a responsibility to speak to him like someone who understands this world in a way that he doesn't.

Until Pike says, "Like you all did the right thing when you turned in that boy Finn?" Did anyone else get angry with Pike? I can't believe he had the audacity to bring up Finn. They didn't turn in Finn, he made the choice, the right one by turning himself in to answer what he did, to face it, to save his people, and the damage his actions were doing to his people, as they were having to answer for his actions as his blame was being placed on them. They did not surrender him, he surrendered himself, and went behind their backs to stop them from stopping him, to make the decision for them so they would not have to bare it. And in the end he did not die by the hands of a Grounder. Pike needs to stop blaming everyone else and to accept his own blame and what he's done.

K - Bringing up Finn was a low blow to Kane and yes, I got angry at Pike for this also! He tells Kane that the Grounders ended up betraying them once they gave Finn up, but does he not know that Clarke was the one to actually kill him? That he gave himself up? I mean where is he getting his information from? Or is he just not listening to the whole story and making up his own?

M - "There's only one way for this war to end. We put the Grounders down and keep them down, until they know better then to take one more step in our direction." I swear Pike gives me a headache. The Grounders were working for peace, they welcomed you as their own and you ruined it and killed INNOCENT people who were trying to protect you. You decided they're all guilty from one fellow man's actions, something from their past, that you're still holding onto. How can you not see this? I'm getting sick of arguing this. I've never seen a character with so little reason before. All I know is he must be stopped. "You've become a dictator. You realize that, don't you?"

Kane - "When this ends, with our camp in ruins, you won't be able to say no one told you there was a better way out."
Pike - "When this ends with Arkadia victorious, you'll only have yourself to blame for choosing the wrong side."

In this moment you can really see the difference between the two men. Pike sees victory and Kane sees ruin if he doesn't stop. They really are two different people who see two different worlds. They are two different leaders, with one leading with hatred and the other with hope.

K - I love that! It's true that Pike is leading his people with hate in his heart and Kane is wanting to lead his people with hope in his heart. He has hope for a better world, one where both Grounders and Sky People work together to make a better life for all of their people.

M - Raven lures Jasper with a fake promise of booze to make sure that he will talk with her. Raven offers information about the City of Light as we all know that Jasper has shown some interest in joining them. She pulls out a diagram of Pike's office and Jasper puts two and two together figuring out that they want the chipmaker. Jasper will need to distract the guards because they know Raven is with Jaha but he's mistakenly seen as a dumb drunk and is the perfect fool. "For what it's worth I think you're more than that." I love their friendship. I hope we can see more of them together.

K - I love them together also! I hate how Jaha is turning them into people who only use people for their own gain though. . .

M - If they're lucky enough to get to the door, the access codes have been changed, and they have over 100 million possible combinations. Raven reveals to Jasper that Pike put Monty in charge of surveillance and security, which means they don't have to crack Pike's passwords, they have to crack Monty's and no one knows him better than Jasper.

K - "It sounds like a terrible idea. I'm in," Jasper tells Raven. Again we see how everyone is on different sides when it comes to the war within Arkadia.. And Jaha's City of Light madness only adds another side to this war.

M - Kane, Miller, and Harper meet up again. They have had no word from Octavia but they hear something over their listening device. Pike, Bellamy, and Hannah are planning something. I knew immediately it was a set up. Pike was just talking about being careful and finding the traitors in camp and next minute there's a big random diabolical plan.

I couldn't help but hope Monty would warn them. He's the only one who can, before they get caught or possibly killed. We see your doubt and we know you don't agree with what they're doing. Come on Monty.

The plan is that they don't have enough ammo to make an attack, so they're going to deploy an assault team in the rover to the nearest encampment and do as much damage as they can with their automatic weapons. They know they'll just fallback and make a run for reinforcements but Pike is counting on that. The only way there and back is over a ridge. They're going to mine the field before attacking, then lure their reinforcements there and detonate as it reveals that they're talking TO the listening device. If they fall for it, it will reveal the people supplying information and helping Kane. I still can't believe Miller placed the bug under the table, everyone knows that is the first place you check.. well in TV shows.

Kane immediately decides they must disable that rover. It doesn't matter how many Grounders they kill, ten times that number will descend on Arkadia if they don't stop them. Kane says he might have a way to stop them and now we are all thinking he's clueless and fallen for their set up.

M - Kane cautiously talks to Sinclair, who's obviously helping them. Kane says it's his last chance to pull out and he says he wouldn't miss it as nearby Monty is watching and reporting to Bellamy. And by now we're all thinking this is bad and it isn't going to end well. I was convinced that Sinclair might die, I thought they might kill the traitors in their eyes, but then again they can't in front of their own people. I'd hope that most people would be against killing their own.

In the room the rover is kept Sinclair, being an engineer, is working with Kane nearby sitting and watching him, both clearly up to something. Sinclair goes under the rover and begins fiddling with it. Bellamy shows up as Kane informs Sinclair he's closing in. Bellamy asks what he's up to and if he has a work order to be doing it. Bellamy grabs his radio and Sinclair runs. They catch him and he's arrested for treason. I'm surprised he tried to run, he knows he would not get very far when you're in an enclosed camp with nowhere to go, it also makes you look guilty. Now they'll have to make an example out of him, but the question is how?

K - Did anyone else notice how evil Bellamy looked in this moment? That look on his face really took me by surprise.. Like nothing could hurt him, and how he was in charge. . I don't know why it bothered me as much as it did.

M - Pike, Hannah, and Bellamy try to interrogate Sinclair but he won't talk. Pike asks for Bellamy's gun as you can see the fear and concern on his face. You can see this is all testing his morals, but can he take much more in ignoring them? Bellamy somewhat reluctantly hands his gun over. Admit it, we all thought for a moment Pike was going to shoot him! But he instead uses the gun to destroy the listening device but he's still not out of the water yet. Bellamy tries to get him sent to lockup because he isn't talking, but Hannah says on the Ark traitors would have been floated. And for once Pike makes the right choice saying, "But we're not on the Ark."

K - I admit that I didn't know what Pike was going to do with that gun either.. And neither did anyone in that room. Thank goodness Pike didn't use it to shoot Sinclair. I thought that was a really strong moment for Pike when he said they aren't on the Ark anymore, because it showed that there really is a part of him that truly believes what he is doing is all to protect his people.

M - They can't possibly be thinking of doing this. On the Ark rule breakers are floated but you are no longer in space and on the Ark with limited space and air, you're on the ground now. Bellamy is clearly against it and harming his own people, and that's the difference between him and the others. Surprisingly Pike actually understands this, that they're no longer on the Ark, but I don't think it's over yet, that he's done with Sinclair.

M - Raven and Jasper continue trying to crack Monty's password. I wish they would stop using Jasper's pain for their gain. Jasper can't figure out how Raven knows that all his password suggestions are wrong without trying them, Jasper not knowing A.L.I.E is there, and has access to the system. Jasper reminisces about how they used to hang out on the Ark at Monty's favourite place, playing which planet would you rather, revealing that Monty always chose Earth. The password is a number code representing Earth.

K - This moment made me miss Monty and Jasper. I just want them to be friends again!

M - Monty and his mother have a moment, as he doubts what he did to help was right, by helping lock up his mentor. Hannah tells him that "If something helps you survive, it's always the right thing." .. So taking people's land therefore taking their own food and supplies from them, and killing innocent people is right because you think it will help you survive. But it turns out Pike taught her that, and now it makes more sense. You can't just do anything, especially bad things and think it's right because you think it will help you to survive. There is right and wrong and a fine line in-between. You can't just excuse your unacceptable actions.

K - Now it's clear that Monty is doing all of this and choosing this side for his mother. We know Monty is a good person and he wouldn't do some of the things he has done, but having only found his mother and feeling like she's all he has left then of course he's going to cling to that, and be on her side.

M - They shove Sinclair into the lock up with the Grounders as Lincoln asks him what he did to get in here, and surprisingly he replies with anything it took and that he has a message from Kane, to get ready and that tonight's a go. It seems they didn't fall for Pike's plan after all. They actually out played them, they out played the players. I shouldn't have doubted Kane. But what's tonight? Are they breaking out the Grounders? I think there's more to it than that.

K - Yes to this plan! I was so happy to see that this was all a part of their plan. So happy to see Lincoln also, I've missed him this season.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Kane is standing, waiting, thinking deeply as Bellamy approaches. He points out it wasn't much of a plan and for a split second I thought he was going to help them. He says people are losing focus, that a threat is outside the walls and Kane replies with, "The threats are inside the walls." Yes Kane. Thank you. He's right. But Bellamy still cannot see this. Bellamy sees Monroe's death as Kane's fault and Kane says what about Sinclair, you don't think he's going to be the next one to die. I thought this too. Bellamy is shocked at this and is positively sure that it won't happen.

K - This is how we know that Kane wants to lead his people with hope because he still believes Bellamy has good inside of him despite all of the mistakes he's been making. Kane is who Bellamy needs right now. He has always had people thinking the best of him when he doesn't think it himself, such as Clarke and Octavia, and I'm happy that Kane hasn't given up on him otherwise I think we'd really lose him.

M - Kane knows the people will turn against Pike. They'll either starve, be locked up if they disagree with him, or die if the Grounders decide to go to war, and by then it will be too late. Come on Bellamy listen to Kane. I know it will be Kane that will break through his walls, but when? He asks him to choose the right side as Bellamy says that's what I came here to ask you. As they're pitted against each other, on different sides of the battlefield. And in a battle only one side can succeed. Will it be the right one?

M - Miller's boyfriend Bryan returns home to their place, as Miller is getting ready to leave for guard duty. You can tell he is up to something. You can see he suspects him. You can see he's betrayed him and their relationship. It's all over his face.. And then when he picked up his jacket and offered it to him I immediately knew he had placed a bug on him. Is it worth it? Do you support Pike that much that you would risk the man you love's life?

K - We've seen how both of them are on different sides and again we are just continuing to see how Pike's leadership is pitting everyone against one another.. Making them make horrible decisions.

M - Miller clearly doesn't hide from his boyfriend the dislike and disagreement he has for Pike's policies. As he kisses him goodbye you can see the pain and regret all over Bryan. It then shows Bellamy asking him if the bug is in place. Bellamy saying he's a good man and he asks am I? He questions if any of it is worth lying to the one he loves as this catches Monty's attention.

K - Is it worth it people? Is it? I don't think so because I don't think Pike will be coming out on top when this is said and done. Choose the right side!

M - Raven and Jasper have five minutes before the password resets as they enter Pike's office looking for the chipmaker. They search the room as Jasper talks about how crazy it all is, the ultimatum, the Grounders outside, and how they've been here before. Raven still showing no feeling, nothing towards the mention of the past and what she's been through, as Jasper again notices her lack of care and reaction to the mention of Finn. Jasper asks her if she remembers as Raven says why would she want to remember that?

K - I liked the moment where Jasper says what we are ALL thinking about history repeating itself. . .

M - Jasper thinks if you take the chip you don't feel the pain anymore, you can remember the memories you made with the person you lost and be happy. But that's not how it works at all. You don't feel pain because you don't remember them at all. Jasper mentions the necklace Finn gave her, as Raven can't even remember their first kiss. She can't remember anything about him as A.L.I.E says that it's not important. Raven turns to A.L.I.E asking her when it was as Jasper finds the chipmaker. Raven asks for it from Jasper as A.L.I.E says take it and go. As Jasper hands it to her, her arm stretches out to take it but you can see her hesitate and struggle with it as if she's trying to stop her arm from taking it, like she was being controlled or influenced, like she was fighting something. A.L.I.E says again take it and go but the thought of not remembering Finn is too strong, Raven realizes that she can't let A.L.I.E have the chipmaker as she leaves it behind and her and Jasper run.

K - YES RAVEN! We all know how strong Raven is and in this moment it truly shined because she was able to get away from A.L.I.E. It kind of did seem like A.L.I.E can make the people who take the chip do certain things against their will, but Raven was able to do what she wanted and not listen to A.L.I.E because she is strong as hell! It broke my heart seeing her not being able to remember Finn at all, but it made me happy that this realization finally came and set her in the right direction, hopefully.

M - I think Raven realized that someone or something was messing with her head. Resisting it took an unimaginable amount of strength from Raven. It was great to watch. It's only beginning to show what she's capable of. But I'm curious as to what will happen now. Can she get rid of the effects of the chip?

M - Kane asks to meet with Pike. Pike hoping he's here to surrender. Surrender really!? At the same time Bellamy goes to see Sinclair as he says he's ready to talk. What are they up to, we know he wouldn't really give them up. There is some sort of plan in motion. As Sinclair is about to talk Lincoln begins to get agitated, and angry that he's turning on his own people like a coward. It's clearly a set up. Lincoln says you'll tell them nothing as he grabs Sinclair and begins punching him, but not actually hitting him. Bellamy's weakness is that he cares, no matter how much he denies it. The moment the door opens the Grounders make a break for it and it's not long before the alarm sounds.

K - I agree that Bellamy's weakness is that he cares, but I also think it's his greatest strength and what makes him such a great leader. Look at all that pain on Lincoln's face as he stares down someone he once saw as a friend. I think it's killing him that Bellamy chose the wrong side of things.

M - The guards can't use their guns because they're low on ammo and Pike has yet to give the order to kill them, so they're no match for Grounders, they're trained to fight, and in close combat they have the advantage. Pike sends the rest of his guards to help, leaving just him and Kane as Kane pulls out one of their shock batons and knocks out Pike. I did not see that coming.

K - I didn't see that coming either! Yes Kane! Something about Pike's expression, while talking to Kane, showed that there was more pain behind his reasonings for hating the Grounders as much as he does..

M - Bellamy finally gets up from taking a hit and I thought he was going to go for Lincoln and hurt him, leading to the scene we all know is coming where Octavia beats up her own brother. But that moment was not now. I don't think I'm ready for that.

K - I'm not ready for that either. . .

M - Monty overhears that this is all a distraction and that Kane is after Pike. He's taking him to the Grounders and is going to leave through the gate, and by now I'm screaming for Monty not to do it, not to warn them and give away their plan. I thought finally Pike would no longer be in command, but sadly Monty warns Bellamy and he takes off to stop Kane.

As the Grounders fall, Kane drives for the gate in the rover with Pike in the back. By now the tension is so high, they are so close now and if they fail it will be disastrous. Kane is almost to the gate, about to smash through when Bellamy jumps in front of the rover's way and Kane hits the breaks. We all know he wasn't going to do it. Kane can't hurt Bellamy as he screams for him to get out of the way. Me too Kane, me too! They are stuck in a stand off. All Bellamy has to do is stand aside. I thought this might finally be the moment we've been waiting for. I was hoping so much. I thought he would, that this would be the moment he woke up. But he doesn't and Kane gives up knowing they've failed as he's arrested. WHY BELLAMY, WHY.

K - I told you that I tweeted out "WTF Bellamy WTF" a lot throughout this episode. . . They were SO close!

M - A.L.I.E discusses with Jaha Raven's unwillingness to listening to her, as it has never happened before. A.L.I.E says, "Free will and the need for consent are part of my core programing. I cannot override them." One question.. Why would you? As Jaha says he knows she can't but maybe he can..

K - These two are starting to really irritate me.. They are an evil duo who are set in getting their own goals done without caring who they hurt during the process. I guess that should have been obvious though when A.L.I.E's first request from Jaha was to help her with the missile, he came down on from the Ark, and when he was more intrigued by her than upset that she'd think he would help her with it.

M - Pike has full authority in determining Kane's punishment and we all know it's going to be bad. Kane begs Pike one last time to see the world as it is not as it was or as he wants it to be. Pike says if he thought it would secure their safety he would give himself up. No you wouldn't Pike, you wouldn't turn yourself in for your people's safety otherwise you would have done it already, if you really knew what was right for them, if you truly understood you would.

K - I loved the moment where Kane was talking to Pike and what he said to him, "But these are times when we have to look beyond the rules. To realize they were established to serve a world of the past not of the future." Kane is right and for someone who said they weren't on the Ark anymore I don't understand how Pike does not see this himself. They are on the ground where many things have now changed.. It's time to change the rules and make a new future than what was always done on the Ark.

M - Pike shockingly sentences Kane to death. This completely crushes Bellamy, as tears are in his eyes, as the man he looks up to is going to be killed. At one point he even loses it for a second before asking Pike if they're really doing this. Bellamy wants to protect his people not execute them.

K - Kane told you Bellamy.. He told you that Pike wouldn't bat an eye at killing one of his own people. I think this was the moment that finally broke Bellamy. He was shocked. We weren't shocked.. But he was. It broke my heart that something so huge as Kane getting sentenced to death would be the thing to change Bellamy and put him back on the right side, but I'm glad it happened so he could finally open his eyes and see where being on the wrong side has led him.

M - Pike says, "Crimes against our leadership can't be tolerated." In other words if they don't agree with you or try to oppose you, you'll sentence them to death. You're killing your own people, how does that make you any better than the Grounders who killed your people, and their blood must have blood rule. It doesn't actually. It's worse cause no blood has been spilled.

Pike says, "I hope his execution makes it clear once and for all where people's allegiances need to lie." They don't need to put their allegiances in you, you can't threaten them and make them, they make their own choice. Are you hearing what you're saying, you want to execute one of your own. And at this moment you can literally see Bellamy switch sides. You just lost Bellamy, Pike. Without him, you will fall. He is the key. You just sealed your fate Pike, you just made Bellamy realize what you really are. THANK YOU!

K - Yes, thank you! Thank you Pike for showing Bellamy your true colors.

M - When you think about it, it was threatening and the possibility of taking Kane's life away that finally woke Bellamy up. That makes my heart squeal. I just love their relationship. They've come so far. He's the father he never had.

As Kane is placed in lock up he holds his head high even when facing death. And EVERYONE is looking to him! Even after they failed, they believe in him, they stand beside him.

K - The episode cuts to a lot of different people reflecting on their lives in Arkadia. We see their pain and we see how Pike has truly put all of them on separate sides. And how strong of an influence Jaha and A.L.I.E have had without Pike even realizing it.

M - Only Bellamy and Monty know that Miller and Harper were also involved as Hannah walks to them. She congratulates both of them, saying she's proud. She asks them if they were able to identify anyone else who was working with Kane but Bellamy says no! And Monty too! AS THEY BOTH CHANGE SIDES! Hallelujah! Our Bellamy is back. The redemption arc is coming! This is not a drill!

Many people weren't happy with the writers and what they were making Bellamy do. It was like they were throwing all his character development out the window. But I'm beyond happy we will soon have our Bellamy back!

K - I am right there with you.. I am incredibly happy that Bellamy is back! Bob Morley is an incredible actor, and we are truly lucky to have him as our Bellamy. He's been killing it this season and finally we get to see Bellamy come back to us. I loved how what he said at the beginning of the show, he repeats to Hannah, "I do it every day." YEA YOU DO! Same words but a whole new meaning behind them. Yes Bellamy, yes!

M - What an episode! The amount of moments we almost had, the possibilities, the tension drove me crazy. I can't wait for the next episode! Which is not this week, sadly there's a two-week break which we will now have to survive. . .

K - Another great episode! I always enjoy seeing the more political side to things on The 100.. I think the last stretch of this season has been set up well and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings us! Also, here's to having Clarke almost home to her people!

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