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There was so much that happened last night!
We have a lot to talk about today! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Wanheda: Part Two" here.
Now - let's talk about that game-changing episode!

Ye Who Enter Here Synopsis:

"Clarke wrestles with a decision. Bellamy learns that something isn't what it seems. Meanwhile, Murphy plots to betray his former Chancellor."

Maddi - What an episode! There were many shocks, surprises, schemes, and lots of danger. Now get ready to go through it again with us as we recap it.

M - The 100 opens with Lexa visiting Clarke as she keeps her trapped at Polis. Lexa wants Clarke's people to become her people and join her coalition, and she's asking for Clarke's help to make this happen. There's no way Clarke will trust Lexa. Lexa lost that when she betrayed them and now she wants them as her people, does she seriously believe that will happen.. It turns out Lexa had a plot in play.

Kristy - This is what makes Lexa a great leader. I might not agree with the decisions she makes, like when she abandoned Clarke at Mount Weather, but I see where she was coming from when she made that decision. I liked when she told Clarke she would've done the same thing because the truth is.. Maybe Clarke would have, and I think Clarke finally begun to see where Lexa was coming from in that moment.

M - The Clan leaders meet and Ice Nation stirs up trouble by trying to change the loyalties of the others and to de-throne Lexa.

K - It seems like Ice Nation isn't threatened by Lexa in any way. They don't respect her, especially in this scene.. until she kicks that Grounder off the roof. Can we talk about how bad ass Lexa was in that moment? She doesn't mess around, and I respect her for it.. even if I am still mad at her. I feel like we are finally getting to see more of who she is as a leader. The scene where she is sparing with a younger Grounder, I really loved seeing that side of her.

M - Lexa's right hand man tells her that she is afraid and I think he's right. Lexa is afraid because a part of her is weak, and not just in the diplomacy way after what happened with Mount Weather. I think a part of it is because of Wanheda, Lexa always said caring for someone is weak. It doesn't make you weak but it can make you vulnerable, but love can be one of the strongest powers out there. Whether it's friendship or something more.

K - It's kind of ironic that Lexa has now become weak over her love for Clarke. If you remember she told Clarke not to allow her feelings for Bellamy allow her to be weak in making her decision to send him into Mount Weather.. and here she is clearly not killing Clarke to take her "power" because deep down she could never do that.

M - Kane and Abby meet at the Grounder boarders to be escorted to Polis for the summit. Kane shows his disagreement with Abby's decision to open Mount Weather. Abby also blaming herself for losing her daughter, she's very underrated as well as Raven. They are very important to their people. They're really strong people, who have done great things, and they deserve more.. much more.

M - Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, and Gina arrive at Mount Weather. Bellamy is upset about not being at the summit because he's still injured. They walk in and find Pike with his people that have settled in. Pike moving into Mount Weather was not a good idea. He doesn't care about the pain that place has for everyone. All he sees are opportunity and things to gain. They may not be Mountain Men but the same mistakes can be repeated.

K - We are starting to see that Pike is a lot different than Kane and Abby when it comes to leading the Sky People. Kane and Abby want peace with the Grounders, but it's obvious that Pike still sees them as enemies and doesn't trust them at all. There are going to be sides taken, like we saw in the trailer for season 3. Is this the beginning of the road that has the Blakes on separate sides?

[ image has been removed ]

M - As Clarke is looking out over Polis, Roan comes to make a deal with Clarke so both of them can go home. He offers Clarke the chance to get revenge. He bought off some Grounders and got a knife placed in Clarke's room that she can use to kill Lexa. Ice Nation is trying to exploit Clarke and the anguish she feels, because if she kills Lexa the Ice Nation will take over the coalition, giving them control, which would be disastrous.


K - Back at Mount Weather Bellamy and Octavia share a sweet moment together. Octavia lets Bellamy know that her and Lincoln plan to leave because she feels like she doesn't belong there, and he replies that she'll always fit in with him. It's a great moment between them, and it reminds me of season 1 when their relationship was strong. Then.. Things suddenly get interesting. . .

M - Suddenly out of nowhere Echo shows up, an Ice Nation member who Bellamy was trapped with in Mount Weather. She warns them that the summit is a trap and that the assassin is already there. Ready to kill. Who set the trap? Ice Nation? Is Lexa in on it? Don't forget the Grounders used to hate the Sky People, some still do, and it's a good way to unite against them. Many lives have been lost on either side and there is still much resentment, hate, and pain left.

It could also be another trap to get more Sky People to the summit. Leaving them with one of those decisions that could change everything and the fate of many lives. They decide to go after their people, after Bellamy says that they can trust Echo. I don't know about you, but I didn't trust Echo. Just because she saved Bellamy's life doesn't mean you should completely trust her on a blind faith. People have agendas and they're willing to do anything.

I knew that moment they found out about the trap Pike would insist on using Mount Weather for its supplies, for its arsenal of missiles. All he wants to do is kill the Grounders, instead of living alongside them in peace. If you don't learn from the past you will never move forward or make progress.

Raven offers to get the missiles working.

K - Everything that happened since Echo showed up made me really mad. I felt like everyone was acting on their feelings and not their heads. Why did they trust Echo so easily? Why wasn't Octavia more suspicious, when she defends the Grounders all the time? It just made me really angry when everyone was fast to act on what Echo said, especially when Raven agreed to help get the missiles working. When will they learn that the Ice Nation can not be trusted?

M - Kane and Abby arrive in Polis as Kane starts showing his true colors as the leader of the Sky People. He has really found himself on the ground, he's working towards a good future for his people. We see Abby offer him the Chancellor badge, but he turns it down because it can't be given, it needs to be decided by the people.

K - Finally Abby realizes how much Kane cares about their people, and offers him the chance to be Chancellor. I personally think Kane deserves it more than Abby, so this made me happy. He was so happy in Polis, and he's just the right guy for the job.

M - At Mount Weather Sinclair, Gina, and Raven continue trying to crack the launch codes for the missiles, coming to the conclusion they must have been written down, so Gina goes off to search for the codes.

K - I was hoping they wouldn't find the codes. I'm not looking for there to be a war between the Grounders and the Sky People again because I feel like they worked so hard to get to where they are at this moment.

[ image has been removed ]

M - As I watch The 100 I sometimes write down some of the first thoughts that come to mind. When Bellamy and Pike, along with Echo and Octavia, arrived at the boarder to find their guards dead my first thought was what if it's a double trap.. what if they're trying to get rid of their security at Mount Weather so they can take it.. I then put that thought aside because it made more sense to go after and kill their leaders. I think there's a deeper plan at work here, but I never thought the Ice Nation would do what they did.

K - Clarke is smart. She thinks everything through before she acts, and I knew that was exactly what she was doing when we find her with the knife Roan left for her.

M - Clarke is waiting in her room, holding the knife, and fighting to make the decision whether to end Lexa's life or to spare it. I don't know about you but I knew Clarke wouldn't do it. She knew deep down revenge wouldn't make her feel better, she knew if she did it she would become no better then those people who have done those things, and that's not a person Clarke wants to be.

K - I loved this scene between Clarke and Lexa. There was so much pain from Clarke and regret from Lexa, that it was powerful to watch. Everyone knows that I'm a Bellarke fan, but I still love the love these two characters have for one another. I think this was the first step to them moving past the events from Mount Weather, and no I don't think Clarke should be forgiving Lexa yet because I still don't trust her either.. but it's a start for them. I loved when Lexa told Clarke she was sorry, and "I never meant for you to turn into this."

M - Clarke meets Abby and Kane, and they have no choice but to become the 13th Clan of the Grounders. Lexa put them in that position, she knows if she dies there would be war and the Sky People wouldn't last or survive it, but they might if they become one of her Clans, which I think is a mistake. Lexa knew what she was doing, diplomatically forcing their hand, and getting what she wanted.. and for what reason we don't know.


K - There is so much happening after that moment they decide to become the 13th Clan of the Grounders. We see Bellamy, Octavia, Pike, and Echo going through the tunnels trying to get to their people before the assassin. We see Clarke completely transform. We see Roan giving "looks" to Clarke.. I still don't know what his true agenda is, and what were those looks?!

M - I have to mention that beautiful music.. You know the music I'm talking about. It was one of the highlights of the episode, and it was absolutely beautiful when Clarke walked out as Wanheda. I couldn't draw my eyes away. It made the moment even more powerful as Clarke bows to Lexa, the assassin getting ready to strike, and Bellamy, Pike, and Octavia running to save them.

As the time runs out the assassin makes his move. I couldn't believe it when he walked out, I expected to see Lexa, Clarke, and everyone else as he attacked them. Having no idea who was going to get hurt or killed. Instead we see the assassin walk through the halls of Mount Weather. I couldn't believe my eyes, but I admit a part of me did say I knew it.

K - I knew we couldn't trust Echo!! I honestly can't believe she tricked them so easily..


M - It was a double trap, to lure the Sky People security away so they could succeed in blowing up Mount Weather, not caring about the innocent people inside.. just so they could start a war.

We see Raven giving up, after everything she's been through, and the struggle with her leg. "You think you deserve this pain, that this is your cross to bare, for your Mum, for Finn, for all you've been through, it's not.. You deserve more." Sinclair was an incredible character in this episode. He said what everyone's been thinking, that Raven Reyes deserves more, and this scene deserves much recognition.

K - I am so happy someone finally got through to Raven. My heart continues to break for her, but she is such a strong person that you can't help but appreciate how stubborn she can be. Her actions come from love, and she did feel like she had to bare that pain for all of the people she has loved in her life. I really hope that she decides to let Abby help her.

M - The assassin attacks Gina, who happens to be standing in the one room he needs to enter, and he activates the self-destruct sequence for Mount Weather. (WHERE DID HE GET THE CODES FROM?)

Gina also deserves more recognition, she's been fatally stabbed, she's dying but she doesn't give up. Using all her strength she pulls herself to the radio to warn her people.

K - That scene was crazy! I was not expecting that. I thought the assassin was going to come in there and kill a few people and set off the missiles himself, to look like the Sky People were starting a war with the Grounders.. and then he actually sets off the self-destruct sequence. Talk about brutal.

M - Sinclair and Raven get the message and with incredible courage they run after a fully trained assassin with no hesitation, he could kill them in seconds, and a disable Raven who can't even run with her leg, runs to save her people.

Sinclair takes on the assassin outside the doors of Mount Weather, fighting and trying to stop him. He loses the fight and is almost killed, but Raven shoots the assassin down. With seconds left Raven and Sinclair get the code off of the dead assassin but it's too late.. Gina is gone, and she was the only person who could have entered the code in, in time to stop it. Raven tries to run back into Mount Weather to save her people, "I can't let them die", but Mount Weather blows up, and Raven and Sinclair remain as the only survivors.

K - This was completely heart breaking. It was brutal. It was ruthless. It was everything to convince us even more that the Ice Nation does not play around, and will stop at nothing to get what they want.


K - Back in Polis we see Kane taking the mark to make the Sky People the 13th Clan of the Grounders. I thought it was great to see Abby let him take it, and not her.. Now, enter their "rescuers".

M - Bellamy, Octavia, and Pike realize they were wrong and try to figure out what's going on. When Raven radios in informing them the Grounders attacked and blew up Mount Weather with their people inside, at the same time breaking our hearts.

K - How heart breaking was that scene when Raven tells them what happened at Mount Weather? You can tell that it truly took a piece out of everyone in that room.. well, except the Ice Nation.

M - That's when an Ice Nation Grounder says that they did what Lexa was too weak to do. I feel like the events at Mount Weather have repeated.. will they ever learn.. that place is a threshold for death.

[ image has been removed ]

M - The Sky People know that if Ice Nation attacked Mount Weather they could be going for Arkadia next. They immediately begin to head back home as Clarke stays behind to make sure Lexa keeps her word. As they leave Bellamy reminds Clarke of what Lexa did, "She left us to die in that mountain, she'll always put her people first.. You should come home to yours."
"I'm sorry" is all Clarke can say, as Bellamy accepts that he's not getting Clarke back, he turns his back and walks away. To me this kind of felt like a goodbye between the two, but I hope it's not for too long!

K - My Bellarke heart is always breaking. I think Bellamy was truly gutted from Clarke refusing to come back home with them. I don't think he understands why she won't, but I think he respects her decision because he leaves without another word. I can tell Clarke wants him to know that this is what she wants, and she's not ready to go home yet to see her people. I get it. I understand where Clarke is coming from. She has so much pain from what she has done to her people.. I don't think she knows how to handle the pain of others, what would she say to Jasper if she saw who he is right now? What would she say to any of the original 100 when they ask why she left them? I don't think she's ready to give those answers.

M - When Lexa said, "We'll avenge the attack together" I just got a feeling, a bad feeling, I don't know what.. Maybe it's because I don't think Lexa can be trusted or that going to kill the people that killed your people will not solve anything but cause more death.

K - I think Lexa has another agenda up her sleeve, and I don't think she can fully be trusted yet. The moment where she bows before Clarke is powerful. It is a great honor that Lexa has given Clarke, and shows the respect she has for her, and I truly appreciated this exchange. I don't know if I would forgive Lexa after this, but I do see them moving forward and working together against the Ice Nation.. but we know Lexa has a plan because she talked about "her plans" with Titus earlier that day.. Time will tell.

M - Then we find out one of the Mountain Men is still alive and that he gave the Ice Nation Queen the codes.. The 100 always continuing to surprise us, I didn't see that coming, I thought we were finally rid of the Mountain Men.

K - I was not expecting this either.. Every time I see Echo though, I just get mad all over again that she was able to fool them so easily.

M - I feel terrible for Bellamy, he lost Gina, Clarke, his sister, and he's going to blame himself for letting his people put their trust in Echo. It looks like our favorite characters will be going through a lot this season, but who will survive?

K - My heart breaks for Bellamy also, and I would totally give him a hug if I could. There is so much that happened in this episode, and I really enjoyed seeing all of the politics. This part of the show is just as interesting to me as the relationships between the characters are, and I'm just curious to see what the rest of the season brings if all of this can happen in just one episode! Let alone the third episode of the season, because we still have 13 more episodes!

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