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Hakeldama Synopsis:

"Clarke's hope for peace are dashed by a new threat. Raven becomes a target. Meanwhile, Murphy is running a dangerous con."

Maddi - The 100 begins with Clarke and Lexa traveling on horseback, and behind them a cart carrying a body is being drawn. Clarke is returning home to Arkadia with the body of the Ice Nation Queen, bringing her people justice as Lexa expresses, "We bring them peace." Which is ironic as we all know what has been done, and that the Sky People may have just destroyed their only chance or hope for peace.

Kristy - Did we actually see both Lexa and Clarke smile genuinely? No one stays happy for long on this show.. And it's finally happening, Clarke is going home. She's right though she was a different person back then as she tells Lexa, "When I left it had a different name. I was different."

M - We see Pike, Bellamy, and the rest of their group returning to camp. I know that I was still clinging on to hope that they didn't do what they had plan to.. The first thought that came to my mind was did no one else try to stop them.. try to change their minds.. try to intervene, do anything? Are they telling me that out of all their people, no one said or did anything to stop them, to make them see reason, that they just stood there and let it happen? Even if there was nothing that could have been done..

Bellamy is clearly damaged after what happened, after what they did, you can see so much pain in him and I also see regret. Pike takes this moment to make a speech, in his eyes to inspire his people, but in the eyes of a sane person he's leading them to their ruin as he riles them up in their support for him. Pike tells the people that he paid tribute to those taken from them, that he sent the Grounders a message that, "This land is ours now." Pike obviously never learnt to share as a kid.

K - He sure didn't! I was completely speechless when I saw Bellamy leading the group back into Arkadia, and we did see both pain and regret in his eyes.. He couldn't even look at Octavia. All that blood on their clothes.. I still don't have enough words to sum up how I felt seeing that.

M - I couldn't help but wonder what would the people who lost their lives think of their family and friends and what they've done, what they've been a part of, and that they took those innocent lives as retribution for them.

Pike promises that resistance will be met by force and fighting will be greeted by death. A threat to those people that oppose him, his decisions, his actions, but most importantly his leadership. Abby points out a valid fact that there is no wounded. 10 people against 300 Grounders and not one of them got hurt, I know they had guns and the Grounders didn't but that still seems impossible. Something just doesn't seem right.

K - By that alone, we know that something suspicious happened out there. It isn't possible that no one would come back unwounded if it was truly a war they were fighting. They attacked these Grounders when they were there to simply help and protect them. I knew nothing good would come out of Pike becoming the Chancellor.


M - We then flip back to Clarke and Lexa continuing on their journey, when they come across the fallen army of the Grounders. A field of destruction, of bodies and death, as Lexa looks over at 300 of her people slaughtered, their lives taken. They walk among the bodies and find a survivor. It's Indra.. I thought she wasn't going to live.

K - Before they find Indra - Clarke tells Lexa, "All bullet wounds" and it should be obvious to them who attacked these people. The Sky People. Indra doesn't even want Clarke's help when she tries to heal her wound, since Clarke is part of the Sky People.

M - Indra reveals that they attacked as they slept and executed the wounded. Clarke is confused because it was only 2 days ago at the summit when Kane took the mark of the Grounders and the Sky People became the 13th Clan. She learns that it wasn't Kane but Pike. Indra tells them that Bellamy helped her escape as a shocked Clarke struggles to believe that Bellamy could be a part of this. There is still hope that he hasn't completely lost himself, that he can still find his way back after he saved Indra and tried to get them to spare the wounded.

K - I agree that there is still hope for Bellamy to come back from this dark path that he is currently walking down.. Indra tells them that Pike wanted to send Lexa a message, "Skaikru rejects the coalition. This is their land now. We can leave or we can die."

M - It's pretty obvious what Lexa will do next. She immediately sends for the armies of the 12 Clans to lay waste to Arkadia as Clarke now becomes a prisoner of Lexa because of the actions of her people. Clarke pleads with her to let her fix this, to save her people. It turns out Kane gave Indra a radio, a way to signal him, Clarke asks her to use it so she can speak to him, Lexa allows this.

I saw someone point out a very interesting fact, if Kane had the radio why didn't he warn Indra and her people of the attack??

M - Kane uses Octavia and her talent of sneaking out of camp to send her to meet Indra, and to find out what happened as Pike is watching him. Octavia agrees to go and Kane shows her a secret exit using a crawl space, one similar to the space Octavia spent most of her life hiding and growing up in, as she references it when she says, "I was born for this."

K - Kane is putting all of his trust in Octavia as she goes to see Indra, and I love seeing this! I think Octavia was a little shocked, but she's brave and of course she wouldn't skip out on a chance to leave camp to help the Grounders.

M - Pike continues towards his goal, as they plan to create a perimeter around Arkadia, which will reach exactly where a Grounder village lies. Pike thinks this will be the stage for a retaliatory attack so clearing it will be his first order of business. You can see the horror on Bellamy's face as he's clearly against this as Pike asks Bellamy for the location of the village. A village full of innocent families, children, and people just trying to live happily, who have done no harm and Pike wants to demolish it and them.

I thought this might shake Bellamy back to his senses, would make him see what Pike is really like, and to get away from his madness, to choose the right side. Until Pike sees his hesitation and manipulates him again, giving him back his guard jacket, the jacket he gave up because he believed he failed in protecting his people. Pike uses that pain and guilt, showing him that he's done the right thing and he has now protected his people.. The one thing Bellamy just wanted to succeed in. Trying to get him to see that he finally protected his people, no matter what they did.

K - Did he really protect his people though? Bellamy is clearly torn as he tells Pike, "We went too far." You think Bellamy?! It's so hard for me to see Bellamy like this because he's come so far from the guy we first met, the one who told his people "Whatever the hell we want." He became a leader, actually more than that.. And I don't think he's this monster he believes he is.

M - You can see a part of Bellamy is not with Pike, he's not completely on his side. You can see the pain and regret he feels. Bellamy's a good person struggling with a torn heart. You can see that Bellamy sees what they did was wrong but the guilt and regret is too painful to accept so he delves deeper into himself, and his anger and grief. He needs to face it, with the courage we know he's capable of. I know he will do the right thing and that he'll try to fix the wrong he did.

K - Look at Bellamy's face while Pike is talking to him! How can Pike feel good about taking advantage of someone who is clearly so lost?

M - Pike brings up that war causes people to do things that they'll spend the rest of their lives trying to forget. To me this was another way to get to Bellamy, making him hurt over everything that he's done in the past and has been done since they landed on the ground, the pain, the mistakes, the bad things that had to be done. Pike gives him advice to think about all the lives they saved, not the ones that were lost.. I wonder if this is how Pike lives with himself.. forget the innocent lives you took, but remember your people that you saved from a non-existent threat..


M - When Bellamy leaves he runs into Kane and Lincoln, as Bellamy averts his eyes from Kane unable to look him in the eye, Lincoln wants to know what happened out there as Bellamy answers, "We did what we had to do."

Kane tries to wake Bellamy up, to make him see some sense, which had me cheering for him. Someone needed to say it to Bellamy, the hard truth, and to get it through to him. I thought this might start to crack the walls he's put up, that reason might start to seep through. Until Bellamy refuses to listen, and goes on the defense as he struggles to see the difference between the Grounders who hurt him and his people, from the innocent ones.

K - Can we talk about Lincoln in this scene? Wow - it is clear how angry he is at Bellamy! Bellamy has been his ally, no his friend for a long time now and he is looking at him like he doesn't know who he is anymore. As Bellamy tells Kane how Traikru killed 37 of his friends before he even got to the ground we see how upset Lincoln becomes when Bellamy says, "They started it." Lincoln gets in his face as Bellamy tells him he knows what he meant.. Lincoln simply tells him, "I used to" before walking away from someone he's always considered a friend.


M - A furious Raven shows up to the infirmary to see Abby who hasn't cleared her medically for duty. Raven still insisting that her leg is fine but everything she's doing is making it worse. Abby wants to help her manage it and encourages her that she can still be something. Raven is still denying it, accepting it would mean accepting her disability, that she will live with it for the rest of her life, that it's not going away, that it's a part of her now and she's not yet ready to do that.

K - I think Raven feels like she's lost so much and being useful at Arkadia, by doing what she's good at, is all that she has left..

M - Thelonious arrives back at camp along with A.L.L.I.E as they begin with whatever plan they're up to. At the front gate Thelonious sees that Camp Jaha (named after him) is now named Arkadia and he lets out an "I didn't see that coming," which gave me a laugh. The guards greet him, their guns aimed at Grounder Otan who's traveling with him as Thelonius informs them he's with him, noticing that that doesn't matter to them.

They try to take the pack, that holds A.L.L.I.E's system, from Otan but he refuses to let it go. A guard takes it from him and he lunges, not for him but for the pack. The guard fires his gun, afterwards justifying himself by saying, "He was going for my gun," which is a nice excuse.. is that how you defend your actions and live with yourself after taking someone's life. I thought it was lucky that Emori wasn't still with them as Thelonious comforts Otan and Abby comes running to help but it's too late. Thelonious is completely unaffected by his death, no emotion, no care, as Abby stares at him unnerved and disturbed by this.

K - I would be unnerved and disturbed by this if I was her too! Every time I see Jaha on The 100 I literally roll my eyes because he's gotten so crazy since finding out about Well's death. Of course his crazy and A.L.L.I.E make this show more interesting, and I'm still interested to see how his storyline is going to intertwine with the Sky People's lives.. but I still think he's crazy.

M - We finally see Murphy again. He's lying on the ground. It's obviously a trick because we've seen it done before by Emori. A man falls for the trick and Emori puts a knife to his throat as they steal his stuff, while she shamelessly flirts with Murphy and then they surprisingly share a kiss. That escalated quickly between them as we last saw them riding off into the sunset.. well floating on a boat off into the distance. Their relationship is still new and growing, but I'm okay with it, they share a bond of dealing with horrible things they've done in the past and struggling to fit in and be accepted. I can't wait to see more of them.

K - I definitely saw Murphy and Emori's relationship going in this direction. I completely agree though because I seem to like them together. I think they are both lost souls and have found acceptance in one another.

M - Abby asks about the 12 other people Thelonious left with as Kane shows up revealing Pike relieved him of his command as Thelonious tells them he's been to the City of Light and that Otan is there right now. I have to say Kane's wtf face was just priceless as you can see both Kane and Abby thinking he's lost it.

Pike asks to see Thelonious, clearly threatened that everybody's former favorite Chancellor is back. It turns out the others cannot see artificial intelligence A.L.L.I.E, which just makes it more creepier. Thelonious says he's here to save and free his people of pain, as Pike joins in with the others thinking he's lost it.

K - Pike made an interesting point that I want to mention.. He tells Jaha that none of them are the same people they were on the Ark. He's right, they aren't. After talking to Jaha - Pike tells him he can save whoever wants saving as long as he stays out of his way.


M - We watch as Octavia stands on the field, standing over the slaughtered. You see her heart breaking from what they did, for those who died, and at the fact that her own brother was a part of it. Octavia meets with Lexa, Clarke, and an injured Indra. Telling them Kane lost the election to Pike and that everything is different now.

K - That was such an emotional scene to see Octavia walk through all those slaughtered bodies. My heart was breaking as much as Octavia's was. There is still a lot of strain in Octavia and Clarke's relationship, ever since she found out that Clarke knew about the bomb that almost killed her. Clarke tells her she doesn't believe that their people would vote Pike as the new Chancellor, as Octavia tells her, "How would you know Clarke? You haven't been here." You tell her O! I'm with her on this one.. I don't think Clarke can speak in this way when she doesn't know what's been going on in Arkadia.

M - Clarke tells Octavia that the army will be here by tomorrow and that she needs to see Bellamy.

Clarke thought exactly what I did, get through to Bellamy, who's not 100% with Pike as he struggles with it all, and they can get to Pike. Pike cannot see that his weakness lies with a wavering Bellamy. His blindness stops him from seeing Bellamy's doubt and his struggling battle within himself.

K - Now flip back to Murphy and Emori.. It doesn't seem like they stay in one place for too long.

M - Murphy and Emori get ready to go on the move when Emori completely shocks us when she says she wants to go after her brother Otan, the Grounder that was traveling with Jaha.. the one who has just been killed. I had no idea that was her brother and I feel for her, she believes he's alive and one day she will eventually find out what happened to him. She has no idea that she's lost him. Murphy is against going back to camp as Emori asks him to wait for her. Murphy doesn't know what it's like to have someone, because he's never had anyone come back after they've left him.

K - He tells Emori, "It's not a survivor's move." I have to agree that it wouldn't be a good idea for them to go searching for Otan, especially with the way they left him and Jaha.. but we all know they are most likely going to search for him. Now I'm really interested to see where this leads the two of them!

[ image has been removed ]

M - Pike gathers up all the sick Grounders from the infirmary to lock them up, not willing to share their medical supplies, as Lincoln comes up in a rage, and things tense up as they continue to treat innocent and sick people badly, and he loses it. Taking it out on one of the guards, hitting Bellamy as he tries to stop him, and then turning on him but stops when Pike holds a gun to one of the Grounder's head. Sealing his fate.. siding with the Grounders in the eyes of the Sky People, he to is locked up with the others.

K - What an emotional scene! If we didn't believe that Lincoln stopped trusting Bellamy before, well it's clear he doesn't now.. but in Bellamy's defense he tried to get Lincoln out of there so he wouldn't have to see them dragging his people out to be locked up. So, it's clear that we are still seeing how much Bellamy is struggling with doing the right thing and what he thinks is the right thing.

Here Lincoln is, the guy who wants nothing but peace, getting treated horribly by people he thought he could trust. I think he feels more than just angry. Power has truly corrupted Pike, and that was clear when he held that gun to an innocent woman's head who couldn't even get up to walk by herself.

M - Thelonious is outside, getting busy propositioning and trying to convert some of his people. He reminded me of one of those old religious preachers, preaching on his stool in the town square. When he started talking of pain I knew immediately he would go after Raven, she's the perfect candidate from her suffering, so naturally she becomes his main target. One of the main scenes over-looked is when Raven stands up to Thelonious, calling him out on his bullshit, it was a bold thing to do and that scene deserves more recognition for what it is.

K - I agree! Raven has never been a follower, she's always had her own mind and that's part of what makes her so strong and brave. Her courage was truly shining in that moment, and I'm continuing to have hope for her because she isn't broken like she believes she is.. If she was then she wouldn't have stood up to Jaha like that.

M - Octavia faces her brother after seeing what he was a part of. Not bothering to coat the truth.

K - We continue to see the downfall of their relationship, as Octavia asks Bellamy what we all wish we could ask him, "What is happening to you?" She doesn't stop there, "What's wrong? You're not proud of massacring an army that was here to help us?"

M - Bellamy tells her not to do this here. It's obvious he's trying to protect her, they are already seeing her as a Grounder, if she sides with them, or is seen helping them, she will be in danger and there's no saying what will happen to her.

Which leads us to one of the most talked about scenes of the episode. I don't think I have enough words to go through this scene.


M - Octavia leads Bellamy to a room to have it out with him but he walks in to find Clarke. The look on Bellamy's face was like he didn't believe it was really her that he didn't know if it was reality or if he was seeing things. Bellamy is clearly not yet ready to see Clarke as he struggles to hold onto his feelings. (The moment he walked in that room and saw her, something told me that he would not let her leave.)

K - Well Clarke is the last person that Bellamy expected to see, that's clear. My heart did not stop pounding during this scene and I realized just how much I've missed seeing these two work together towards their goals. They have a long ways to go though..

This is the first time they have truly gotten to talk to each other ever since Clarke left.. And Bellamy doesn't hold back on everything he's been wanting to say to her as she tells him, "We need to talk," and he replies with, "Oh? You've decided that. The mighty Wanheda, who chose the Grounders over her own people, who turned her back on us when we came to rescue you. Now you want to talk."

M - Time and time again Clarke has continued to hurt him, and he finally explodes and confronts her about everything with the brutal truth. He has a right to be angry with her. She left him and their people. He was left to deal with it all. She was willing to let his sister die, and then she made a deal with the person who left them to die and forced them to kill everyone who helped them, and then they risked their lives to save her and she wouldn't even come home. I think what hurt him the most was that she left and he couldn't make her stay.

K - I completely agree with that.. Does anyone remember what Bellamy told her before she left? It was the exact same thing Clarke told him when he was ready to give up. He told her if she needed forgiveness then he gave it to her, just as she told him.. He didn't walk away from her, but she walked away from him and I think that is why I feel like his anger is justified.

[ image has been removed ]

K - Look at their faces during this whole conversation! We see how truly torn Bellamy is when Clarke confronts him about letting Pike ruin everything they have built. We see how Clarke can't believe what she is seeing when she looks at Bellamy. Has she let the old Bellamy come back to the surface by leaving? Then Clarke goes for it.. She tells him that she needs him which he questions and she replies with, "Yes. I need the guy who wouldn't let me pull that lever in Mount Weather by myself." Bellamy then spits back, "You left me. You left everyone," and tells her that people die when she's in charge. All the emotions! The two of them have always relied on
each other, and now it's almost as if they can't even let themselves trust one another anymore.

M - Clarke made Bellamy believe he could be better, that he was a good person, but three months without her and after losing Gina who also believed in him, he's lost that belief and the strength they gave him, so he regresses but not because he wants to but because he thinks that's the person he needs to be to save everyone, and to stop losing the people he cares about.

Bellamy turns his back on her and walks away but stops, not being able to leave her.

K - And that is when Clarke finally apologizes, "I'm sorry for leaving. I knew I could because they had you."

M - Clarke now crying and me along with her, Bellamy walks back to her, kneeling down and taking her hands in his. It was a powerful scene that was not about them as a couple but about who they are when they're together, it was about EVERYTHING they've been through together since first landing on the ground, when together they formed as the leaders of their people. When they're together, their walls fall. They're the ones that know each other best. They will always find their way back to each other because they are both better together then apart.

K - Exactly what Maddi said - this moment was not about them as a couple but about them as a team. I don't think Clarke deserved to be yelled at like that but I understood where Bellamy was coming from. They both had a lot of built up emotions that led to this talk.. Clarke shouldn't have left. Bellamy shouldn't have lashed out at her the way he just did. In that moment I think they both were truly sorry, and just overwhelmed by everything that has made them who they are now.. It's crazy to remember where they began to where they now are.

M - Bellamy ruins the moment when he handcuffs her, trapping her and shattering her heart. I knew he wouldn't let her leave but I don't know exactly what he was thinking here. Was it to turn her in? Or was he trying to stop her from leaving again, to protect her because he doesn't want to lose her again? Though I think she would be in more danger if she stayed there since she's been conversing with the enemy.


M - Thelonious goes after Raven and her vulnerability, leaving her with one of those things (some sort of pill.. a drug maybe).

K - And we continue to see how broken Raven truly feels..

M - Octavia helps free Clarke as they escape from their own camp. Clarke reunites briefly with her mother before she leaves. Murphy gets ready to play another trick on the next fool but the people they try to trick have been trying to catch them for stealing, they go to kill Murphy when one of them finds the pill Thelonious gave Murphy, which he calls the "sacred symbol", and Miller sneaks Lincoln some medicine for the sick Grounders.

K - In The 100 fashion, a lot comes at the end of this episode like Maddi said.. My one question right now is what is the sacred symbol? It was as if they were scared of whatever it symbolizes..


M - Clarke returns to Lexa to convince her not to kill her people, not to start another war, but to change the Grounder ways. Lexa makes the brave choice for change, for peace, for her people, "Blood must not have blood."

K - Can we talk about what a powerful moment that was? I'm not going to lie at first I thought it was just a moment of weakness for Lexa because this was Clarke trying to persuade her to do this.. But now that I have thought about it, I don't think that is the case. We have been seeing a different side to Lexa this season, and it's clear that she wants peace not war. Yes, Lexa is a ruthless leader but after everything we've seen this season it's clear that Lexa has a heart, too. So I understand her decision and I think it's brave of her because I'm sure her people are not going to be happy about this.

M - If Lexa doesn't retaliate she will be in grave danger, most of her people will not agree nor be happy about this, they may even turn on her, she's risking her life for a better future.


M - Raven breaks down, I knew she was going to give in, and she does by taking that thing Jaha gave her. I don't think it's good.. whatever it is. We almost instantly see an improvement in her leg as Raven can now suddenly see A.L.L.I.E.

K - What was that ending?! Now we understand why no one could see A.L.L.I.E but Jaha.. And now I understand the City of Light - it's clear that they have to take this drug or whatever it is in order to go there and see it. Oh I can't wait until next week's episode because now it seems like everyone's storylines are finally going to be coming together.. I can't wait!

M - What an episode, I'm still not over it.. The nervousness, the unknowing of what will happen, the overwhelming feelings.. And who knows what will happen next week.. or if we will survive it.

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