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Did I Mention I Need You? by Estelle Maskame
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

DIMINY is the second book in the DIMILY trilogy. I thought this book was a good follow-up to the first book, and there were great character developments with fantastic writing from Estelle Maskame.

This story was interesting with lots of drama within, but became a bit frustrating in some areas. We find our main character, Eden, visiting Tyler (her step-brother/love interest) in New York for the summer. She leaves behind California, her family, boyfriend, and her friends all to spend 6 weeks with Tyler. Let me say that I liked Eden in the last book - even with her many flaws.. but in DIMINY I found myself not relating to her in any way. She became incredibly selfish and made horrible decisions that hurt everyone around her including herself.

When she arrives in New York, there is immediate tension between the both of them. It’s clear they both still care about each other more than step-siblings. We get to know a new Tyler, who I didn’t like in the last book but easily fell in love with in this one. We see how much he has grown up and he’s become more kind and thoughtful. Yes, he still has flaws and needs to work on his issues still but I really liked getting to know him in his new life in New York.

All of the characters really developed in this book. We get to know the supporting characters (new and old) throughout this story and I really enjoyed that. It was nice to see more of other character’s stories even though ultimately it was still Eden and Tyler’s story.

As the story continues, Eden and Tyler continue to make dumb decisions that ultimately lead up to the heartbreaking ending. The one thing that frustrated me about this story was the cheating that takes place because it left me feeling disconnected from both Eden and Tyler. It’s always hard for me to read any book that deals with cheaters since I find it to be such a selfish act. Especially in Eden’s case because it was so easy for her to break up with her boyfriend, yet she continues to ignore him and tells herself how horrible she feels.. but she must not feel that bad if she can’t even break up with him before moving forward with Tyler. It made for good drama, but I think the story still could’ve been interesting and told without it.

The ending was a bit heartbreaking, but in the end I felt happy about it. It showed how much more growth both of these characters still need. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of Eden and Tyler’s story in DIMIMY. I am confident that Eden will redeem herself in my eyes, and that we’ll see even more growth from Tyler and all of the other characters in the story.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The writing was still fantastic! When I read DIMILY I said I was confident that Maskame’s writing would only approve, and I was right because it did. Her storytelling is brilliant, and I enjoyed reading the great world building surrounded in New York. I think the message of this story was strong by the end of the book when Tyler confesses that he needs Eden in more ways than she knew, and how he felt like he needed to want to change for him instead of her for once. I think this is such an important piece of a good relationship, so I was happy to see this in theirs.

I would recommend this book to anyone who read DIMILY, or if you love a good contemporary with lots of romance included!


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