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Wow - What an episode!
Who's ready to talk about everything that happened last night? Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Wanheda: Part One" here. Now - let's talk about the second episode!

Wanheda: Part Two Synopsis:

"Bellamy and Kane risk life and limb to rescue Clarke. In an attempt to avoid worrying about her daughter, Abby focuses on whether to open Mount Weather as a medical facility. Meanwhile, Murphy plots to betray his former Chancellor."

Maddi - As we know Clarke is being hunted by everyone even her own people who are trying to save her, but she's been captured and now they must get her back, to save her life and stop a war from beginning.

M - Bellamy, Monty, Kane, and Indra searching for Clarke are still trapped in the Jeep. The sun has risen showing that they've been there for awhile. They plan to make a run for it as Bellamy gets out of the Jeep to cover the others, when someone grabs him and he's threatened with a knife to his throat as he lets out a sassy "they're here", letting the others know as they're forced out of the Jeep.

The second that person holding the knife spoke I knew that these people weren't Grounders.. leaving us with the question of who are they?
It turns out it was their own people, more survivors from the Ark after one of them recognizes Monty.. his own mother. Leaving us all shocked. I never expected that.

Kristy - I was shocked to learn that Monty's mother was alive on the ground. I don't remember ever seeing her on the Ark, so I wasn't sure if we were ever going to be introduced to his parents. I am not mad about it at all though, I love Monty and I'm so happy he's getting more love this season. It really was a special moment between him and his mother.


K - It was nice to see how genuinely happy everyone was to find more survivors from the Ark. Now that they've had time to search for more of their people, it was nice to see them finally feel like they accomplished something great by finding them. I don't think it's going to go as smoothly as we all would hope it would though. We have to remember that these people have been living on their own settlement with their own rules, and now it'll be interesting to see how they get along with everyone else back at Arcadia. We can already see how they look to Pike as their leader, and I don't trust him yet.

M - It caught my attention when Pike said their Grounder killers one and all of them, with a sort of pride like celebration of the statement. You can see that Pike has a dark, dangerous hate for the Grounders, which will not lead to good things! He holds all the Grounders responsible for what happened, no matter what Clan their from or if they were involved or not. You can't blame everyone for the things done by different people that you see as the same.

M - Clarke now captive of Roan of the Ice Nation, as they travel Clarke tricks him and attacks him. She holds him under water and as he goes limp she lets go, that's when he retaliates after using her own trick against her. Now Roan has Clarke under the water, this being symbolic as we see Clarke's disguise wash away in the water. It signifies Clarke being dragged back to her true self, pushing out from hiding, and forcing her to face herself.

K - I loved this scene for many reasons. I felt like we finally saw Clarke for the first time in a long time. There was a moment where she was vulnerable and the weight of everything just looks so real on her face, and it helps us understand why she walked away in the first place.

K - Back in Arcadia, we find Octavia and Lincoln sharing a sweet Linctavia moment.. Until someone appears coming towards their camp.

M - Nyko appears, wounded and asking for the Sky People's help. This is important and a big development for a Grounder to ask for their help. It shows promise that maybe they can change. Ice Nation having attacked Nyko, seem to be going rogue and going against everyone. We'd thought we'd seen the Grounders at their worst but it seems they're even more ruthless than the Grounders we already know. The only way to save Nyko is to go back to Mount Weather, which could have dire consequences and cause further riffs between the Grounders and the Sky People. The decision now lies on their shoulders as they decide whether he lives or dies.

K - I don't know how I feel about Abby this season yet. I feel for her because I know how much pain she's in because of Clarke, and I can see how strong she's trying to be while keeping herself busy. Jackson drops some truth bombs on her though, telling her that maybe she should stick to just being a doctor.. and maybe he's right?

Jasper is still breaking my heart this season. I'm both intrigued and scared to see where his heartbreak will lead him this season. I don't know if I can take it if he ends up like Finn when he completely broke. How about that line where Abby told him not to end up like his friend, and then Jasper replies "you're daughter killed him, too" - Ouch!

M - Jasper, my poor Jasper, is suffering and struggling. Abby tells him that not facing his feelings and keeping them inside will destroy him. Now he must make that choice as he faces returning back to Mount Weather.

M - Roan and Clarke run into some Ice Nation scouts, oddly he hides from them. Long story short, they find out he has Wanheda and they want her. It would seem that they're at odds with each other, so another action-packed fight breaks out. Roan takes them out as Clarke tries to get away, sadly not succeeding, but even after everything she's been through Clarke isn't giving up and still keeps fighting.

It's not a good sign when people of the same Clan have their weapons drawn, wary of their own people and willing to kill each other. We have only just really met the Ice Nation and from what we've already seen this is bad, very bad. Who knows what will happen.

When they catch up to Roan and Clarke, Bellamy is the first to see Clarke, after three months he runs for her but Pike stops him to his dismay, and to the dismay of Bellarke fans. He would have been seen, seen by the Ice Nation army marching by with their war drums sounding loudly. They must stop the Ice Nation from getting Clarke or they will start a war. Six people up against an army to stop a war from beginning, their choices and decisions could decide everyone's fate and future.

K - Did anyone else's heart break when Bellamy's first instinct was to run to Clarke? I felt like I was Bellamy in that moment, and not just because I'm a Bellarke fan. My boyfriend pointed out to me that Bellamy feels guilty for letting Clarke go off when he should've been trying to keep her at Arcadia and safe. That's how I felt when I saw Bellamy trying to run to Clarke, it was like he felt like he could finally save her like he wish he could've three months ago.

M - They hide in a nearby cave. I 100% expected something bad to happen while they were in there, it was a perfect set up. I was surprised when nothing did. Instead Monty needing to know what happened to his father we learn of what happened to the other survivors of the Ark. It's a heartbreaking moment as we hear that Monty's father gave his life to save some children.

M - Thelonious continues on his mission with Murphy, Emori, and some others tagging along. Emori tries to double cross them and steal the technology. Obviously it doesn't turn out well as Emori almost gets herself killed as Murphy steps in as the hero to save her. Though they do succeed in stealing the item, which turns out to be a portable holographic system that Thelonious could use to bring A.L.L.I.E along. They come after them and a man holds a knife to Emori's throat, putting Thelonious and Murphy in a stand off but Murphy out smarts him as he again saves Emori's life.

K - After this, I don't think I trust Emori. I mean I don't trust Murphy either, but I feel like out of all these people surrounding him and Jaha - he is the only sane person. That is probably a sign that something bad is going to happen in the future.. Also, what is this City of Light they are at?! Is it real? Is it in Jaha's mind? What is going on? I'm so confused!

M - Back in Mount Weather they decide to use Mount Weather as a medical facility not just for their people but for everyone. It's a powerful scene when Abby, Lincoln, Octavia, Jackson, and Grounder Nyko decide to make a stand for hope, and for change.

K - We find Jasper completely losing it and destroying all of this art that he probably shouldn't be even touching. My heart broke in that scene between him and Octavia. We finally see that moment from the season 3 trailer, and she tells him that "it'll get better" and he replies with, "when" - cue the tears!

[ image has been removed ]

M - Back in the cave the others realize that Bellamy is gone. Desperate and being run by his heart, Bellamy has taken off with Grounder gear and has gone undercover. What he did just wasn't irrational and foolish but incredibly courageous. There are no words to describe what he did. Bellamy went running straight into the enemy, surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of people who could kill him. I could literally feel his fear.. or was it my fear for him..

K - Bellamy! There is not a character in this world who I love more than Bellamy! In that moment of him in the middle of the Ice Nation Grounders was so powerful, and his true character was shining through. Bellamy has transformed into a leader who will do absolutely anything to keep his people, especially the original 100, safe. In that moment we saw the love he has as a leader, and the love he has for Clarke.


M - Bellamy finds Clarke in a dark room. Now it's obvious if someone took her and she's tied up that someone must be guarding her, unseen in the shadows.
Bellamy makes the mistake, clouded by his emotions, and just runs straight to her. Lo and behold he is attacked and both Clarke and I were begging Roan not to kill him. Roan spares Bellamy but stabs his leg with a knife to stop him from following them.
Bellamy injured, he still relentlessly tries to get Clarke back, but breaks after realizing there's nothing he can do.

K - I felt so many emotions during that Bellarke reunion! In all reality.. It's only been 2 episodes since they've been apart but it feels a lot longer, am I right? I thought that was a very powerful moment, not only as a Bellarke fan, but a fan of the show because these two characters have grown to rely on each other as more than just leaders and we could clearly see that as Roan held that knife above Bellamy.


M - Roan didn't take Clarke straight to his Queen and avoided his own people, I knew immediately he wasn't taking Clarke to the Ice Nation but to Lexa. Getting someone to get Clarke before anyone bad could is something Lexa would do. It's her way of stopping Clarke from getting hurt, which is ironic since she's the one who hurt her. They throw in a giant shock when they reveal Roan is the Prince of Ice Nation, son of the Queen.

K - I was not expecting anything that came at the end! I probably should've seen Lexa interfering because it is something she would do. I don't think it crossed my mind though since Indra was clearly trying to help Kane and them find Clarke, so I'm still curious about that.

M - Undoubtedly Clarke loses it at Lexa. I had a feeling we would see this. Clarke seeing Lexa again, throwing her back to everything that happened. It may cause her to begin to unravel. It's like it pushed her to the edge of a cliff and soon she may lose her balance, can Clarke hang on, or will she fall?

K - I loved that scene between Clarke and Lexa. Clarke is still mad and upset about what Lexa did, and I don't think she should be forgiven easily not when we see how much everything that happened at Mount Weather hurt Clarke. That ending scene was awesome, Clarke is such a bad ass and I love her for it.


M - I loved the episode, except for one thing.. Where the hell was Raven? I can't wait for next week!

K - I missed Raven this episode, too! I can't wait for next week either, it's going to be good. Lexa is definitely going to bring out the more angrier side of Clarke and I can't wait to see it. I think Lexa can be forgiven, but until then I can't wait to see how the aftermath of what Lexa did plays out. Also, will the Sky People find Clarke again? Or will Lexa let her go back? We shall see..

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