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November 9 by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There were many emotions that I felt while reading November 9. It was incredibly honest, funny, sexy, and even heartbreaking at times. I loved all of it!

"Loving someone doesn't just include that person, Ben. Loving someone means accepting all the things and people that person loves, too. And I will. I do. I promise."

This book starts off with the common 'girl meets boy and they instantly fall in love' premise that we all know so well.. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to keep reading it. I'm not a fan of 'insta-love' but I've made exceptions in the past, so I decided to give it a chance. I'm glad that I did because after reading the entire story every interaction between them, all the way back to when they first met, made sense. So don't let that stop you from picking up this book.

As the story progresses it becomes more interesting. Our two main characters, Fallon and Ben, are having the best day together and neither of them want to say good-bye. They are both young though, and deep down they know now is not the time to fall in love. Well more like Fallon feels this way than Ben does, but that's besides the point.. They come to the decision to meet up on the same day for the next 5 years since Fallon believes that 23 is the perfect age to finally be in love.

"You'll never be able to find yourself if you're lost in someone else."

I loved everything about their arrangement. We don't see anything that goes on in their lives besides the time they spend together on November 9th of every year. Each year you can see how both of them have grown up and changed from their time apart. It was fun watching them grow up in such a unique way. I saw a lot of myself in them and that made it easy for me to fall in love with both of them.

"If you tell me you want to spend every single day on the calendar this year falling in love with me, then I'm going to kiss you. And I promise it'll be an eleven. And I'll spend every day after today proving to you that you made the right choice."

Cue the tears!! I loved their love! There were times when it felt like it was too good to be true. There was a lot of unnecessary drama between them, but I didn't mind either of these because it only made the story more interesting. Colleen Hoover made it easy to root for them.. Even if she managed to make me laugh and then just as easily tear my heart out in the next minute.

"But anyone who sees your scars before they see you doesn't deserve you. I hope you remember that and believe that. A body is simply a package for the true gifts inside. And you are full of gifts. Selfishness, kindness, compassion. All the things that matter."

Overall, I loved this book. I saw everything that I believe love is through these pages - how it's being happy together, being able to cry together, and even get mad at each other. I'm so happy November 9 was able to remind me of all the reasons why I love love so much. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance novels or contemporaries in general!


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