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The Trouble with Destiny by Lauren Morrill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If I were to give a simple description of this book, I would say that it’s as if the Disney Channel decided to make a movie inspired by Pitch Perfect.

This book is definitely for a young audience. If I was 13-16 years old then there is no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy this book. I’m in my 20s though, and even though most of my favorite books are YA contemporaries I still found myself not enjoying the book as much as I wish I did. I didn’t hate the book, but I didn’t like it either.

I actually did enjoy the way Lauren Morrill told the story. I found the setting interesting - she did a great job with descriptions and world building where I felt like I was on the sea along with these characters. The story wasn’t as unique as I originally thought it would be, and the characters were a bit flat to me. Our main character is Liza, who I liked at the beginning, but then she kind of lost me once she became obsessed with all the wrong things. The supporting characters were not that interesting either, and I think the only character I ended up enjoying was her best friend Huck, who we saw some great development from throughout the story.

There was a lot of drama throughout the story. I generally don’t mind this because I do enjoy reading YA contemporaries, where drama tends to be common.. but this drama felt a little forced and petty. I felt like the story could’ve been told without the useless drama. Also, I wanted more from the romance. There was a weird love triangle/square thing going on throughout the story that felt pointless. It was clear who was going to end up with who.

As the story progresses the theme of the book becomes more clearer, and the ending was brilliant. I definitely enjoyed how it all came together, and I wish the whole book would’ve been as strong as the ending. All of our characters develop nicely, the petty drama is finally over, and Liza finally matures into the person I wanted her to be the whole book. The writing really pulls all of the plot points together nicely.

Overall, I wanted more from the story. Like I said, this book is great for a younger audience. I think the petty drama, and annoying actions from the characters would’ve been interesting to me if I was a bit younger. The writing was great though, and I think Morrill did a fantastic job at writing her message to the readers through the ending. So, I would recommend this book to a younger audience, around 13-16 years old, who enjoy YA contemporaries!


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