One of my favorite things to do is browse Etsy.
It's ridiculous how I could go from looking at Harry Potter jewelry, to blog designs, to pretty prints. There are so many talented people in this world - and I'm lucky to know one of those talented people on Etsy!

My friend, Heidi, owns her own shop on Etsy - Glitter & Grace.
Heidi, like most people on Etsy, is just the sweetest person ever - I'm happy to share her shop with you today!

I absolutely love the prints I received - they are so pretty and add to my home nicely!
If you're looking to add decoration to your home - please make sure to go check out Heidi's shop, Glitter & Grace! She has many prints to choose from in various sizes - every print is beautifully crafted.

To make things sweeter, Heidi is giving all my readers a special deal - make sure to use the code | SIMPLY30 | to receive 30% off your order! Thanks Heidi!

Here's to pretty, pretty prints!

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