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I'm so excited to have one of my best friends guest write on Simply Nicollette today!
Amanda is stopping by to review one of the books still on my 'To Be Read' list, and after reading her review the suspense is killing me - I'm looking forward to finally reading it!
Thank you again Amanda for reviewing - The Girl on the Train, a novel by Paula Hawkins.

Hello my name is Amanda and I was asked by my dear friend Kristy, owner of this wonderful blog to write a book review, since I don't own a blog myself I was truly thrilled and immediately thought of what book would be best.

The Girl on the Train has been sitting on my bookcase for 3 months now and I keep hearing/seeing it pop up on my Instagram feed, I brought it to Kristy's attention and she said it would be perfect! So I grabbed a pen and my journal and stuck my nose right in this book.

Now, this is my first time writing a book review, other than papers I had to write back in high school of the books we had to read in English, so please bare with me.
Also I'd like to point out that there will not be any spoilers in this review.

With that being said, The Girl on the Train starts off like any great thriller would, with a lot of suspense and a lot of questions. Right off the bat you're given a visualization that you keep going back to as you continue the story. Every "chapter" leaves you with wanting to know more and each leaves with new questions added onto the ones you had. You have your theories and you think you know how the ending will turn out, you might even switch theories as the story goes on because new information comes forth and you find yourself saying "Ohhhh now I definitely know what happens!" but of course you never see it coming.

I read about 20 pages the first time I started this book, I don't want to use the excuse "I stopped because it was late" but I will. Although after page 21 I read completely through the following day until I finished.

I found this book to be one of my new favorites... until I was almost done.
Unfortunately the ending feels very rushed, and although your shocked you still "sort of saw it coming" since like I said, it felt rushed so I was able to put the pieces together pretty quickly. I found myself just wanting to finish the book to be able to say I read it, which is always a disappointment to an avid reader like myself.

After I read a great book I love to close it and just imagine the life of the characters afterward, where you know there won't be a sequel but you can play out these different scenes in your head and it's almost like you get to write the second book yourself. However, The Girl on the Train doesn't do that for me. It ends and I have no questions, but they were all answered which is good, of course. 

Don't get me wrong I recommend this read for anyone who likes a good thriller.
All in all I give this book a 7.5/8, and that's mainly because it's a read you really don't want to put down, you just need to know what happens. One of the best things about this book is I can't compare it to anything I've read before. Paula Hawkins does an amazing job giving vivid details where you actually feel like you're a part of the story. I felt anxious, nervous, sad, worried, and even a bit annoyed (not towards the book but one of the characters was annoyed and I could feel the annoyance) while reading.

I look forward to reading all future novels by Paula Hawkins, but an extra 50 pages would've been fine for me just so I wouldn't get that rush feel. It's definitely a read I would recommend for anyone looking for a "can't put down" - quick and fun read.

I just want to give another huge thanks to Kristy for giving me this opportunity!
As I don't have a blog anyone interested could follow me on my two Instagram accounts, one is my personal, one is strictly for books;
Thank you to everyone for reading my book review on The Girl on the Train!

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