Our summer has been busy.
Between going through some personal struggles at the beginning of our summer, to balancing a new schedule for all of us - I barely noticed that it will soon be July in just a few days.


This was the second year my oldest daughter danced for our local dance studio, and the first year my youngest daughter danced for them. They always end their dance year with a huge recital - and it's always so much fun. Just like last year, I was full of emotions. I don't know if my girls will continue dancing, but I'm extremely proud of how hard they work and perform in front of hundreds of people.


Our school district offers a month long summer school - I like to think of it more like a summer camp, they do special activities that they wouldn't do during a normal school day. I love this program because my children get extremely restless during the summer, so it's perfect for us.
My oldest daughter loved being with her friends, it began about a week after school ended and all of them acted like it had been years since they last saw each other - so funny! My youngest daughter is officially a Kindergartner. I was nervous that first week - but of course, I had nothing to worry about and she enjoyed school just as much as I hoped she would.


There has been SO much rain and very little sunshine.
One great thing about rainy days are the beautiful sunsets.


We have only been able to head to the lake once this summer - so far. I didn't like being too far away from the girls while they are at school, and like I said it's been raining like crazy. There is so much water in the lake, even the benches and signs are in the water!


On those rainy days - being home with just my little one - I've been able to read.
One of my favorite summer reads has been Me and Earl and The Dying Girl - it's such a hilarious, coming of age story. I would definitely recommend checking this one out!

It's been a busy summer for us over here.
I hope July is full of a lot of family time making memories before school starts back in August.
Have a great week.


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