It's hard to talk about our feelings.
There are the good ones that are easier to share, but the bad ones - those are the feelings that are hard to talk about.

When I began writing my previous blog - Twist & Sprinkle - my hopes were to simply share my recipes for the world, but it quickly became something more than that. I realized that I had a bigger platform to do a lot more, so I began writing about my life and all my experiences. A year later, it has led me here to Simply Nicollette - where it is my hope to inspire others through my story so they can find strength to share their own.

So -
I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful person who has helped inspire me each day as I continue to share my story. Her name is Ariadna and she is the founder of The Always Believer.

Ariadna was one of the first people I instantly connected with. I fell in love with her writing and her many inspirational posts. I felt like I could completely relate to everything she said, and her words were exactly what I needed on those tough days. Our exchanges through comments soon turned into a friendship - and everyday I feel incredibly lucky to have found her and The Always Believer. I mean.. how lucky are we to have this wonderful 'blog world' where we can connect and inspire each other - even when we are millions of miles away from one another?

Ariadna is here to share a little bit of her story with you, as well as her amazing #GoDoFly movement.
So - Please join me in welcoming her to Simply Nicollette.

Hello Team Flyer!

I am Ariadna Arredondo, founder of The Always Believer. I am a happy-go-lucky girl who is making her own dreams happen, forever positive and overcoming obstacles along the road. Being a bit shaken down due to life circumstances, I've managed to get back up, get going and get strong. I love to help people, make them laugh and feel wanted. You deserve to shine and follow your passion. This is what I am all about, plus telling you the truth you want to hear.

My childhood memories aren't too sweet as my house was a bit rough to live in, I remember shouts and cries. Don't get me wrong, I also have sweet memories at Disney World and bike-riding. As a 9 year old, my mom and I started to move around the world. My life took a big turn as she took us for the ride of our lives. From moving cities to changing continents, from living in random couches to living with other families, we did it all.

Moving on, as a child I was sexually abused by a family member and a couple other random people too. As a teen, I was anorexic, depressed, self-harmed and moved out at 17, living anywhere I could find. And from there, moving forward, I found myself through my early 20s and got myself back up. It took me some time to shake memories off, to forgive my parents and to be where I am.

I started The Always Believer because since I was a child all I could say was 'Always Believe'. And from then on, all I did was that. I always believed that there was a way out, there was an inch of light around me, there was always a way to be saved. For those moments that I thought it was going to be the end, all I did was believe... And from there, I did. I did something to get out, get up and get back at it.

This space I created are for all those who think they can't, I am here to tell you that you can. I am here to believe in you, to help you grow, to push you forward. This is another reason why I created #GoDoFly. I wanted to share real life stories of hardships, any kind of them, all sorts of them and that no matter what, we are able to overcome them. You got to believe first of all, then Go for it, Do it, and that is when you will Fly away... therefore #GoDoFly.

Always Believe,

Ariadna Arredondo


Has telling your own story helped others to tell their own?
Yes, it really has helped others come out and tell their own stories. Not only in a first hand environment, such as sitting around with friends or even in therapy groups, yet also writing about it and hitting that publish button. It has really been something I am proud of because all I want is for people to feel comfortable, be brave and know that it is going to be okay.

What is the most important thing you have learned since starting #GoDoFly?
Throughout #GoDoFly, I've learned even more that no matter what your story may be, you still want to feel accepted, wanted and feel free to be yourself. The stories that I've heard are all inspirational, whether they are starting your own business or being transgender, it really shows that no matter the case, you are able to push forward and be who you are. I think that this is a really important thing to remember because it means everyone is valid.

What inspires you about other people's stories?
Their desire to continue. Their stories are inspirational at all times, no matter the struggle. I admire that they are brave enough to tell them and that they are willing to share them to help others. It inspires me to keep going on and making my own dreams come true. It inspires me to work harder so their stories can be told far and wide to spread the love even further.

What are your hopes for #GoDoFly?
For #GoDoFly, I want to see it soar. I want to be a part of a bigger movement to help as many people as we can and raise money for charitable causes. I want to make a change and be it too. With the help of this movement, much like many others, the world will have another positive mark. As this movement gathers all these stories together, it will express the bigger message which is that we are one. Hearing inspiring stories from all around the world, knowing that there is a way to get up and that we have each other is the main goal. It is my magic in the making.

Read More From Ariadna Here


I want to thank Ariadna for sharing her story here on Simply Nicollette.
She is such a strong woman and I'm very lucky to call her a friend.
Join us, read other #GoDoFly stories, and share your own story.


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