I know this day will always be spent on you thanking me for being your mother.
But -
I want to thank you.

There are a lot of tough days that come when you're a mother of 3 little ones, so close in age. You've seen me raise my voice, you've seen me cry, and you've seen all my moments of feeling completely lost on trying to understand how to be a mother. The thing you don't see.. is the moments where I see you. I catch your worry in these moments, I see your love, and how much you care. In all the moments where my mind allows my selfishness to creep back up - you remind me to be better.

You won't remember all these tiny details of our life right now.
All the tough days won't be in your memories.
But -
They'll always be in mine.
I will remember every moment you forgave me.
I will remember how you turned a selfish and very flawed 19 year old girl into a more caring, considerate, and loving woman. I will remember every moment that made me a better person.

I see everything.
The toys you love, your favorite foods, the movies that make you sad, the songs that bring a smile to your face, the friends that care about you, the teachers who help you grow - everything.
All these things open up my heart just a little bit more.
With you I wear my heart on my sleeve. You are the only ones who know when I'm sad, when I'm happy, and how much I can truly love - because I love you so much that it hurts. I never thought a day would come where I would know what love really was - I didn't think I would know how to love so deeply and be loved so strongly.

I will love you no matter where life takes you.
I will be there for you even when you don't need me - just like you were for me.
You will never need to beg me for forgiveness - I will always forgive you, because you forgive me.
I will always help you to see the good that's inside of you.
If everything else fails around me - I know that I will never fail with you.
As you grow older and have tougher days -
I will remind you of all the things you reminded me of.
I will show you all that life is always worth fighting for.

So -
Thank you.
You have given me the gift of being your mother every day, and allowing me to be a better person.
You have given me so much to fight for, because I know you'll need me forever - and I will always be here.

I love you.
Today - we celebrate all of us.
Our family.



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