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Red Queen.
Victoria Aveyard brings to life a world set in the future, along with elements from the past to enjoy. Red Queen centers around a young girl named Mare Barrow, who is of Red blood but is special just like the Silver bloods - who hold many special powers.

"I am a Red girl in a sea of Silvers and I can't afford to feel sorry for anyone."

I'm very excited to be writing this review on Red Queen, finally.
This book has all the elements of a great YA series. As much as I don't want to compare Red Queen to other series - I have to say that if you enjoyed The Hunger Games or Divergent then you will enjoy this book as well. There is a bit more fantasy, more elements from the past included, but strong characters inside of Red Queen - it's a very enjoyable story, so far. I'm still in all my feelings over this book, even after finishing it last week - so I hope you enjoy my thoughts about it and share your own with me.

Red Queen - Book Review 

Honestly, it took me a long time to invest in this book. Fantasy stories with any mythical creatures in it don't exactly excite me and I didn't think I would enjoy Red Queen. But - I heard nothing but great reviews on it, and it was on the best selling list right under John Green - who just so happens to be my favorite author right now - So, it was time I finally check it out. I wish I didn't wait so long because it only took a couple of chapters for me to fall in love with this world and the characters inside of it.

"I told you to hide your heart once. You should have listened."

Red Queen is focused around a young girl - our heroine - named Mare Barrow.
I truly like her. She has all the qualities I love in my favorite heroine, Tris from Divergent, which are her strength (physically and mentally) and how big her heart is. Mare is such a relatable character because she wears her heart on her sleeve, she trusts her heart above her head most of the time, and even though that might not be the smartest thing to do - it IS what we all tend to do.. & that is why I am rooting for her. She makes mistakes and it only makes her stronger - which is something girls need to look up to. Also, like Tris, everything she does is with her family in her heart and mind - it's important to her just as it would be important to me.

"He will always choose you."

I'll forever be on Team Cal - even if he shattered Mare's heart, I would still be crying in the corner hoping that they would just make up and live happily ever after. I just love Cal so much as a character. In this book - we see the soldier in him, he's tough and he loves strongly, just like Mare - even if his love is for his father, country, and soldiers. I think there is more to him than we've seen in the first book. He just had everything he's always known stripped away from him and that has made him tired and more vulnerable than he usually is. In the future books - I hope to see the soldier in Cal, still, but I hope to find out more about him and what he hopes for his life now.. if he has a choice still.

"The truth is what I make it. I could set this world on fire and call it rain."

The twists in this book are mind blowing - SO, so many twists!!
I've read many reviews on Red Queen, and there were some people who found it all very predictable and others who didn't see any of it coming. I'm with the group that didn't see any of it coming. The most shocking part was when Maven betrayed Mare - and Mare didn't even realize how much wrong she caused by her loyalty to Maven - it was heartbreaking. Looking back, I realize how many times Mare thought back to what Julian told her about Maven - "he is his mother's son" - and how the signs were always there, I mean his mom could have read his thoughts at any time! How could she not have known about what her son was doing with The Scarlet Guard?

Victoria Aveyard did such a great job writing the character of Maven.
I was falling in love with Maven just as Mare was. He was the perfect guy who we all came to trust and it was hard to believe that he could be capable of such a hatred act.. or acts I should say.

I truly enjoy this world.
It feels like a mix of the future and the past.
I love how it is based off of having Silver blood or having Red blood - all the powers and uniqueness to each one is really interesting to me.
And -
Mare has the best power of them all. She is unique, thanks to the mutation, and she is both Red and Silver blood who can control her own power.. which is electricity. It's awesome - she made lighting in The Bowl of Bones!

"little lightning girl..."

Although - There were SO many different powers one could have in this book that it got a little confusing to remember all of them. I don't think it was meant for us to actually remember every single power, but sometimes I wish I DID know them instead of having them briefly explained every time a different one was mentioned. It's not a deal breaker though, but some might find it annoying.

One thing that we needed more of in this book was some girl power!
I'm not fully against having a rivalry between girls, especially when it was Mare against Evangeline, but it seemed like every girl Mare came in contact with either was jealous of her or just didn't give her a chance to be her friend. I hope in the future books we are introduced to more girl characters that Mare becomes friends with - or Mare and Farley becoming good friends who fight together till the end!

There were just a few more things that I wish were included into the story like Lucas staying alive and fighting with The Scarlet Guard in the next book. I didn't want him to die, but it fit the story and honestly I don't think there was any way for Mare to save him from what she brought onto him. Also, I wanted more of Mare with her family - I would've liked to know how they felt seeing their daughter and sister being called out as someone else and if it hurt them to see her that way.

I think a lot of the things I didn't enjoy from the first book - or better yet, needed more of or explaining of - will be in the future books. It's hard to say I didn't like anything in this book or that I needed more of something - such as more character development - because I know that there are still 2 more books to come.
And -
There is SO much that I have missed in this review, but I didn't want to spoil too much if you are wondering if you should read this or not. I know I spoiled some big points in the book, but honestly you have to read it yourself to have all the feelings Red Queen holds!

So -
I like this world.
I love these characters - even Maven.
I enjoy the twists you never see coming.
I love how it focuses around family - their beliefs and the drama within.


5 out of 5 stars

Let me talk about my predictions for the next 2 books.
The world is still a little hard to understand at times. There's just so much that hasn't been answered - and I think that in the next book, especially, we are going to be opened up to more of the world that hasn't even been discovered yet. The same goes for the powers each one holds, even the ones with the mutation, that will be further explained.

"There is no such thing between us anymore. Not after what we did to each other, and what was done to us. No matter how much we might want there to be."

More Mare and Cal!
I want to see them fight together and understand each other more. I don't know if Cal is going to be with The Scarlet Guard, but I do believe that Cal wants what is best for the country - so maybe he will? Also, let's forgive each other guys and live happily ever after.. Well after you finish saving the world.

"I was never yours, and you were never mine, Maven."
"I am the king and you could've been my Red queen. Now you are nothing."

I have a love/hate relationship with Maven.
I can't say that I want Maven to be killed. I do want more Maven in the next books - but I just want answers! I want to know why he did what he did. I get how he felt like "the shadow of the flame" - but was that all it really was? Is his mom still controlling how he feels? I think he truly might have loved Mare - but I don't know? I just want to see the real Maven, but then again maybe THIS is the real Maven.

"Anyone can betray anyone."

There is so much that I hope to see in the future books - more of how Shade is still alive, and if Farley knew the whole time. More destruction - and more of Mare fighting Evangeline and dominating, because she is awesome.. & I really want Julian to still be alive.

"Rise. Red as the dawn."

"Words can lie. See beyond them."

If there is one thing that I learned from this book is that words are just that - there is not always truth behind them. You have to be strong and smart. Look beyond those words, know all the facts, and make your own judgment based on all of it. If your judgment fails you - know that mistakes may cost, but you can only learn from them, pick up the pieces, and become stronger.

Join me and leave a comment about your thoughts on the book.
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