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This series is all about what I'm currently binge watching on Netflix.
As you probably know - there's a lot of amazing television shows streaming on Netflix and I'm prepared to share all the shows I enjoy with you, and why you should be watching them too.. that's what friends are for right? So - enjoy.

Currently Binging - The 100

The 100 is a CW drama series that is based off of the books written by Kass Morgan.

The show takes place in the future - almost 100 years after a nuclear war destroyed Earth and all of humanity. What is left of humanity now lives on what they call - The Ark - in space, where they have planned to survive until Earth is inhabitable again. The Ark is quickly becoming a place where there will be no air left to survive, so they are tasked to do the impossible and finally send 100 prisoners - under the age of 18 - down to Earth to find out if humanity can finally return home.

As the 100 prisoners hit the ground - they soon realize that they aren't the last of humanity, and a lot has happened since they last stepped foot on the ground.

So -
It took me a long time to watch this show. I watch a handful of shows on The CW, and when I first saw the previews for The 100 - it only interested me a little bit, I saw it being cancelled after it's first season because The CW likes to pick shows up and trash them the following year, so I didn't care to give it a chance.
But - I was wrong.
I finally had time to sit down and watch the show on Netflix, and I'm so glad that I did. What I thought was just another Hunger Games/Divergent story - is SO, so much more than any teenage dystopian world. The show has a different tone than most of the shows on The CW - some episodes don't feel at home on the network - It's not just another CW show, and I'll tell you why you should be watching it now.

The characters of this show are worth the watch alone. I've seen a lot of reviews where people thought the characters could be a little 'dumb' and make irrational decisions - but I think every bit of them are real and relatable. As viewers, we see the whole picture of the story - but the characters don't always know everything that is going on around them, so the decisions they make are ones people would make in their position.
The 100 has such a diverse cast - especially for a CW show. I want to talk about the women of this show, because they are all so strong and beautiful in their own way. It's hard to choose just one favorite character amongst them. We root for all of them equally because they are all that great. It doesn't matter if the woman is a warrior or a healer - the show does a great job at making each of them as strong as the woman next to her. They aren't overly powerful - the men are just as strong next to them, and that is exactly how I picture it to be in the future of humanity.

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These characters are going through more than anyone would go through in a lifetime, and the development in each character shines. I have to hand it to the writers of this show - every event, no matter how little it seemed, has an affect on each individual character.

The strongest character developments come from the leads - Clarke and Bellamy.
At the beginning of the series they are two strong individuals, and by the end of season one they both are working well together with a new found respect that allows them to rely on each other as leaders of the group. I love the chemistry between them - the writers know how to keep us rooting for them. They are strong individually, but even stronger together.
And - I know I said it was hard to pick a favorite within the characters, but I have to admit that Bellamy is mine. His story and development throughout the series has been amazing. I have gone from hating him to loving him.

Everyone has a story on this show.
Everyone has development.
There are a lot of characters and we really do get to see each of them grow. No one gets left behind as the story continues - that can be hard to find in some shows. The supporting characters are just as important to the story as the lead characters are.

The story is so intriguing to me.
I haven't read the books, so all of this is new to me. It moves quickly - which I happen to enjoy on this show. There were only 13 episodes in the first season and it's action packed, I never wanted to look away - and not many shows can do that for me. I think having less episodes than a usual CW show - averaging about 22 episodes per season - works for The 100. The story doesn't become boring or drag on - there is no need for pointless stories within the main plot, it all fits well together.

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The show isn't afraid to go there.
There are moments where you want to look away - from tortures, killings, and even when a character you have grown to love suddenly dies - it gets that intense. Actions aren't swept under the rug within the show - there are always consequences, real ones that don't magically get forgiven or disappear.
It's all very realistic story telling.

The show isn't perfect, there are always flaws within a TV series.
Sometimes the characters seem too pretty or you think - there's no time for love while you are trying not to get killed - but those things are not worth complaining about.
The story and all of it's characters are just worth it. It's a lot more than your ordinary teenage dystopian tale. I really, really enjoyed it. It starts off slow in the pilot - but easily picks up after the 3rd episode, and moves quickly until the season finale. The first season is on Netflix, and I won't be surprised if the second season is added this summer. That will give you plenty of time to catch up before the third season returns in the spring of 2016.

So -
Don't judge The 100 based off of the network or how pretty the actors in it are.
Trust me.


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