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I've read so many articles followed by comments of people opposing to give the movie/book a try, simply because of the title - The Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I'm here to tell you that there is so much you are missing out on from this story. Don't judge this story based on the title.

The Duff is a story about a teenage girl, Bianca, who is going through a tough time within herself and her surroundings. Her life gets even crazier when she realizes she's falling for the guy she hates more than everything, even after he calls her 'The DUFF' of her two best friends - Casey and Jess. The DUFF is a fun, relatable story about love, life, and friendships all while growing up as a teenager.

The DUFF - Book Review

I have fallen in love with these characters.
The characters in this book are relatable and reminded me of at least one person I knew while I was in high school. All of these characters made the relationships throughout the whole book strong.

These relationships are what was so special in this book. The friendship between Casey, Jess, and Bianca was so honest. They are all so different - you would think that they wouldn't even be friends because they are that different - but, they are the best of friends. It's their friendship that is so relatable to me, because they fight and argue but in the end it's the love they have for each other that shines. That love in their friendship helps them get through everything in this story.

Bianca Piper.
She's such a strong character in every way - even in her moments of being vulnerable, her strength still shines. The majority of Bianca's home life is her relationship with her father - which is something truly special. Their father and daughter relationship is unbreakable, even with all they go through in the story. Her father is having a tough time with his marriage with Bianca's mother all while Bianca is having a tough time with feeling comfortable in her own skin. We can tell how they go through these things seperatley, but actually together, and in the end their love helps them both come out of it all stronger.

Wesley and Bianca.
 I don't care how predictable this relationship was - I love these two together, even before they were together. I'm a sucker for these types of love stories. Their relationship had it's surprises and sweet moments that I didn't see coming. It wasn't too cheesy either - it was very honest and real. It was fun to read how these two characters who despised each other - actually found comfort in each other, they were able to truly be themselves around each other. It ended just the way I had hoped it would end.

I don't have anything negative to say about the book. Some people may not like how predictable it came off, but like I said I didn't mind that at all. The DUFF reminded me of high school - the characters were very honest and relatable. It was so easy to enjoy this book.


The DUFF - Movie Review

The movie was a lot different from the book.
Honestly, I loved that it was a little different. I'm not opposed when movies turn out a little different from the book. I enjoy it. It's exciting to watch and feel all those 'feels' I felt reading the book for the first time. I like watching a story I already love told a little differently on a screen.

Wesley and Bianca.
Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman.
I'm totally in love with these two - I hope they make more movies together, heck just give them a show together! I would watch that - and I'm sure I'm not alone on that.
Their chemistry on screen really brought to life these characters and their whole relationship in the book. They made this movie cute and fun to watch. I fell in love with them all over again.

It's been awhile since I graduated high school, and  social media was never as big of a deal as it is now. In the movie, it was all about social media and this generation in high school now. Although it was weird at times, being 25 years old and thinking why do kids even care about all this stuff? - But I thought it was smart to make it so relatable to teenagers these days, especially with the cyberbullying.

The movie really lacked those relationships that I loved so much in the book.
I wanted more Casey, Jess, and Bianca moments where they weren't spending most of the movie fighting. Their relationship was the core of the book and I really wish it was the core in the movie also. Where was Bianca's father? I wish they would have kept the father and daughter relationship in the movie, it would have been refreshing to see that bond played on screen.

I didn't hate the addition of Madison - but I wasn't a huge fan either.
There was no real mean girl in the book, and I think it still did a great job at getting the message across. Her character added entertainment to the movie though, and that's always a good thing for movies - and when Bianca told her off it was pretty awesome.

The whole cast is fantastic.
It was a hilarious, feel good movie.
I would put it in one of my favorite teen movies along with Clueless, Easy A, and Mean Girls.


4 out of 5 stars

I'm a DUFF.
You're a DUFF.
Everyone is a DUFF.
Everyone has insecurities and we all doubt ourselves at times. We question who we are inside and out. We compare ourselves to others and begin thinking that we aren't pretty enough, we aren't smart enough, etc. We all have felt like a DUFF at some point in our lives.. & honestly, there really is no DUFF. The word doesn't represent that you're a ugly fat friend - it means we all have insecurities around everyone.

It's ok to feel weird and different.
It's ok to want to be yourself and look like yourself, even if it's different from the way everyone else looks, especially your best friends. I totally felt like a DUFF next to my best friends in high school - they were these beautiful and confident girls while I was this innocent and shy girl. It was really hard to feel good about myself. If I could go back in time then I would've just been myself, because I'm pretty awesome. I wouldn't have tried so hard to be something I wasn't. It's a good feeling when you are just you, flawed and all.

So - go and be you.
It's never too late to feel comfortable in your own skin.
Join me and leave a comment about your thoughts on the book or movie. Tell us your story of insecurities. Inspire through your own words.


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