There are many things that I have learned while in my twenties.
Most of these things I have learned from making many, many mistakes.
Well, that really is the most important thing I have learned - How to own up to my own mistakes.

I really thought that my teenage years would be where I made all my mistakes.
I thought that once I graduated high school that things would automatically get better.
I thought that being an adult - life would get easier.
I was wrong.

I'm 25 years old and I've made more mistakes than I ever did as a 16 year old. Instead of making the mistake of drinking and getting drunk - I make the mistake of ignoring my student loans.
Why didn't anyone ever tell me this was how adulthood would be?!
I don't want to be responsible - I just want to go back to worrying about which boy I like and not all these bills and having food in my fridge.

I make mistakes within my mistake.
I never think about the long term situation.
At the moment - I never see it as a mistake.

Last year, I made a lot of mistakes.
.. & now I'm left to deal with all of them, and it has not been fun. It's been horrible.
I was living in this dream world - far, far away from reality. In this world, I thought all my problems would get fixed on their own - or the time would never come when I would actually have to deal with them. Who was I to think that March would never come? I was wrong on so many levels.

If this was me a year ago - well I would tell you to buy some ice cream and pop in The Fault In Our Stars and have a good cry.. Well I'm not going to tell you that because it's not what I have done.
It's so cliché to write this - but I'm going to because I believe it and it's what has helped me..
We can either make mistakes and let them break us - or we can make mistakes and take control of them ourselves in order to fix our problems. Stressing out and crying about our problems may help for a day - but it doesn't solve anything. It takes a whole day away from you, when you could've been taking that day to actually solve your problem.

It's up to you - We're in charge of our own actions.
None of us are perfect - even Leslie Knope made mistakes.

I know that I am the only one in charge of my actions and I can't run forever.
We shouldn't want to run forever.
We should want to make our lives better, and dealing with our problems will make it better. I'm a lot happier even when the consequences from my mistakes haven't been that great.

I'm not going to throw my problems in the closet anymore.
I'm not going to sweep them under the rug.
I'm not going to hoard them around the house.
I'm going to throw them all away for good.
It won't happen in one day.
Our problems won't all be solved after a couple of weeks - but I'm going to learn from each mistake and deal with all my own problems.. even if I continue to make them.
I hope you sweep those problems out from around the house and throw them away with me.

Join me and share your own story of how you learned to deal with your own mistakes. Inspire through your own words.


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