This series is my open diary about trying to teach my children at home.
I'll share all our learning activities - whether they fail or are a huge success.
Some of these activities are made up - Some of these activities are adapted from Pinterest finds.
Come join us.

I've been a complete slacker lately.
We've been in between colds and just plain lazy days here, so that has led to a lot of simple and basic learning activities. We haven't done anything fun or exciting since the last time I wrote.
- BUT.. I am determined to tackle some fun stuff this week, even if I am off to a slow start so far.

Monday - April 13, 2015

Monday is the busiest day of the week for me.
So - I kept our learning activities simple and basic for at least one more day.
We are practicing our numbers. We practiced using our flashcards, up to the number 20, that I made - which is both easy and cheap! Along with that, the children practiced counting using their fingers and blocks, we took a look at how each number looks individually, and I took some time to show them how each number is written. As of right now, we are focusing on our numbers up to 20 - mainly 1-10.
I told ya - nothing too exciting here on a Monday.

Tuesday - April 14, 2015

My little one is having a more difficult time remembering numbers out of order, but my daughter has it down. She can count to 20 easily, without flashcards, and remember her numbers out of order. I probably shouldn't be too concerned with their differences though, my son has another year at home and my daughter will be in Kindergarten next year.
My son is sick today - so as he naps, we are doing some work just focused on her.
We did everything we did yesterday, but instead of me showing her how each number is written - she practiced writing her own. Then - I made a little sheet with pizzas on it for her to practice counting and identifying her numbers on.
She loves to learn and that makes me so happy - She's a fast learner, very opposite of her older sister, so it's a real treat to see how learning satisfies her and makes her genuinely happy.

Wednesday - April 15, 2015

Today, we spent some more time on the basics - We did everything we have done the past 2 days.
Good news, kind of, I found something fun on Pinterest last night - here.
A number hunt! I thought it was such a cute idea, and perfect for my little ones. I didn't print anything off the internet for ours - I just made one, and I decided to make it a little more simpler since we are only focusing on numbers up to 20. The kids really enjoyed it. My daughter found each number fairly easily. I noticed that my son did well up until he reached past 10 - but that's something, he's starting to remember his numbers slowly but surely!
After our lesson - The kids felt like coloring, so I asked them what their favorite number was and they decorated them. It really is such a treat to watch them grow up.

Thursday - April 16, 2015

I was doing so well.. until today.
Our schedules were a little out of whack today, I had a haircut to do so the kids ended up spending some time with their grandma at the park and came home to nap. So, for today our learning activities were spent on family time. Tomorrow is a new day though - and I'm determined to end our week with a fun little game for us to play!

Friday - April 17, 2015

We made it to the end of the week - and we actually did some fun activities this week, score!
Today, we reviewed everything that we learned this week with our flashcards and a writing activity.
To add something fun to our day - I found this game on Pinterest, here.
My kids love matching games - We have several of them that they play daily, so I knew that they would love this matching numbers game.. & I was right! They loved it!
I made my own cards. I used plain, white computer paper and used some stickers to make them. I was a little worried that you could see through them, but the kids couldn't tell so it wasn't a problem. They aren't very durable though - I'll probably make some new ones using construction paper.
We'll definitely be playing this game again! I think I'll make some for our letters also.


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