"Your struggle is worth your success"
Someone once said that all great people struggle - they haven't met one successful person who hasn't been through a time where life did nothing but knock them down.

I spend a lot of time thinking that the universe is out to tear me apart.
I'm in such a weird stage of my life right now. I want it all - I want to be alone but I want a perfect home life at the same time. It's all very confusing. It's been a struggle ever since I had that 'aha moment' when I realized that I went from being someone's daughter to someone's mother without ever being no one's at all - It's been a rough couple of years trying to find peace with where my life has led me to.

It has been a long time since I have broken down.
I haven't had a good cry - I haven't completely lost my cool in a long time.. & I know it sounds crazy to say that I need that - but I really do need to lose it in order to stay sane because I keep all of my emotions inside, and when I keep hold on to them for too long - my blow up is a lot worse than it should be. It's not fun.

In my last post - I finally let it all out.
I let out the bad - I let out all my irritation - I let out all my frustration - I let out all the tears.
I gained all the good - a clear heart and a clear mind - Let's just quote Friday Night Lights here and say "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose".

We all have been there. I know that I'm not alone - I know that there are other mothers out there struggling just like me. There are young mothers who went from being someone's daughter to someone's mother just like I did - there are so many of us who have fallen that find it hard to find peace in order to move one.

Whatever any of us are struggling with - All of us seem to forget that life goes on.
Life just keeps going - The clock keeps ticking.

I'm a fighter - You're a fighter.
All of us are fighters.
Every day.

This whole weird stage of my life right now is confusing {who knew your twenties would be this hard} - I know that this struggle will lead me to where I'm supposed to be.
I know that my struggle will be worth my success - whether it be getting a promotion at work or watching my children graduate. My fight - My struggle - It will all be worth that success.
Here's to life going on and hoping that we all continue to fight on.


What inspires you to keep fighting?


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